I Have Found an Excellent Opportunity

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new announcement post about my blog. Reason, in short, for not being able to post as frequently lately is because I’m in high-school and in high-school I have a lot of priorities and things I wanna do. For the most, I’m in Cross Country (which has been a splendid experience) and being in Cross Country there’s a lot of committment involved in doing the sport. I’ve just recently finished a 5K Race for Cross Country, which takes up about 4-5 hours of my day after school. I also have been involved in prestigous clubs that will look good for my college portfolio. One of them I’m taking is Science Olympia, a really fun group that studies many different topics of scientific builds, chemistry, labs, etc. The class, itself (such as Accelerated Math, and Honors Language Arts, Biology) have been difficult to keep up with on grades since I have so little time left to study for the subjects. High-school’s a pain and struggle, but also a delight in summarization. If you’re homeschooled, you really aren’t aware what you’re missing if you’re not in a public high-school and this is coming from a person who’s been homeschooled for technically 12 and half years of my life.

To the point of this point, I have found an opportunity to able to post more for you guys. Right now, currently, I am typing on the Media Center computer at the high-school I’m going to. If you don’t know what the Media Center is, it’s basically the library except with lots of visual features and many, many computers that are available 24/7. So, I’ve decided to take my free-time before my 5th period (which we call here advisement [which is 30 minutes]) to post to you guys/girls or anyone who is reading. Plus, I feel a lot more satisfied with myself when I’m writing or typing down articles and gets some emotions of my chest. It’s weird I know. A 14 year old boy, like me, with a blog. If any of my high-school friends at the high-school I’m going to saw my blog, they’d laugh at me for sure, but writing is my talent! And I love it, even if I’m not the best at it.

So, without further ado, and without going so poetic with my writing, I am signing off and hopefully you’ve acknowledged what I’ve just typed down the majority of this time, or otherwise this would all be in vain.

So, bye!

Enjoy your time wherever you are!


Why I Couldn’t Post Yesterday

Well, sorry, but I’ll be explaining why I wasn’t able to post about yesterday. I’ll give you the facts. Well, this morning I woke up real early to go and use the computer. Afterwards, I had breakfast, that’s when my dad strolled in. When I finished breakfast, I went into the leaving room to relax a little bit (it was 7 in the morning). My dad started this muttering about his phone and than asked some questions about “the unknown girl”, since he’s been hearing about her a lot. 😀 The good things bout my dad is that he doesn’t really smother me in my discussions about girls. He’s more straight to the point so he could get it over with. While the conversation was going on, mom came and changed the subject. So, I went and took a jog, to wear of my foot pain (I’ve been jogging for 2 days so far, lol).

It usually only takes 20 to 15 minutes to walk around the neighborhood. Later on, my aunt strolled around, so we gave her our big hugs. After that, I had to do some chores and give some candy corn to Simon, because my mom heard from my sister (Patricia) he loved them. So, I got the chores done, gave Simon the candy corn. I was thinking about posting since I forgot to do it in the morning, but Simon was always dragging me into discussion into discussion until I forgot again. We got some new weapons for our base. Club house. Soon enough, we were celebrating my little sister, Anabelle’s, birthday. We went into the mall, the last place I’d expect to go much for a birthday unless you’re thinking about watching a movie. Lol. We strolled around, did some stuff, then went on some bungee jumping places. The odd thing was this lady in the first bungee jump noticing this Asian kid going on the side of the bungee jump (which was like 3 feet of the ground).

She walked up to the Asian kid, who BTW, was like 5 or 6, and said “I don’t want you to go on there, if you don’t listen, I’ll beat your ass,” odd. I wanted to say “I’ll sue you for cursing at a little kid,” and then start a rant. Lol. It was a good idea, but I just kept quiet. We went onto a Spider Climb, my favorite, while my sister, Patricia, and my brother, Matthew was doing the Spider jump. We stayed there for 2 hours, and the people guarding didn’t care, because they were on Facebook looking at some pictures of people taking hikes. Oh well. 😀 Later on, we shopped, like always when we go to the mall. We went to like 2 stores, which still sickened me. Lol. One store had special rugs and a lot of Indian artifacts.

Though, the store owners didn’t look too friendly. They gave the evil eye, and kept watch. It almost creeped my aunt. Oh and this other thing was when this man was owning a massage shop and grabbed my aunt on the shoulder. He pleaded to have a free sample. HAHA, it was so funny. I wanted to think of posting, but oh well, I was busy. When we came back home, I worked on our base until 8. It was freezing, like hell. Feeling like a frozen zombie, cheeks pale, hands shivering, eyes twitching, God, I don’t know how cold I’ll be when it’s Winter season. 🙂 Later on, I was planing my post, but my mom said I was grounded for some damn reason. So, I challenged my cousin, who’s younger than me, into a checkers duel. I’ve never been beaten in checkers. I let him win the next round cause my aunt told me to. I went to sleep, and that’s all.

Everything Was Too Busy And I Was Barely In It

July 20, 2010
Well, there a lot of ways to describe my bed and I. But, I don’t want to do that right now. I’m just going to start with what happened when I woke up. Okay, when I woke up it was dark and really cold that I couldn’t bare it. I was wondering when I was still asleep why didn’t I feel the temperature ti’ll now. Well, I tried to not let that bug me, so I went downstairs and figured out it was only 6:05 in the morning. I still didn’t get how could this great darkness appeal around 6. Hmm… anyways, when I did come downstairs, I decided to check the computer for 23 minutes then eat breakfast which was SOO cheap later on. My stomach was growling and begging for some breakfast. I tried to hold it in for just a couple more minutes. Though, I managed to do it. It felt weird and good. It’s like I stopped my stomach or killed it.

Anyways, after breakfast hit everybody went downstairs. To watch something. For awhile they watched Spongebob Squarepants and this other show. But, don’t remember it. Afterwards, my mom said she was going to do something at somewhere. I couldn’t remember. Well, I remembered my mom that she had to go with Anabelle to Walmart. She agreed, by the next 32 minutes Patricia and Anabelle left. I was already sick and tired of the Avatar. Oh and FYI, today (yesterday) we just finished everything in the whole story. I guess Matthew is going to start it allover. Lol. Fiya was on though. So, we talked a lot. Man, that girl can talk. Wonder what she would be able to do if we called. Lol. Afterwards, I had to get off the computer and watch Wipeout. Or however you spell it. You basically got these 24 contestants trying to get 50,000 dollars. But, if they want the money they need to do these crazy obstacles. My family loves this show because it’s pretty funny whenever they fall or whenever they don’t fall. They also come up with names to describe their personality too. It’s actually pretty funny. Afterwards, we had to go to Allison’s pool. It took us awhile to get there actually. But, we eventually got there fast enough. I saw Allison getting into a discussion with her mom. I tried to ignore that so I wouldn’t get into their business. So, Patricia and I were able to get in the pool without any sunscreen. And this pool was also better than Alexandra’s pool. I was able to pull off wicked stunts and all that. I was happy. Too bad this isn’t these kind of days we would bring junk food to eat for snacks. Anyways, we stayed there for about 2 or 3 hours I guess. Though, I was singled out by everybody. They didn’t want me or at least didn’t need me. That’s the sad part.

WE eventually came back home. Then, my sister was selling some lemonade she made. She made $1.25 just by selling to two people which was actually a BIG sale for her. I knew I could sell already millions of things. Like that Pokemon stand. I got once $11.12 off selling 34 cards which I knew was a big success. I don’t think I was in the mood for selling now. I got in trouble with my mom eventually for getting in Anabelle’s way. Which I could kind of understand. Then, I went up the street to hangout with King and Savino. Once Simon was left I went back home. Then, he rang my doorbell with Logan, Tina and Frankie. We went up the street to watch Douglas and some other team win on Soccer. Logan had to leave so it was just the two of us watching. The ball was constantly getting close to us to be able to knock us out. Everything was so busy. All I did was watch. Then, the day ended.