Another Great Math Grade?

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life! Apologies for further notice, especially to Mary-Kate. I kind of listened to a song she told me not to listen to (not purposely, VH1 made me) and I kind of got hooked onto it! Sorry! Here is the song: Suit and Tie from Justin Timberlake. I’m sorry. It’s contagious! D: Enjoy!

Okay now to the day.

Woke up today, as usual, and made my way to the bus. My Mom made my hair really nice today, going up and stuff. Though my hair is becoming long and I need to start shortening it or give it a haircut! But besides that, the bus wasn’t that entertaining when I went on, although, recently, I’ve become slowly friends with Adrian’s friend, Matt. Before he would call me “gay” all the time. Now we’re kind of chill. The bus took us to school as usual and I went to “C” wing with Samantha. We talked on the way and had our usual chilled expressions. We talked like we were normally friends, though we barely knew each other. Once I entered the “C” wing, I went to get myself some breakfast. I had NOT had breakfast, so I got myself some breakfast. Luckily, this time, they had Cinnamon toast crunch (cereal) in a packet with chocolate milk. So I got myself a spoon and the cinnamon toast crunch with the chocolate milk so I could pour chocolate milk into the cinnamon toast crunch packet and eat it like cereal. I was kind of nervous because everyone would think it would be weird, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I did and it was awesome. Chocolate milk with cinnamon tastes flowing through my taste buds satisfied me in every way. Not in that way though. 😛

Not such a good grade in Georgia Studies. I got an 80% on the Georgia Studies quiz. Reason why that is different from yesterday’s grade from my Poetry Quiz of 84% is because a lot of normally bad people who got bad grades got 100% on the quiz, plus the quiz was 9 questions. So yeah. I’m kind of disappointed about that.

In Language Arts we finished up our classwork projects of our birth-life autobiography all the way to current time. I finished mines first and she liked it. Then she announced that we were going to be writing a narrative even though she said from the time we were practicing for the writing test that we were not going to write for the rest of the year. Lies! Anyway, I was quite annoyed by the fact that we were told we were going to do a rough draft for the narrative. I despise doing rough drafts. I love just going to writing and then editing, simple and less time spent.

Math was awesome. We did our notes and warm-up to get ready for our Elimination method quiz for the Math class. I missed, surprisingly, a lot of the warm-up questions (they were not graded, though) and got confused. I felt like my brain was going to crumble and get me a bad grade, though when I got the quiz I decided to man up and think straight. Just when I finished the first problem in the quiz we had to go to lunch. We had to do 4 questions in total of the quiz. So if I missed one I would be done for. 75%. O.O Lunch was kind of agonizing. I told Danielle, who was on my side, that I talked to the boy she liked in Drama class and mentioned that I asked if he knew a girl called Danielle. She got really mad and started cussing at me. It was kind of difficult to tell if she was laughing while she was mad or just mad. A lot of people’s attention was caught around. Some boys behind me were telling her to beat me up and then Brianna, who was sitting in front of me threw a dirty pizza into my tray and got sauce allover my broccoli. Lunch was depressing. I felt like everyone was against me. Vanessa was too busy being tired and depressed about her relationship which really annoyed me up to this point. Finally, then, we went back to Math class. Vanessa barely talked on the way back to class. I finished the Math quiz first when we got back and immediately my Math teacher graded my quiz and said I got a 100% on the quiz. Awesome!

Science was kind of boring. We were about to watch a movie where we were going to have a quiz all about, but then we were supposed to be going to the Lab to work on high-school and career information for the future. I found a job, from the survey I did based on my likes and skills, that can pay up to $200,000. It was a Petroleum Engineer. It seemed really cool and plus it involved a lot of Mathematics and Science. Two subjects I would NOT usually prefer, but lately I’ve been loving the subjects. Then eventually I played Run on the website coolmath games. The only website allowed to play on the school computers.

Connections were terribly boring. In the fitness lab I got removed from my normal group and set up with worse players in a bad station. I was set in the yoga station while others did leg exercises and push-ups and pull-ups on the work-out machines. It sucked. But eh. Drama wasn’t really any better. Brody started hitting me and decided to back away from him since he was becoming too violent. I told him to eventually stop because we were starting to watch a biographical movie on Shakespeare and he was distracting me AND hurting me. He stopped and felt abashed, yet I did not pity him. Lol. I also told Patrick, who is initially from my previous Science class and also now in my P.E., to turn around in his seat whenever he spotted attention at our table. Not to be mean, but he would always say it, so I gave him a taste of his own medicine. 😛

Then, finally, we went to buses after school ended and I was driven home. All the events have led up to now. So yeah. I’m done!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!




I’m sorry to say this so unfortunately… but I’m not going to have the time or have the energy to post two times for the day before yesterday’s information. I’m sorry, WordPress was somehow acting up strangely, so I sent them an e-mail and they immediately sent back, telling me that I would have to wait for awhile. It was about 4 or 5 hours of waiting. But, than when the problem was taken care of, I was already getting ready for bed. So, I am deeply sorry if this affected you at  all in anyway. But, in the meantime, I will be able to post to you about yesterday.

When I woke up yesterday, um… it wasn’t too pleasant. My parts were watery, don’t ask me how that happened and plus I felt really drowsy and sticky. Like being stuck upside down in a web. It just felt like that. So, immediately when I woke up for full time CCS, since yesterday (referring to March 21, 2011) there weren’t an CCS. First was ALP Language Arts CCS. Since Nicci Peters wasn’t available at the time, her substitute teacher, one of the dullest of them all, Ms. Bey had to teach. Her voice made me want to sleep or just want to get active. Though, I felt as if not listening to music. So, I unpredictedly pulled out my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book. I didn’t really read it… I just flushed through pages and tried tto look for something important.

I noticed that Harry Potter in the book got excellent grades on every subject in O.W.L.s, except for History of Magic and Divination. Though, I expected he would fail Divination since it seemed so uninteresting to him (and including me). Once, ALP Language Arts was over… I layed on my leaving room couch, and decided to just think more about Hydroelectricity and Biomass. The Fukushima plant explosion kept going through my head and popping in my mind. So, when chat was starting to get ready in Earth Science, I immediately got on to talk to my girlfriend. Luckily, she’s not too dull and not too bossy as I expect people like her to be. This might be the best relationship I’ve ever been in in my life.

The last Study Island assignment I had due March 28th kept haunting me. Even though, it was a simple subject. Social Studies. During the end of chat time some kids started to rant on about Justin Bieber and how they hated him. I had a plan, but I hadn’t yet sorted it out properly. So, I had to think it through, through class. We were reviewing today for our 2nd Semester review. Tomorrow, we were having our 2nd Semester Exam reviews. I’m not so ready for the Spring Scantrons or the 2nd Semester exams. I’m just not. I’m, eh… okay for the CRCT. But, not the Scantron or the exams. So, when they mentioned about that, I almost about fainted. Though, I was able to survive throughout the class and throughout the talk with a student called Ivy and my girlfriend.

I skipped Social Studies CCS, just for the heck of it. I was 10 minutes late for ALP Math CCS. I looked over the Facebook status my school friends were putting. It seemed like a really bad class. Bad teaching. Just like I expected.

Later on, after school was all done, I got a prank call by Nayyir. I’m like what the fuck? What did I ever do to you? Lol. That phrase reminded me of a hilarious Grudge video I watched that made fun of The Grudge girl and than at the end, the victim said “What did I ever do to you?!”. It was hilarious. So, after we got 3 prank calls from him, I went outside, spent time with the neighbors reluctantly. I watched Lord of the Rings. It was epic in the beginning. Oldies are always good. Patricia’s friend and Nicholos was making fun and bullying the new kid who I talked to, and shaked hands. I’m going to have to defend somebody again. *rolls eyes*. We watched the best films of the history. It brought up the Matrix, Indiana Jones and Star Wars like we expected. 🙂

I Meet The Bad Side Of Poverty

Sorry for posting so late. WordPress wouldn’t let me login and when they started working mom said I had to go to sleep. So, sorry for posting so late. Anyways, today was regular normal Saturday. I went outside to go spend and negotiate time with Simon like I always do on Saturdays. Then Savino came. Luckily, I had my bb gun while Simon and I were bargaining. He ran away, just as I expected, then, came back with HIS own gun. Unfortunately, he wasn’t here to shoot me down. Lucky me. So, we just spend the whole morning talking and shooting Army Soldiers. But, my mom came up later, fortunately, she reminded us that we were going to a friend’s house to help out with the church. When our friend arrived, we got ready and got inside the car. We all had to carry our own weight like coca cola, sprite, food, hot dogs, ice, etc. I was holding most of the time the soda cans. Because they seemed okay for me to carry.

When we finally packed all of the junk in the car we got in our cars and started driving. I had no idea where, but I was hoping it’d be a cool place. Along the way, our friend’s dad was playing some Spanish rap music in the car constantly. I thought it was annoying the first two times, but then I got really into it. Once we’d arrive at the area, all I could see was an abandoned neighborhood, with a mucky pool (which was closed) and a playground with about 7 kids playing. The area was a cool place to hangout so, I just went to the playground. I later found everybody setting boom boxes and blankets and other food. Which got my eyes running in the clouds. I advanced toward the soda cans and got one Sprite. Luckily, someone was wise enough to tell me the difference between the diet sodas and the non-diet sodas. Later on… now here comes the bad part, later on there was this kid.

Turns out the guy was called Tristan. Tristan noticed some naive teenagers hanging around his sister. So, he went up to them. Instead I acknowledged two things. 1. those naive kids were gangsters. 2. they threw his portable car, and broke it. I got so angry and so did Tristan. But, instead Tristan told the gangster’s brothers what they were doing and started cursing. The kids (who were like 7 years old) wanted to fight him. So, they started bullying him and people had to break up the fight because the 7 year old was pinning Tristan down. I tried ignoring it, but I couldn’t. So, I pushed one of them. The boy didn’t seem affected by it. But, I got pushed out of the way. Then, that’s when the gangsters decided to drop by and try to bully Tristan. After that, Tristan started cursing like nonstop. And the funny thing was this kid who was only 4 and he was cursing. Wow. That didn’t even seem right. The kids started beating Tristan up like crazy, until my mom stopped the kids.

They didn’t seem to care, so they tried to find a way to beat Tristan up without grownups noticing. And the awful part was the fact that grownups WERE there sitting on a picnic table. At least 7 of them were there, and they didn’t do anything about them. This made me really angry and intimidated. And you probably don’t know how much I hate being intimidated. Later on, when the kids started stop bullying him we left and I left the neighborhood with a concerned face. We told the whole story (especially Patricia) about what happened in the playground to our friend. Our friend (okay, her name is Ms. Amy) didn’t seem to enthusiastic about it. That’s why we had to spread the word about God. We finally got home, took a bath and went to sleep. I guess I’ll see you then. I’d only wish that those kids learned that cursing and bullying was a waste of time.