High-School Is A Struggle

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. I’m right now at the Media Center in the high-school I’m going to, which is basically the library in short. I’ve come up with a method to do some posting for you guys from the Media Center where 20-30 minutes of time is provided for me. Hopefully you won’t have a problem with it if you enjoy my posts. 😉 No music/video for today, cause I’m at my high-school and apparently Youtube is restricted from the computers here as well as Wikipedia and Twitter, which is stupid, but oh well.

Today, first day back from school, after an awesome weekend was a bit foggy. I haven’t been paying attention the stuff going on in my life lately. Everything’s a blur. Nothing seems too important to me. I guess it’s something you get used to when you’re really busy in high-school and get only a certain number of hours to sleep. I mean, I can remember the conversations I had with friends and with people I don’t know, and when I look back at those conversations I actually am surprised those people talked to me and that we talked about that certain thing. I don’t know. Even in classes. Teachers say some crucial information. I can’t seem to process any of it. It’s really weird. It feels like everything is blurred, unless I put my mind to memorize that scene/memory. I know, it’s weird. Don’t judge.

P.E. was one of the high-lights of today. I played an actual game with the people who weren’t playing Soccer and practiced shots with me. Chris, a friend of mine in P.E. since the beginning of the year, played the game with me along with a few of my other friends. Andrew (not me, of course), also played and played on my team. I’m kind of negotiating whether I should talk to Andrew after the incident that happened with Sydney (my friend) at church. I don’t feel like explaining what happened now, still feel a bit hungry. Lunch is in about 15 minutes from now anyway . . .

I actually made 3 shots in the basketball game since it was just a 3v3 and Andrew really had no choice but to pass it to his friend that was playing on my team or me. So, it was a really good game. For once I’m getting better at playing basketball games with teams of people I don’t know. It’s especially important for me since I want to apply for Basketball.

After P.E., was Honors Language Arts. We just did our Bellwork (when she gives us a sentence to work on for a week, and we have to correct it in different ways each day of the week [today was parts of speech]), then our SSR reading (when we’re given 10-15 minutes to read a book we picked specifically from the library) and now that I think about it, I’m gonna have to finish my SSR reading novel in about two days because I need to pay back the library for my overdue.

Honors Biology, was a blur. I just remembered that she showed us the test that we took on Friday (a big test over the unit) and pointed out how we failed those questions and pointed out how stupid we were messing up those questions. It felt embarassing that I was one of the stupid people in the class. I’m hoping that my grade average was at least an A. I’m confident of it. But then again, lately everything I’ve been confident about has bit me in the butt (for nicer way to say).

Accelerated Math, I did not even pay attention, I tried to pay attention and comprehend what the teacher was saying, but nothing was connecting, and all I did the duration of the class period was tilt my head and lean it against my arm and try to make myself go to sleep and skip the whole hour of this boring and unproductive class period. I remember faintly we were going over different types of graph functions such as Odd and Even functions. I got that part, but the parts where polynomials and equations involving symmetry came in, I started to get confused and panicked in my mind. I’m not usually this half-hearted about everything. It’s definitely not because of video-games. It’s got something to do with the food I’m eating, people I’m around, and especially the people I’m hanging around. That’s the only thing I can concur with.

French was actually a fun class. I got to crack a nice “Lilo and Stitch” joke. Only to have my friend Max try to one me up and use Stitch’s voice to get the attention of the class. Otherwise it was a fun class. We got a bit into the new unit of French we’re going to be working on. “Family”. After that, it was just waiting for the class to end for me.

Digital Technology made me feel smart since we were doing some sort of programming and commands with this program the teacher is making this class use called “Scratch” which can make a large amount of things. Today, we were designated to figure out how to construct the game “Pong” from “Scratch” which had a lot of programming and code involved. By the end of my project, I had so much more code than most of the people around me, it felt so awesome. I don’t know, I guess I just like to be better than everybody. It makes me feel at peace with myself.

Cross Country was awesomely tiring. We had to do 4 1000 meter runs, which means we had to run 1000 meters in distance 4 times. The first two times we had to run the 1000 meters we had to run 5K Race Pace, which is the pace we want to run for our next race which is gonna be in Mulberry and is apparently going to be a really “difficult” hill course. The third time we ran the 1000 meter we had to run tempo pace which is in between jogging and 5K Race Pace. 4th time we had to go Hammer speed, in which I like to call it “Hammer Time” *cue the music*. 🙂 I ran the Hammer 30 seconds faster than my fastest run on the 1000 meters, taken in mind the course was covered many hills. I ended up having a sore ankle that extremely hurt when I moved it for our cool-down. I didn’t want to walk though, because the couches warned us that if they catch us walking on the cool-downs then our Cross Country season is over. So I mustered through it. When we came back to the Cross Country locker rooms I ditched the place, immediately. Not even wanting to stretch.

It was a struggle having to walk home, since I had the bad ankle and looked like a retard walking awkwardly with my bad foot. Surprisingly, my Dad passed by me with my brother, Matthew in the front of the car with him. I was so grateful for them, because I thought they were gonna pick me up. Wrong. Turns out, when I wanted an unnecessary 15 minutes for them to drive back to me, I figured that they weren’t gonna pick me up and that my Dad had to do something more important. So I walked home, with the bad ankle and tried to whine too much about it. Though I won’t deny that I cursed many times at my ankle for giving me such a hard time.

When I arrived home, my Mom gave me a lecture about how I was late for home and how she was calling my couches to figure out where I was. I just told her the story of my Dad and how I was confused if he was going to pick me up or not. She calmed down after that, and then I went back outside and got Markel outside to play Basketball with me.

Overall the day was just really a struggle. I love high-school, no doubt about it. I just hate the education part of it. It just feels that no matter how hard I try, the grades don’t come to my standard. It really pisses me off. Otherwise, everything is a blur, and I feel everything is going too fast for me to comprehend.

Anyway! Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!


Crazy F*cking Day!

Hey guys, Andrew here. I’m just going to talk about what happened when I slept just after I posted my long post on Friday. I hope you check that post out, it describes a lot of what has been happening lately, and plus it’s pretty long and crazy, so please take the time to read it at least. 🙂

So after I slept on Friday night when I finished posting on my blog, I went on Skype. I also noticed my battery was low on the computer, so I knew I was bound to be getting off soon. Once I logged on, I instantly saw King online. Surprised, because he’s not usually on this late, especially when nobody else was online, I wrote to him.

“What are you doing online so late?” I typed.

“It’s not a school day tomorrow, so I don’t have to sleep now,” he replied.

After those two sentences were just pours of random talk, rants, and a few good jokes, but soon enough I had to say bye and turn off my computer. I went to sleep after that, seeing that it was 11 PM at night. So I tucked myself to bed, relaxing on my stack of two pillows that I had now taken a fancying in sleeping with. I woke up, thinking I had only slept a short amount of time. I didn’t remember any dreams, so there is nothing I can tell you about what happened when I slept, but I woke up, turned on my laptop to see what time it was, and saw it was only just 2 AM in the morning.

It was also pitch-black dark in the room when I had turned off my bright computer light. At that moment, when I was sleeping in the darkness, I thought about Paranormal Activity 4 (the new paranormal activity movie coming out) and about that tall freaky girl that just pops up and stands there (if you watch the paranormal activity movies you would understand me). Once that thought stuck into my head, I was scared. Shoving my face into my pillow so I wouldn’t get the tendency to look around the room 24/7. But I felt like someone was in the room, watching me. It was a very creepy feeling that immediately I gave up and turned on my desk light on. The light brightening the room by a large amount, I was able to relax myself.

It was not too long till I fell asleep with the light on since I was so freaking tired. I think I got 4 or 5 hour sleep afterwards and then I woke up to eat breakfast. There was no school today, so I felt I could do something crazy or fun today. You know? Make the best of my day. But before I would start any of that, I’d usually check Youtube on my favorite channels such as “The Syndicate Project”, “SlyFoxHound”, “Whiteboy7thst”, “WoodysGamertag”, and much more! Once I had finished watching there recent videos which would take an hour or a half, depending on if they had livestreamed their videos.

When I was in the middle of watching Syndicate’s latest episode from his series “Syndicate’s Race to Prestige”, I heard the doorbell ring. Too lazy, I told Matthew to open the door to see who it was, in which he did it gladly. Once he opened the door, he went back to me in a split-second telling me it was Christian. Ugh, I did not want to spend time with Christian. He is an old friend (he is not anymore), but he seriously annoys me because the only thing he asks me is if he can come outside or if he could come inside. Now, the only thing that would happen if I would come outside with is: he would probably just beg me to leave the neighborhood with him and go to his neighborhood; he would ask if we could go inside my friend’s houses which was already a waste of time, and finally, he would probably lie about something cool he found somewhere just to get myself to go where he wanted to go. That’s all he would want me to do outside. I said no to him, and especially when he asked to come inside. But instead, this time, he asked for a water bottle because he was tired from the trip to his house to my house (which was pretty far). I did give him a water bottle as he asked though, I’m not going to let him go home thirsty cause I am that selfish. Though what really annoyed me was that he came inside the house while I was filling up some water in the water bottle. He just walked into the kitchen, took it, and then left. Surprised, I went to go rant about this to my sister and returned back to my video watching.

After a collection of videos being watched, I went outside and went to Savino’s house. I did sort of beg to come inside, no, it was more negotiating than begging, but yes, in the end I came inside. Once I came inside, Zack, his dog invited me himself by licking my face. Smiling and laughing, I went upstairs with Savino, seeing his man cave. Now if you don’t know what a man cave is, I’ll explain. It’s basically a man’s (and sometimes a woman’s) room being clustered with technology equipment arranged in a fancy way so that it appears that you could live in it ALL day. Savino had a nice man cave.  I complimented him. He had a nice 2 gigs of RAM laptop that could run Minecraft without lag (and yet we have 3 gigs of RAM on our computer, but it can barely handle Minecraft), and an average sized TV where he played his PlayStation 3. It was all neatly placed, almost professionally. He also had a way to place King (cause he was video chatting with him) in the corner of the computer while he played Minecraft, which was soo cool.

But soon enough, I left the house with Savino, bored of what I was doing. We went to hang out outside, but it wasn’t as fun, honestly. We went back inside after a small amount of an hour or so.

Once that happened, I went to go look at some more videos on Youtube, lol. I watched PewDiePie this time, seeing as I have not checked out his channel in awhile. He records and publishes scary video games such as Slender, Paranormal, Contagion, and more things to come. The reason why this guy is worth watching is because he is so funny and he’s got an accent to it, so I guess that’s a plus. 😛

He played a new map of Slender called Hospice, which is kind of a funny word if you say it to your friends aloud. “Hospice”. Lol. But yeah, I watched it, and it was as scary as the other slender maps. Though I think that Sanatorium is the scariest map from Slender, cause in that one, when you see Slender and back away and fly into a corridor and look back, just wait and he’ll slide in your direction in such a freaky way! Though I can’t play even the standard version of Slender cause my computer can’t handle it. All the Slender maps are free anyway.

Once I finished watching, King gave me a call, saying he wanted me to come outside. I did, seeing as I wanted to do something instead of watching all night. I came outside, telling him of some of the funny, but crude jokes that were in the videos I watched. We both laughed at them, thinking it was extremely funny. We kept walking and I just felt like being crazy today, so I did. I made this new thing up called the Turtle Spin which basically meant that you would place your back on a thin surface, which I found as an example as the big power outlets this one guy had in his yard, and spin like a turtle that can’t get up. It was pretty funny but pretty stupid, but it was all in fun. 😀

We continued to have more fun afterwards, passing the football, and eventually when Matthew arrived we played a little of a football game. Then Savino came over, and we played a fine football game in which I got tired already from it. Then Patricia came over, and then Nicholas lastly came. We had loads of fun, but I had to sit back and relax and watch the show cause I was so tired. Eventually these two teenagers passed by us, as I could recognize one of them, but I dare not try to spell out her name. 😛

She recognized me too, as her teenage friend stuck her face into the phone the whole time they walked passed us. We continued having fun afterwards, and from there it became a crazy day. And I loved it. I can’t explain all the details, cause this post is already becoming too long, but I’ll just leave it there. It was pretty crazy. Though what I’m not looking forward to is the fact that instead of going to our morning church we are going to Gwinnet church. I think there are two ts in the end, but you get my point. I hate that place. They just treat me like trash. It just bugs me, I said I’ll let us go and not slow the family down just because ‘I’ don’t like the place, but I did explain very clearly to my parents I did not want go. Unfortunately I do, so I’ll just have to look at the bright side. :/ Hopefully it all goes well.

A Simple Walk In The Park

I had a dream; a dream I cannot remember at the time but meanwhile, I’ll be talking about today. I woke up, fell back asleep again because I was too lazy to get up early, and then woke up again another hour later, went back to sleep, and repeated the whole thing over again until I decided to get out of my bed. It was around 9 o’clock when I had officially decided to wake up and get back to my life. I wasn’t allowed to eat cereal today, which is pretty odd, I had to eat oatmeal since I hadn’t eaten yesterday oatmeal when Mom hadn’t even told me about it (how was I supposed to know?). Anyway, my sister’s, Patricia and Annabelle, and my brother, Matthew, were in the leaving room, watching as Patricia was playing Super Mario Galaxy 2.

After that, Matthew started playing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 on the Wii and I just used the computer. I don’t know why, but I was not in the mood for video games. Actually I haven’t really liked playing video games at all, unless it would come to Call of Duty or some other game that would suit my taste nowadays. After that, we left to the Farmer’s Market to shop for some groceries and then came back with a hand-full of groceries. Dad watched Tennis just after we arrived and Matthew and I was hanging out with King and Savino. Nicholas came along too and then so did Logan with his brother Frankie.

Once 2 o’clock hit Mom had told my sisters, my brother, and I to come inside to eat lunch. King decided to join us, Savino irritated by that decision, decided not to come. He hung out with Nicholas outside, counting the dots of a ripstick while King, my family, and I ate rice, with chunks of spicy meats and some veggies. When we finished, Savino gave his annoying ‘pissed off’ look and bothered me the whole day with a lot of “Man! You didn’t invite me!”, “That sucks” and so on. :S Afterwards, Noah joined us for a game of bounty hunter since Simon (who had come later on in the day) and I had gotten too impatient to wait for Thierry, Kerry, and Marvin to come out side. It eventually ended when Mom said we were going to the park, in which everybody decided to come except for Logan. 😦

I was sort of disappointed that Nicholas had decided to come. He was very annoying along the way. Especially when my sisters had left with their friend Nicole to see Nicole’s brother play a football game in the Shorty Howell Suwanee Park. We came walked around the park with the whole group (Simon and I stuck together throughout the walk) and eventually came near the game field. Along we saw a lot of people we knew: Chelsea, Michael, Brandon, Patricia, Nicole, Ashley (in which she was embarrassed in front of her cheer-leader mates because Nicholas had the audacity to scream out “ASHLEY!! HI!! I LOVE YOU!”), and Annabelle. It was nice. A simple walk through the park while watching a tough, intensive football game. 🙂

Afterwards, we went home and saw Logan, Frankie, Abraham, Jojo, and this other kid I can’t properly name. Mom and Dad dropped off Simon at his house, and Nicole was inside our house, sleeping over. Okay, okay. Decent day overall. Nothing depressing or saddening about today.

Reading Exams and Rollerblades

When I woke up around 8 o’clock sharp, I knew from the start that I had missed a day of exams. Now I’ll have to take two exams one of these days. Plus, I haven’t even considered starting the Spring Scantron soon. I was able to finish writing Pluto and the Dwarf Planets on my Planet Brochure. I also found a cool picture for Pluto that actually rotates, but is still a sitting picture. Only the image moves, not the picture. I bet my teacher will give me props on that. 🙂

After I bi-passed through my Travel Portfolio, thinking about when to actually get done Spain and Italy, I decided to finish reading the second chapter and move probably move on to the next lesson. It took a great while to listen to the audio and read the book, simultaneously. But, I got pretty far in the beginning of the book. When finally I decided to do an exam, I tried first the easiest and less stressing subject. Reading.

I got 100s and 50s (mostly 100s) and some 0s. I did okay I guess. But, unfortunately, I didn’t pass through 90%. Even though Mom was happy, I still did not feel like I exceeded the standards. I just hope I don’t do the same with Math, or else I will hate myself for a while. During the time when Anabelle had still gotten in trouble with Dad and Mom for her snotty behavior with Matthew and Patricia, Anabelle’s elusiveness helped her out of the trouble. As I glared at her, I knew that one day she would really get what she deserved for bossy and snotty attitude. When I finished reading the Fellowship of the Rings for today, I went upstairs and used my laptop for awhile and decided to take a nap.

I haven’t taken proper naps in awhile. I’ve only taken proper sleeps, but naps were also a good alternative of calming the mind, other than Yoga. So after an hour of napping I decided to get along with the rest of the day, and just finish my Pre-Algebra paper I had due tomorrow. Cross your fingers for me, I want to get a good grade. Oh and I broke up with my old girlfriend two days ago, than hooked up with my 3rd best friend, Ashley, but than she broke up with me because she thought that we might not be able to see each other personally. Eventually, my old girlfriend got back together with me, and now, I am transfixed. My mother was right. We are too darn beautiful and handsome.

I went outside for Rollerblading for about 2 or 3 hours after I lost my 2nd cavity. Soon, once I lose all of my cavities I’ll be able to have clear and clean teeth. Without any metal ontop. The pain seemed really unobtrusive when it came out, because my Mom knows this trick with strings and teeth. And when the teeth is just at the right time to come out, she just plucks it out, and you think to yourself: “Where’s the pain?”. I caught up with some of our neighbors, especially Theirry, Kerry and Douglas. I didn’t expect Alexis to come around. But, as usual, she was bored and depressed outside. It didn’t really make me feel bad for her. It was kind of normal. Nicholas, another neighbor, got a tiny dog that I just adored so much.

Patricia’s new friend, Nicole’s brother also brought to the Basketball area his viola. So, when my sister tried it without him noticing, he showed us all how to play it properly. When I tried, I was horrible. I think that Douglas tried covering his ears. Don’t know for sure. Eventually, I went back inside, and Matthew lost a tooth. Without even telling me! I was sort of indignant when I heard it. But, than I accepted it, and just went to bed.

Swimming Pool

While the whole world is worrying about serious problems such as their business problems, family famine, Japan’s unexpected earthquake and tsunami, Libya’s Revolution, I’m worrying about whether or not I’m going to finish the Harry Potter series soon. I don’t have the Half-Blood Prince book, and my sister’s friend, Alexandra does. If we predict to leave in two weeks and I’m at page 511 on the Order of the Phoenix, I better start going twice as fast if I want to finish that 854 page book. What I think so far is that the movie portrayed the book horribly. They skip out so many important and marvelous events in the movies, such as when I read in the book that Neville Longbottom’s parents aren’t dead. They were only driven into insanity. Also, Gilderoy Lockhart is still around and is regaining his lost memory because of Ron’s malfunctioned wand, back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Otherwise, I’m progressing very well through the book.

Sleeping wasn’t such an easy thing to do last night. The temperature was so hot inside the house that my skin started to sweat in the middle of the night, making it a lot harder for me to sleep. I didn’t even have an alternative to keep me distracted from the creepy, dark corner in the room that was constantly making thudding noises, making me half scared to death. Rachael and Anabelle (in the top bunk bed) kept moving in their sleep, making the bed shake and eventually . . . making me shake.

So, besides my uncomfortable sleep, I had other problems on my mind. Florida water, or at least the water I was drinking in the house tasted like pool water. I had to put cubes of ice in the water to make it taste a bit more like normal water. Now, I would really like some bottled water, instead of sink water. Plus, from time to time, I would want to go to a website or use my documents, but the internet connection here is not as fast as we have it in Georgia. Overall, Florida is not that exciting, except for some pictures I took of the outside when it was said on the news their was a tornado warning.

 101_0441 101_0442

Awfully, nothing really happened except for the swimming pool event. Nathan, the only neighbor who was a kid, came over. I kind of like the guy. But, he makes me worry for some reason. He just doesn’t make me seem comfortable. But, otherwise, the guy is nice. We swam in the pool for awhile, organized a championship game, and than it ended in the defeat for my family. Alexandra won the game. Oh and guess what? In Florida, their Spring Break has ended! How nice! I took some benchmark swimming and than taught my brother, Matthew some water moves. That was all. Nothing new. I just hope that a tornado hits tomorrow so I can get something juicy.

The Twelfth Night: Act III and CRCT Review

I actually woke up around 4:35 AM in the morning, so we’ll start by there. When I woke up in the middle of the night, I felt really scared. Luckily, though, I had my PSP that I had left there last night when I was video chatting our friends in Florida. When I remembered that, I grabbed my PSP, and played on it for I don’t know how long exactly. All I knew was that I had been playing from pitch black dark, to a dull blue sky. Not the blue sky you would see in the morning. I mean the dull blue sky that would lighten up the room, but not show the light yet. I yet again was the Republic in Star Wars Battlefront 2. I wasn’t doing very well. All 80 of our troopers in the galactic conquest had died in our fight in Dagobah and in Kashyyyk (and yes, it’s spelled correctly). My second battle with my army in Dagobah got ugly because I hadn’t realized that the CIS troopers had used a special power up to gain more troopers than expected. So, instead of being 80 to 80, it was 80 to 120 troopers. Though, when it came to around 12 to 9 troopers, I was the survivalist for the team. I killed the 9 last droids. Though, the second last one was a droikeda, which made the assail a bit more longer. When we won the battle, I earned my stats.

  1. 10 points for Dead Eye (10 was max for stats).
  2. 8 points for Public Enemy.
  3. 9 points for survivalist (which was VERY good).
  4. 0 points for Traitor.
  5. 3 points for tankbuster (not so good, but okay).

Telling by the results, I did very well, unfortunately, before I could start my next battle of Hoth, my mom was entering into the bathroom next to my room and the battery had run out. I shoved back the PSP under my bed and fell asleep. I did notice that I haven’t been able to remember my dreams, which is a really disappointing thing for me, but dreaming isn’t the best part of my life, so I was completely normal about it. When I woke up, my mom was working at our house, while our dad was out of town for business, I went downstairs and checked the computer for e-mails on my girlfriend. I sent her a flirty e-mail for I don’t know why yet, but I hope she’ll respond as I expected. I checked my k-mails for school, and turns out, I had 4 of them.

It’s not really an expected thing for me to have 4 k-mails sent to me, without having me check them. Because I’m a k-mail addict, in the sense that whenever 1 k-mail gets sent to me, I check it immediately. Because of it, I haven’t gotten 4 unchecked k-mails in months this year.

I read the 4 k-mails, and was suspecting that one of them was going to be about the location they found the hacker. But, it wasn’t. It was just k-mails about the Peach Buzz, and the Monday Memo. Though, what really caught my attention was the last k-mail my homeroom teacher sent me on CRCT reviews. I clicked the CCS recorded links she send me, and turns out, all the CCS did for the people who viewed it was send you saved attachment files. I had to save 37 files just for ELA and Reading review. It took about 20 minutes to save all of those files (which for me is a long time in experience). I moved on to the Mathematics links afterwards. I had to save from our Middle School director, Cathy Harper, whom which I didn’t like as a teacher, 19 files. Now, that took just a couple of minutes. I was astonished I didn’t have as much work for Mathematics than ELA and Reading. I’d thought there would be more.

When I opened the files, I figured that they were homework. Annoying! So, I decided not to move on to the Social Studies and Earth Science recorded CCS. When I checked my OLS plan, I realized that they added a new app on the front of our school page a page that would show all the links for today’s CCS for each grade. I was amused by it. It looked plain old simple. So, I did my Pre-Algebra lesson review, soon I’m gong to have to study for the Unit Assessment. I did my GUM lesson, which I got 90% for missing one question and I had a long literature lesson for a lot of reasons. I had to study on the Twelfth Night: Act III. I had to play the act myself with my sister, and I had to do a lot of research on it. 35 full pages of research links, studying and learning for just that topic. When I was in the duration of picking a play with my sister I accidentally hit him up the nose and he started bleeding black blood again.

Or it was probably just dark red blood. I don’t know. When that happened I got in trouble with mom. Luckily, dad was on a business trip so he didn’t have to yell at me for what happened, and mom did. Matthew was crying, but it wasn’t like a serious cry. It faded away once I went upstairs with him and he started laughing. Oh Matthew, why? When I finished school with Matthew I made an animated video on youtube about the Ring girl. It’s sort of funny. But, I’ll share you the link on the next post.

A Whole Day Of Ihop And Shopping

I hope this post will be able to get through. But, I’m going to post about Friday. First of all, I had a beautiful sleep, and after I woke up, I slept again, thinking about Samara from The Ring, trying my attempt to dream about her. Unfortunately, the dream turned out to be about zombies. I remembered the dream in the morning, but than, I forgot. All I could remember was that near the end of the dream, we met this special group of zombies that said they didn’t eat humans and they at this (they were pointing at some crackers), and I was WOW. But, I didn’t want to laugh at the consistently tall zombies, or else I bet my butt would get kicked in my dreams.

Afterwards, when I woke up, and than decided to move downstairs, I did my jog, and ran into a Teenage guy with blonde hair, and this dark-skinned dude. I ran into them, and than I eventually realized they were walking their way to 4th coldasac to get to the bus, so I got out of there way, though, the dark-skinned dude, pushed me on the ground, and I started to get really pissed. The blonde guy than started kicking me in the thigh and the rear. I was right about at the point where I was about to bleed, but than Simon came around and noticed I was getting bullied, so (as I expected) he jumped in, and than started stabbing them with his tiny nail sword he always keeps around. The dark-skinned dude though jumped him, and started hurting Simon. But, by than, I ran like a fool back to my house. The blonde guy try to catch me, but I was too fast for him, or at least something stopped him. I don’t know.

After I lost him, I went back in, and decided to do 25 push-ups on Wiifit, and do 90 seconds on the plank. I was exemplary in all of it. But, I got bored, and decided to do some of my assignments for Study Island. So, I took about 3 assignments, and yet, I still have loads to do. I did a Pre-Agebra lesson, and as usual I do full percent grades on my assessments. Eventually my mom came home, and we went with my dad and her to Ihop. I’m going to be honest. This is the first time I’ve been there. My dad ordered a dish of bacon and eggs, along with waffles on his side. My sister ordered a full tray of waffles with blue syrup and bacon and eggs on the side. Matthew just had a pancake with white cream and syrup since he didn’t want to spoil himself.

I had 5 layers of pancakes, with Cinnamon on each layer, with juicy butter, and side dishing of salads and bacon. MMM! It was a good meal. I’m even drooling over it. After an hour or two we left to some store to get me some sports shoes and a sleeping bag for Walking Wisely Weekend. Though we spent most of our time there riding scooters, bikes, and skateboards. We had a great time. I found my favorite sport shoes and rode around with a skateboard around the store, and the managers and workers didn’t care. One would only just give me the evil eye and that’s all.

We eventually got to Anna’s Linens and all, but now I’m just so bored. SO, I’m going to get this over with soon. Once we got home, we stayed and laid around. After that, I hung out with Logan and than with Savino, eventually Patricia’s friend’s mom was trying to attempt to ask for Patricia’s friend to have a sleepover, but I kept Patricia away from her, so she wasn’t able to. I talked to Simon, and that’s pretty much all, except that I went to Walking Wisely Weekend. It’s going to be awesome!

Super Bowl Night

Well, today is Sunday, and that’s three things: church day, grownups coming over, and last but not least, the Super Bowl!! I can’t wait. Mary Kate and I are routing for the Steelers, I don’t know about anybody else. But, whatever, okay, when we got ready for church (I’m going to skip all the putting on clothes and getting hair done drama), Patricia’s friend asked if she could come to church. Well, it was kind of a bad time, because Patricia was going all snappy on everybody because they judged her yesterday for her Balle, and now mom’s defending her, and won’t let us say a single word to it. I just hate how my sister and my mom seem to be like tag-partners. Once mom’s on your side, nobody can beat you. She could punish us if we had something to say against her, that’s what we’re mostly afraid of.

So, when we got in the car, and picked Patricia’s friend up (since she excused by saying that she’s not having a good ankle today, so we have to pick her up), Patricia’s friend gave me this sort of annoyed look, and than sat in an opposite seat of Patricia because I was sitting next to Patricia, and I guess Patricia’s friend was too afraid to move me off the seat. We moved on, and on, and dad kept playing Switchfoot constantly, on his playlist. Well, I just sang to myself some Bullet For My Valentine songs, and also a lot of Bring Me The Horizon songs. Finally, when we had arrived at church, I’d almost thought I saw Michael, and was going to say hi, but I forgot two things, that the car he was around, didn’t have the same license plate as their car, plus it was 8:45 AM, they don’t come to church THIS early. So, I ignored the car, and realized the face of what I thought was Michael, was very much not Michael. We got inside the church, meeting some old folk we knew about 2 years ago. The man was the person I remembered long ago, that used to call me a Biologist all the time. Wow, last time when that was occuring, I would get so aggravated. But, now I just reminded him, and we laughed.

While Patricia, and her old friend, whom she used to play with, we’re talking about the next thing that was going to happen in Kidstuff, and how they were doing in school. Patricia’s friend gave this sort of grim look at them, and interrupted asking the girl if she had any Barbie dolls or if she did Balle. Well, Patricia’s friend, you know people can’t be perfect just having the same interests as you. When she said that, I immediately knew Patricia’s friend was going to bring up the slutt doll subject, so I told Patricia’s friend to back off so I could have a word with her. I told her that Patricia’s old friend is very shy, and she really doesn’t play too much with dolls, Patricia’s friend nodded and than prologued with her walk. I went to church immediately. It was fun, plus when Michael came around, so he could back me up in Foozeball, we were total masters again.

Once church service was over, I talked with my friend Jonathon, about the Super Bowl, and he said he didn’t enjoy watching it, he only watched it since his dad forced him. I went struck silence, I had told him that that’s the exact same thing we do, and then Michael bugged in and brought up about Soccer, and we went into a long, and comfortable conversation on Soccer. When that was over, I heard that Kidstuff was starting today (now I get why Patricia’s old friend brought up Kidstuff). My arch enemy passed me a couple of times, ignoring I was there, and I just sat in the seats of the church. Well, I wanted to skip Kidstuff so bad, that I thought I might wanna puke, instead of hearing their goofy facts on church. Mom finally excused me from the thousand crowded stage, and I went to the foozeball table again, though, before I went in, I found 5 people coming out of this particular room with doughtnuts and sodas.

I decided to check out the room. It wouldn’t hurt, right? So, I checked in, and what I found was 50 boxes of glazed doughtnuts. I loved it, I took 2 doughnuts, and nobody really seemed to care. My awkward friend, well, he’s not awkward, but we talk awkwardly, came around, and said hi. I decided to give him my second doughnut, and he said THANKS. I felt happy at that point, until when Kidstuff was over, and we left. Patricia’s friend was skipping like there was no tomorrow, and I still wonder why she said that her ankle hurts. That bitch. When we got home, Patricia’s friend was begging for Patricia over, but mom said no, no, no. Than, she came to an exception when they were allowed to stay outside. Eventually, things started to turn hot. Patricia’s friend left Anabelle’s scooter out, and a car ran over it, it got stuck in the wheels. So, eventually we had to bring our dad.

All Patricia’s friend said after this was, “I remember it was there… but um.. uhh… I just remember it was there.” She said that giving out her lieing face. She eventually asked if she could come inside, after when she broke a scooter, I said no, than when dad came, she asked him, and he said no, so she went with Anabelle, Patricia to her house. They stayed there for about an hour. When mom specifically said no, and you can call Social Services Skydancer, I ain’t lieing, I could even get a picture of the ugly prick. Plus, when the boys came around, Patricia’s friend was allover them, since she finally got popularity. She eventually started going into her cooly face. I hope she doesn’t go into her sexual mood again. There’s a lot more stuff that happened, but I wanna skip it. We went over to Sharoyl’s house, and her parents. We watched the Super Bowl there, and than came back home. Depressingly, the half time when the Black Eyed Peas sang, they sucked. Why couldn’t Slash just play the rest of the time? And the Super Bowl SUCKED.

First Time I’ve Ever Been Severely In Trouble (With GCA)

Yeah, this is actually, the worst of all days in my whole life. I’ll explain. When I woke up this morning, and skipped my breakfast so I could get to Language Arts CCS, I was having fun, knowing that I was in my favorite class in the world, besides Social Studies CCS and Science CCS (well, Science, because it’s the only chat class). But, when I finished my Language Arts CCS, I got a call from somebody anonymously I didn’t know, until I called them back, because there was a phone connection, and heard on the voice mail it was my homeroom teacher: Ms. Lauen. So, she called back 5 minutes after I left her a voice-mail, and she asked me first if she could speak with my dad  or mom, but mom was at work, and dad was upstairs having an important online meeting.

So, I told her they were busy, and she asked if I was missing some CCS’s lately, and I said sometimes, and then she stated that she just got word that I was cussing, which was weird, I don’t exactly remember cussing at all. At least in CCS. When dad finally got off his meeting, he went directly to the phone so he could talk this over with my home room teacher. So, when they talked, I overheard (since the phone was so loud) that Ms. Lauen got word from a Social Studies teacher catching me cussing. She also got a picture. Well, I was suspicious at that point, because our teacher didn’t need to get a picture, she needed to just get the recording (which she always does, and it would show everything).

So, I started thinking two theories: somebody logged as my user, and cussed on it, OR, my Social Studies teacher, who kind of ignores me, took a blank picture, and edited it. Well, when my dad was done, he went back to the laptop, as if this never happened. I WAS STILL THINKING IN MY MIND, I couldn’t have done that. I don’t remember cussing at all during class, this whole idea, made me shiver, literally, for 30 minutes, and my stomach kept feeling hot, and toppled on. I seemed stressed on something I’d never done. But, why? That’s what I was asking myself. But, dad said to just leave it, and they will later on than say what to do, well, I went on with the rest of school. I skipped Social Studies class of course today, since it was an enrichment, along, with Science, since I was too angry to be around Mary at the time.

So, I did Math CCS, I had plenty of fun, learning more about some geometrical prisms, oh and some smart people actually turned from Advanced Math CCS, into Regular Math CCS, like me. I felt like saying “in your face showoffs!!”, but I thought I’d better not. I was still thinking every 15 minutes about me getting caught cussing. It made my stomach turn, and my temperature went up. I think by 2 degrees. I did my OLS, which turned out very slow. I did my Social Studies, on Russia, and then checked out all of my notes for my Research Paper, unfortunately, I realized m organized outline, wasn’t organized, and the notes I took were from Europe, not freaking Russia, so I overdid again my organized outline, and this time it was organized.

I couldn’t note at all, because most of the Russian study sites were from .com, and our teacher told us specifically TODAY, that most trustworthy sites that don’t give you problems would be .gov, .mil, .org, and .net. And the only thing I found from those, was the Groiler’s Online Encyclopedia. Well, my teacher always said that we needed to study from two websites about a topic if we wouldn’t go to the library for information, but I thought, why not go to the library for studying instead? So, I asked dad and mom if they can bring me to the library, well, my mom said you can go anywhere, besides a club, so she could sleep. My dad said, we were absolutely going, so I was physched.

I continued with the rest of school, I provided some fruits and vegetables for my stomach, oh and BTW, I’m almost 6ft tall. It’s amazing, I’m growing, I’m like 5 ft 8 inch. It’s cool, but I still wanna get shorter since my head constantly hits my room door. Lol. Anyways, my stomach again and again kept expanding, and hurting, thinking about my trouble, but finally, my dad reported we were about to leave. So, I grabbed my laptop, for online studying, and my notebook, so I could write paragraphs down from the books. It took us 20 minutes to get to the library, since we needed to stop at Walmart, and than stop by the gas station. I was acrasia in the car, because Anabelle wouldn’t stop shutting up, and she kept mumbling the word: fuck.

Yes, we are a crazy family. Patricia, well she was okay, and so was Matthew, except for the fact, he kept making farting noises. When we finally arrived, I grabbed a stool, and looked around for books, I also noticed, the moment I entered the store, I saw this dude with long light blonde hair, nose piercings, lip piercings, and tattoos allover his knuckles, and plus his pants were hanging, I thought I’d just met the Blessthefall guitar player, but I was too afraid to go to him, so I went on with my look, and eventually found a lost piece, that ought to excuse the library woman so I can ask her for some Russian books, I eventually went to her, and gave her the lost piece of parchment, and than asked for some Russian books, she eventually helped me find a huge stack of books.

I studied and studied, until two teenage, Indian girls, came on the same table with me, except it was 4 feet away from me, they were mentioning about how they had a test due 2 hours, and they were dramatizing, so, just to help my mood, this Asian dude, came passed me a couple of times, and then eventually we looked and each other, and mouthed the words constantly: HI! He reminded me so much of Simon. At the time, he walked up to me, and said wassup, and asked for my grade, I said I was in 6th,and he said he was in third grade. Well, he didn’t look too much like a third grader, he looked more like a 4th grader, plus we kept on saying stuff like middle schoolers. Than eventually, that Blessthefall dude, came across us, and the 3rd grader kept saying, who the heck is that hairy guy? And I said shut up, and then I said don’t Chinese people like those hair styles, he actually stated he was Korean, but wasn’t offended, because I was not offending him.

Afterwards, I asked the dude, if he was in a band, and the guy gave me this small, and scared look at me, and said: no. I immediately put my hands to my mouth, and kept gasping. I looked so stupid back there. The 3rd grader eventually mentioned his name: Joseph, and said I was stupid, and I said I know, eventually, when he had to leave, the last person I’d expect in this kind of library was Patricia’s friend. The pervert. She came around, and than, still kept bossing Patricia around and moved them place to place, they eventually went into a restricted area for teens, which was when I had told them they weren’t allowed. They left, and Anabelle was making imitations.

Eventually, when we had to go, Patricia’s friend followed my dad around, and then finally asked if Patricia could come over, I realized that they had been following us, but keep listening to the story, he said no, and then she eventually asked if she could come over. Patricia clearly stated no, and so did my dad, so she gave Patricia a hug, and then went back to her mom, I still gave her my evil glare. We went inside the car, and I officially told Patricia and Anabelle they had been following us, they didn’t believe me. But, watch this, when I got home, mom told us that Patricia’s friend just left 30 minutes ago, and that she told them that we were at the library, dad and I looked at Patricia, and we knew she was following us.

Backstabber, Patricia kept defending, but eventually, she didn’t have to, because Patricia’s friend came to our house again, and asked during the time, I was looking with my mom and dad the cuss words the teacher caught me saying, well I was exasperating alright. Patricia’s friend kept hogging it in so she could inside and play, she didn’t take no for an answer, so eventually she got to come inside. Dad, mom and I eventually sent messages to the teacher explaining it wasn’t me, now the rest really is too hard to talk about, but I’ve already made this post long enough.

I’m Packed On Homework

Meaninglessly, I’m getting over packed with more and more homework. Man, it’s snowing, you except me to do all that homework, when all of the snow might come to a point where it might melt. I’ve killed someone before (by accident), but this time, I feel like wanting to hunt down my school principal. Lol. I’m only kidding. I love Matt Arkin (our principal). I’ve even met the guy before with Nayyir, and got his autograph. Anyways, when I woke up after another zombie Apocalypse dream again, I continued with my school, and basically my life. I had a lesson on Math about one of the dividing equations, which started to become really hard. So, it took me about an hour to make sense of it, and then a half hour to do 40 questions of practice. Really, Math isn’t all that hard, and I intend to keep it that way. Though, Social Studies had to be pulling on my leg today. I had to finish my essay today, and then read some more about environmental causes, and stuff like that. Afterwards, I had a pop quiz on it, which was really easy. Though, because of thinking about my essay, it made me make 1 mistake out of 10.

Essays can be really hard. I’m serious. Afterwards, for Science, I had a 2nd Semester Assessment. This time, it was loads easy. They only questioned me about humidity, permeability, tropical climates, warm climates, warm fronts, cold fronts, the special eras (like the Mesozoic, Precambrian, Cenozoic, Paleozoic), fossils, porosity, and about some metamorphic, and sedimentary rocks. It sounds like a lot, but I’m just glad they didn’t ask me long scientific questions, and they didn’t suggest I take special Science tests. Lucky me. Though, I only got 97%. Last time, I got 100% on my semester assessment test which I probably haven’t mentioned about in the past. Oh and I also was quizzed by my dad about future perfect progressive verbs, and how to identify them, and to tell the different verb tenses. GUM, let’s just say was a lot easier since my dad (who is an expert at Language Arts, and probably everything else) was there to help and support me from burn outs.

Afterwards, my brother was acting like a complete jerk, going on our accounts, and seeing if we finished our homework, like he always does whenever he finishes school first. I had to get another pop quiz for Vocabulary, except it was really easy words to learn. Though, I learned the word: ode. I just don’t exactly know what it means. Lol. Afterwards, um… I have no idea what other subjects I had otherwise than my two exams I finished. I exceedingly beat it. With really, a lot of stress. Later on, I went outside, and made another 3/4 of an igloo, and ice skated on the river. Well, the river is basically our neighborhood lake, which doesn’t really look much as a lake, but more a river. Or maybe both. Don’t know. 😕 Well, the ice almost cracked, but luckily, when I was standing on a icy river (that was 20 ft deep) I didn’t fall. Or else, I wouldn’t be talking, and posting to you on this very day. Once, I finished individually ice skating on the river, I went, and talked to my parents for a little while, and we made laughs together. Than, we all had to start picking on the icy stairs, so when we could descend down the stairs, we wouldn’t slip.

It took me an hour to clear about 30/100 of it. It was that hard. Than, Patricia’s friend came around, and tried to persuade Patricia to come up the street, go out of the neighborhood, and go to her friend’s house (which was 23 miles) on bikes, and go clean up the ice. First of all, that’s illegal for girls about Patricia’s age to do that. But, Patricia, as a good and clean sister, said no, and plus, my dad said he would never approve of it, and lectured Patricia for it. Too bad he couldn’t lecture Patricia’s friend. So, they just randomly started picking at people’s icy garages, and asked for 40 dollars. Well, my sister declined, and we went inside to have tortillas. One of the reasons would be that we all figured that my dad and my little sister, Anabelle, we’re part Latinos, and that Matthew, Patricia, my mom and I were Vikings that lived in Siberia, and defeated Napoleon. Well, we were too Romanian, but I like to refer myself as the Russian Viking, named: Andrew! Once we finished our tortillas, we went to our beds, and I just started studying on Russia, and it’s ancestrally vikings. I jsut wish one of the vikings were called Victor Krum. 😀

Snow Has Started Strong This Time

Well, today, I was actually looking up to myself. Good grades. I passed my Math test 100% and also passed my GUM (Grammar Using Mechanics) review test by 100%. I am doing good as far as I know. Also, in the past week, I also wrote down about 10 pages for my book. Well, it’s really not much. But, if you write books through Microsoft Word, than let me tell you they have long pages. Plus, mom keeps kicking me off since she needs to use her Russian Facebook, Facebook, and also use her e-mail account for business. So, anyways, after feeling good about myself I was told from the school that for my subjects, if I wanted 100% in progress on OLS (On Line School), I would need to have all of my subjects at 50% completion. I had Math about 60%, and the rest of the subjects except for Social Studies and GUM were higher than 50%. GUM and Social Studies on the other hand, have only 50%. So, I’m at the edge for those two. I was also told that I was getting results for my brochure on January 10. Which is two days from now. The day my exams start.

I just hope I finish them, and get good grades as well as my travel brochure. After looking through my k-mails, I took care of some of my homework for my subjects. Math was really easy today, especially since I was learning about the same thing yesterday. Social Studies was especially easy except for the fact that I had to learn a sentence in Russian for today. Oh and I may have forgotten to mention that for the past three days I’ve been studying Russia for Social Studies. It’s really not that interesting, except for the fact that Joseph Stalin was a dictator, which didn’t really surprise me since he helped Adolf Hitler during WW2. Literature was extra hard. Lot’s of homework. I had an essay on the poet called Tina Tocco. I had to write about 5 paragraphs about her, and 3 paragraphs about my opinion towards her. After that, I than had to read about Beethoven. I think I had to read about 30 pages to research him. After I was done reading about Beethoven, I had to write a report about him, and then was asked some questions about how Beethoven was described. Once that was over, I had to read another writing by Ludwig (the author of Beethoven).

Finally, the lesson was done. It almost felt like taking two essays at the same time. 🙂 After that, I became so stressed with Science, I decided to just go through it fast. I had an essay about the weather on Science. It took about 4 hours to write 4 pages of artificial weather stuff like convection, conduction and then some other wind parts like the hemispheres, and the layers of the air. It wasn’t really hard except for the fact that it overwhelmed knowing that Patricia’s friend was having Patricia over at 7 PM playing.

Okay, now what happened on Sunday (December 9, 2010). Well, Patricia’s friend, as usual, she came over with us to church. Which still bugged me because she kept poking me, and trying to teach Patricia how to giggle like all girls would do when a boy asked them out. Sick. Let me just say, it was hell until I arrived at my group. Turns out, my class (if they pay) will be able to go over to August’s house for the event in our group (which is now called instead, Transit, except for Xtreme) called Walking Wisely Weekend. I think the initials would be WWW. 😆 Mom tried to persuade or try to ask Ms. Ginger, Michael’s mom, if Michael can come with me to this awesome trip to a sandy beach where a bunch of preachers, pastors, and bands will be performing on a beach. But, that was until July. I had to worry about Walking Wisely Weekend. The admission was 95$ for early entries. Late entries would be 135$. After church, Patricia’s friend was making some smart ass remarks, so she could look cool. I just hung out with Christian, my dear friend in the neighborhood, and then set off to Theirry (the sound might make you think it’s Terry, but I figured that’s how his real name is spelled), Marvin, and Kerry’s house. They actually invited us inside. Well, their dad did.

We watched Rush Hour 2, and then later, Christian left, so I was just chatting with Kerry about how the sound affects in Rush Hour 2 we’re totally fake. Later, when it started to get dark, I left home. Somehow, I felt a huge lump of fear in my stomach. Don’t really know why. I filled it with orange soda, not fear. Lol. My parents were in the middle of talking to a bunch of couples, so I knew they were busy. I just waited for them to go, and then I started talking to them. I watched Terminator 3 Rise of The Machines, and then also Wipeout. Wipeout though became boring once half of the show started. Afterwards, we were sent to bed, unfortunately, Matthew was too energetic, so he couldn’t sleep. But, then he noticed something outside, and screamed it from the top of his lungs. IT WAS SNOWING. In just 30 minute the snow was packed. My dad’s car was packed, I told mom and dad, and they were in shock as well. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take pictures since the snow covered the windows, and I didn’t want to get cold going outside in my boxers. Lol.

Wise Crack Jokes

So, nothing really interesting happened today, except for the fact that I’m getting Semester Assessment tests tomorrow for Vocabulary. At first I wasn’t prepared, until they gave me this review on it, and I just reviewed those babies like no tomorrow, cause I don’t want my mom to come and figure out, and say how I’m decreasing on my grade levels. Man, I don’t want that to happen. That would be the last thing anybody would want to happen to them. So, afterwards, I was checking on Willow’s blog, like I always do on a daily basis. At one point, I started to feel kind of intrigued. I don’t know why, but I was intrigued. Yes it can be funny to say it while blowing bubbles. Anyways, I was working on my book, and I have to say I’m going through some easy steps in the book. Oh and yes, I do have to request something from Sammy that has to be related to the book.

When I finished writing for about 15 minutes, I continued with the rest of the school, and turns out, soon I’ll also have a Science Semester Assessment test. Very interesting, how school can pile up on you in just a couple of days. Afterwards, I had to go through a lot of elluminates today, I also heard that they’re changing their class names from Elluminates, to: Class Connect Sessions, or CCS for short. I loved the idea, I also liked the fact that Ms. Lauen, my homeroom teacher was introducing it to all 400 students in Grade Team H class. I think there are about 1,500 middle school students in total, and then there are 6,000 elementary students. I can’t be very precise at this point. So, when I finish my Math class, which turned out actually very boring because the teacher had to go through a lot of explaining, just like my old teacher Ms. Cathy Harper. So, I skipped class, well, I didn’t really skip, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I spent most of class time chatting with people on Facebook, and listening to some Three Days Grace music. It was a good mixture, afterwards, I took a Pepsi can, and drank it.

Just to make me feel good about myself, since I was technically skipping class. Oh and there was this funny thing, somebody knocked/rang on my door, luckily, my mom was sleeping at the time. I answered the door, and there was there was this hot chick standing right in front of me. I think she was about 13 or 12, don’t know. At one point, she asked if I was the guy who performed the Christmas Canon Rock song with Simon, I nodded awkwardly. She told me her name was Tammy, and she gave me 40$ for my performance. I was surprised I actually got band money, I’m almost going to 300$ in my budget. She gave a hearty grin, and I said thank you. She walked away, but just before she was out of my site, I asked her if she was supposed to be at school, and she said she was homeschooled, now I was wondering real hard if she meant she went to my school, or if she was just homeschooled like I was in the old days. I don’t know. Oh and you will love what else happened to me today.

I went on Myyearbook, only Nayyir, Elizabeth and I know about it, so don’t worry if you think you’re excluded. So, when I was on, I saw 1 flirt, which I always get flirts from girls. But, this was the funniest flirt, AND Oh My God I need to put it here for you.

“Im sure you get this all
the time, but damn u are
cute, at least to me u
are lol

id love to do scrazy
things with you…. im
just in the mood lol

hotassdsun at yaho0 is
where you can hit me up
if you feel like gettin
down and dirty with me ;)”

I was surprised to hear that from somebody who I haven’t even known, so, I sent her a friend request just so I could send her a message. I said this.

Okay, what time?
Which mud pile should we go to.
I know one that’s very dirty.
Oh you wanna wrestle?
I’ll go easy on you. :D.

It was so fucking hilarious. 😀 Afterwards, I started making some Wise Crack jokes too during Bible time, and mom and dad didn’t really like it. I wanted to say something, and then it became a logical joke, my mom started cussing me out, and I said how come my sister Patricia and my brother Matthew were allowed to say jokes, and she said because they don’t know anything. I was so angry at the moment, so at one point, when Bible time was done, I went upstairs, and read Harry Potter, right now I’m at page 213. I’m progressing pretty good, you have to admit that. 😀

Just To Get It Over With

Today I worked mostly on my brochure so I could get a little faster on time with it. My dad was able to help me with it because the computer had a delay with it. And I’m still stuck trying to figure the Mathematical section of the Brochure. I might need Simon’s help to tutor me allover again on fractions converted to decimals and then converted to percentages. Anyhow, I didn’t really do much today. I did my school tests, and am expected to finish a 3 tests due my travel brochure. I also went over to Simon’s unfortunately, I talked with him outside, in the bitter cold, it was so cold my nose went red and my feet started to pop once I moved (and it’s still not snowing).

I stayed at Simon’s for awhile, and then got home, to only find Matthew sucking on his Language Arts lessons. My mom isn’t a good teacher when it comes to Language Arts or Grammar. So, later on, I watched with my sister, Patricia, and my mom a Christmas Carol for the FIRST TIME. I know, I haven’t seen the movie for a whole year. It’s embarrassing. Oh and I forgot, I almost broke up with Mary, because I said something wrong. Man, my dad was screwed at that point. And right now my dad’s making fish, so I’m wanting to get this done so badly because of the smell. UGH.

I had to do History with Matthew. Am I the only one that makes Matthew get about 100% rating on his tests. My mom agreed I was a better teacher at History than her. So, we both had unanimous discussions and arguments on whether I should be my brother’s History teacher. I don’t want pressure. Okay, now what else?? Oh yeah, on Facebook Nayyir was making fun of Savino for no reason, so Savino and I spoke up. Nayyir was still acting like a jerk, so I said that he is removed from the band. Everybody was in gasp. At that point I mentioned that my Facebook profile thought I was a female. Once I mentioned that, everybody started commenting on it. I think I got about 32 comments on it. Most were laughs. 😀

Thanksgiving Day (Must Check Pictures)

Once I woke up, I knew Thanksgiving was today. It was all in my face. It was really annoying. Every time I tried to have fun today, Thanksgiving would be up in my face. Why am I not acting enthusiastic about this? Last time was the best Thanksgiving.

Just before Thanksgiving, Savino traded me his Pokemon Emerald Gameboy game, in return for my Pokemon Leafgreen. We had to keep them for about… ti’ll next Thanksgiving. Okay, now Thanksgiving was on. I knew I was going to have to get pictures of it. So, I did.
Hope you enjoyed those pictures. Once we went to the park, we took lot’s of pictures. But, not me much. I just knew I was going to need the camera at this point. We took a walk, and passed through the park. My dad took these awesome pictures of me and my dirty blonde hair. The hair compared to the sunlight, made it look rainbow like. It looked as if my dad’s tiny phone was the best at pictures. Lol.

Well, time for me now. We all stood around the beautiful grass. And I just decided to take a picture of my sister which looked really beautiful BTW. It was a good picture for my quality of camera. We walked throughout the whole park. And then took a break by playing in the Playground. There were these three girl meanies showing off at my sister. So, I decided to stand up to them. They eventually flinched back, because they thought I was a God with all these words they haven’t heard. It’s fun to have that power. 😀 Logan was unpredictably there. Took me 2 times to call his name for him to realize me. Frankie, Logan’s little brother, was tugging on my shirt, and giving me the monkey noises since he was like 6 or 5. Lol.

When we got back home, everybody was packing for the Christmas tree from the attic. I on the other hand, had to stay, and transport the boxes down. I still can’t believe we used that Christmas tree for about 6 or 5 years in a row. And it’s still standing. It took us awhile to get it done. But, I gave up once the ending was done. I then decided to read Pendragon.