Another Great Math Grade?

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life! Apologies for further notice, especially to Mary-Kate. I kind of listened to a song she told me not to listen to (not purposely, VH1 made me) and I kind of got hooked onto it! Sorry! Here is the song: Suit and Tie from Justin Timberlake. I’m sorry. It’s contagious! D: Enjoy!

Okay now to the day.

Woke up today, as usual, and made my way to the bus. My Mom made my hair really nice today, going up and stuff. Though my hair is becoming long and I need to start shortening it or give it a haircut! But besides that, the bus wasn’t that entertaining when I went on, although, recently, I’ve become slowly friends with Adrian’s friend, Matt. Before he would call me “gay” all the time. Now we’re kind of chill. The bus took us to school as usual and I went to “C” wing with Samantha. We talked on the way and had our usual chilled expressions. We talked like we were normally friends, though we barely knew each other. Once I entered the “C” wing, I went to get myself some breakfast. I had NOT had breakfast, so I got myself some breakfast. Luckily, this time, they had Cinnamon toast crunch (cereal) in a packet with chocolate milk. So I got myself a spoon and the cinnamon toast crunch with the chocolate milk so I could pour chocolate milk into the cinnamon toast crunch packet and eat it like cereal. I was kind of nervous because everyone would think it would be weird, but I’ve always wanted to try it. I did and it was awesome. Chocolate milk with cinnamon tastes flowing through my taste buds satisfied me in every way. Not in that way though. 😛

Not such a good grade in Georgia Studies. I got an 80% on the Georgia Studies quiz. Reason why that is different from yesterday’s grade from my Poetry Quiz of 84% is because a lot of normally bad people who got bad grades got 100% on the quiz, plus the quiz was 9 questions. So yeah. I’m kind of disappointed about that.

In Language Arts we finished up our classwork projects of our birth-life autobiography all the way to current time. I finished mines first and she liked it. Then she announced that we were going to be writing a narrative even though she said from the time we were practicing for the writing test that we were not going to write for the rest of the year. Lies! Anyway, I was quite annoyed by the fact that we were told we were going to do a rough draft for the narrative. I despise doing rough drafts. I love just going to writing and then editing, simple and less time spent.

Math was awesome. We did our notes and warm-up to get ready for our Elimination method quiz for the Math class. I missed, surprisingly, a lot of the warm-up questions (they were not graded, though) and got confused. I felt like my brain was going to crumble and get me a bad grade, though when I got the quiz I decided to man up and think straight. Just when I finished the first problem in the quiz we had to go to lunch. We had to do 4 questions in total of the quiz. So if I missed one I would be done for. 75%. O.O Lunch was kind of agonizing. I told Danielle, who was on my side, that I talked to the boy she liked in Drama class and mentioned that I asked if he knew a girl called Danielle. She got really mad and started cussing at me. It was kind of difficult to tell if she was laughing while she was mad or just mad. A lot of people’s attention was caught around. Some boys behind me were telling her to beat me up and then Brianna, who was sitting in front of me threw a dirty pizza into my tray and got sauce allover my broccoli. Lunch was depressing. I felt like everyone was against me. Vanessa was too busy being tired and depressed about her relationship which really annoyed me up to this point. Finally, then, we went back to Math class. Vanessa barely talked on the way back to class. I finished the Math quiz first when we got back and immediately my Math teacher graded my quiz and said I got a 100% on the quiz. Awesome!

Science was kind of boring. We were about to watch a movie where we were going to have a quiz all about, but then we were supposed to be going to the Lab to work on high-school and career information for the future. I found a job, from the survey I did based on my likes and skills, that can pay up to $200,000. It was a Petroleum Engineer. It seemed really cool and plus it involved a lot of Mathematics and Science. Two subjects I would NOT usually prefer, but lately I’ve been loving the subjects. Then eventually I played Run on the website coolmath games. The only website allowed to play on the school computers.

Connections were terribly boring. In the fitness lab I got removed from my normal group and set up with worse players in a bad station. I was set in the yoga station while others did leg exercises and push-ups and pull-ups on the work-out machines. It sucked. But eh. Drama wasn’t really any better. Brody started hitting me and decided to back away from him since he was becoming too violent. I told him to eventually stop because we were starting to watch a biographical movie on Shakespeare and he was distracting me AND hurting me. He stopped and felt abashed, yet I did not pity him. Lol. I also told Patrick, who is initially from my previous Science class and also now in my P.E., to turn around in his seat whenever he spotted attention at our table. Not to be mean, but he would always say it, so I gave him a taste of his own medicine. 😛

Then, finally, we went to buses after school ended and I was driven home. All the events have led up to now. So yeah. I’m done!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!



A Pretty Bad Way To Start Off The Week

Hey guys! Andrew here! I thought I tell you about my day, today, this Tuesday. Not sure how long ago this will be posted from this day today, but this is talking about the day Tuesday on February 4th, 2013. Hopefully this won’t be posted next year.

So yeah, I haven’t really talked about life in my school, and since I haven’t for awhile and a lot of new things have come to place there is A LOT to be explained! First of all, I don’t know how to say this, but school is crazy! You probably were not surprised by that statement at all if you are an experienced public schooler, but I’m new, so shut-up! XD Anyway, I’ve made a lot of friends (good ones too) and a lot of judges on a lot of me and already a few people I dislike. First of all, my best friends are Avelyn (from which I meet at P.E. [friggin awesome dude!]), Vanessa (my own little, little, REALLY little version of Mary-Kate! c:), Andrew (who also has a last name that starts with the letter P), Manuel (awesome dude), and of course Savannah. Those are my only TRUE friends who I can really say I “LOVE” hanging out with them. I have plenty of more friends I could easily name, but I prefer best friends now. But relevant names that may come up any time in this post are: Peter, Bridgett, Samantha, Brianna (a frenemy of mine [mostly an enemy]), Danielle, Brian, Michael (no Michael, this is not you [talking to Michael Gjessing]), Corey, Anthony, Jayden, Ethan, Natalie, Rob, Mackenzie, Brian (another one :P), Keila, Noah, Emily, Hayden, etc! I know it’s a lot. 🙂

Anyway so the day started with me being woken up my mother, because I can’t wake up by myself early in the morning, and therefore I got ready to go to school. About 20-30 minutes until the bus was to arrive. I put on some nice clothes on, but not so formal that it was something from church, though it was a nice set. I had decided to put on my P.E. T-shirt so in the locker rooms when I changed with the other guys that I wouldn’t have to unload so much from my backpack and just take off my sweater and put on some gym shorts. So I put on a P.E. T-shirt (which consisted of gray and black colors) and I put on top a nicely designed black sweater. Then I just put some jeans on. Once I had finished dressing up, I went onto whitening my teeth. A trick my sister had figured out by planting raw toothpaste instead of on the brush and on your bare teeth and leaving it there for a few minutes and then brushing it off. At first it’s brutally disgusting and you feel uncomfortable, but then you get used to it, and TRUST ME, the results are amazing! So I did so, actually experienced in whitening my teeth and then waited almost for 5-7 minutes. Once that time had come to past, I went to the bathroom sink, lowered my head so if any of the toothpaste drooled out it would fall into the sink, and started brushing the toothpaste into my teeth. Once that was done, I decided to go downstairs and organize my things.

I organized my backpack and checked if all materials were in and safely in there (for in past experiences I have forgotten a lot of things), and then waited at the front door of my house for the bus. Once the bus had approached the neighborhood and started making its circle around the neighborhood we put on our shoes and left the house. The bus, once it had circled the whole neighborhood, took usually 2-3 minutes and then came to our part of the neighborhood to pick us up. My sister and I gave our kisses to my mom, and then left. Well actually I left, in a hurry. I greeted Erick, a Korean friend of mine (who looked like PSY), and some of the other girls who waited at the last minute with us for the bus and then Patricia came, late, to the bus stop. The bus had nearly left without her.

As usual, the bus was nearly full, just needing to go to another neighborhood to pick up three kids: Adrian (a Romanian just like me), his sister, and another girl, and then we may go to school. The bus was packed but surprisingly it was SO quiet. As I sat next to my friend Fashion (I call him by his last name, Fashion), I recalled it was NEVER this quiet in the bus. Once we both had acknowledged it and I told my friends in the bus including Erick, I decided to enjoy it while it lasted. Then eventually it came to an abrupt end when the bus driver starting asking the 6th graders in the front (where my sister, Patricia) sat a few questions in the bus, and of course a few them failed at the questions, having stirred loud laughs and yells. So yeah, I did enjoy those few minutes of quiet while it lasted. It was nice. 🙂

Once we arrived at the school, left the bus in a single line, I moved to my part of the school where I was normally destined to walk to. I was supposed to enter the school through the side where the other 8th graders were supposed to go if they were in the Inside Lane. I entered the building, having a guide-line member of the school greet me and other 8th graders walking beside me. Another 8th grader, who I couldn’t recall his name, though I knew him from class, walked next to me. I turned to him and gave him the acknowledging nod and he returned the favor. Whence I entered the school actually in the Main Hall, I went directly to the “C” wing which was for standard or honorary classes. Whilst “A” wing for 8th graders were for Probe students (really smart students or students who did great during the Elementary years). I entered, went to the breakfast trolley that was always posted between the hall of our “C” wing halls and took a nice set of breakfast of Fruit Loops, Chocolate Milk, and Orange Juice. I entered my homeroom class/social studies class, seeing already many settled in my seats. Approaching my locker, it took about 2-3 tries for me to open my locker and get my Social Studies book. I still had to get used to unlocking with the codes. As I took the book from my locker, I returned to my usual seat next to Hayden, a very smart student who naturally had a big head. Next to him was Emily. A cheerleader who you’d never expect from looking at her but was exceptionally pretty.

Once we settled into our seats our homeroom teacher assigned us to do our studying before the big “TEST” we had to do today, which I completely went panic mode and started studying. I looked at Hayden and asked him what he was doing because he just sat in his seat and rubbed his eyes or contemplated instead of studying. He replied with coolly with the answer that he was gonna get an “A” anyway. Believing him from recent experiences, I continued studying my courts and juvenile crime information such as: what was a delinquent act between an unruly act and then about the courts like Supreme Courts, Court of Appeals, and Superior Courts, and so on! Our homeroom teacher went on as she usually did, lecturing other students for talking during class (she loved doing it, I believed). Then finally we had the test forms brought to us. 50 questions. Interesting. We started the test and I was off to a good start, but I also had a strategy when I did my tests. I only lightly checked a question and then lightly filled in the blanks so if I needed to change my answer I would not have to struggle erasing what I circled in. A good choice, but it was slow process. I ended up almost being late for my paper while others were already beginning to leave the class after the test was over. So quickly I started filling in the blanks that I had confirmed were correct and turned it. I believe though I might get a good grade, but I could have gotten a better one if I wasn’t as rushed.

I entered into Language Arts class and we continued our book called “The Giver” after we did our Vocabulary review in which I got 100% on. We read about two chapters of ‘The Giver” and Corey continued making mediocre jokes during the class as the Language Arts teacher reviewed through the book every time we finished a chapter. I shall not reveal what we read, because I think it’s best you read it for yourself. 😉

Once Language Arts was over, I was late again because I had to put all my stuff in my backpack and plus since I left late from Social Studies class I did not have time to put the book in my locker, so now I had to carry it around. :/ Once I left Language Arts, I went to Math class. Apparently we had a substitute teacher who really did not care about what we did in class and did not take rules seriously, even if she tried to enforce them herself. We did groups over a quick little Math quiz and I teamed up with Manuel and Andrew and moved out of my seat while Michael (Brian’s friend) sat next to Brian in my seat. Eventually I had to leave the group and move next to Vanessa because Manuel and Andrew were so funny I couldn’t keep my brain straight. As I sat next Vanessa I made some funny jokes and finished a few problems on the math sheet. Then we went to lunch. Surprisingly enough Brianna wasn’t AS mean to me and others who sat in her seat like we expected her to. I had a pretty bad lunch though. I took a meal of milk, green apple, and sub sandwich from the school. Unfortunately I did not expect the sandwich to be THAT bad and it was HORRIBLE. Then on top of that, my green apple fell to the ground and completely got destroyed and inched into the germs of the floor, so I therefore abandoned it. All was left was my milk really. So I got a pretty bad meal..

Then when we left the lunch tables I did my usual routine of walking next to Vanessa and we talked like best friends. Sorry Mary-Kate, but I guess you have competition. xD Just kidding, you’re still my best friend. 😉 Anyway, so we walked around the Cafeteria to the exiting doors back to our classes and did our two usual things. Vanessa greeted her boyfriend, a friend of mine, and kissed each other. Funny enough I noticed how Vanessa kissed him and made tons of fun of her INSTANTLY. I feel so bad now. But it was funny. Lol. Then I went up to my friend Jessica (who had a crush on me) and gave her a hug. She was my best friend (forgot to mention that, lol) and I knew her for 4 years. Once we left lunch we continued Math and I continued making jokes. Then I talked to Danielle, a girl I had a crush on a few weeks ago, but then just lost interest. Then we left. Remorse flew into my stomach and I felt like a thousand butterflies were in my stomach because I did NOT pay attention on the quiz at all. But whatever…

I moved to Science class and did Science. Depressingly enough I went to Science class and the teacher Mr. Dyches gave me my quiz graded from Friday and it was a 60%. Wow. I was perplexed and already rage and sadness filled my brain. 10 questions and I missed 4 of them. Wow. I still am shocked myself. I tried to look at the bright side, but I couldn’t. So I buried my head in books for a little bit and then came back to the world later in class. As we studied over the class and ALMOST did our review our class talked way too much so we couldn’t review unfortunately for the test tomorrow. I left and went to my homeroom to check and put in my Social Studies book in my locker, thankfully! Once the whole group, I left to P.E. and did my things with my friends. I don’t have much more time to write so in short I played Hockey with Avelyn, my best friend, and some of my other friends, had a great time and then left! Then I went to Health class and got troubled with the idea that we already had a test tomorrow on Nutrients which we only studied on for a day. Ugh.. School! D:

I came back home, studied, did Bible time, and now I’m writing to you! So good night! I wrote a lot, I know.. 😛 Good night anyway, have a great time wherever you are and Bye!


A Friend Drama (It’s All About Friends Today)

What’s going to be very different about today’s post is that it won’t be a day based on me. It’s going to be a day based on my friends and my sister, Patricia. While, I have not been posting, Patricia has been hooking up her own friends (which means dropping her old friend, which I’m pretty sure you know already). And I kind of like her selection. Their nice. Their polite. Their just perfect enough for Patricia; the only problem is that they go through a daily girl drama. Nothing I don’t want to be concerned or investigate into. I usually just let Patricia do her own wise decisions. But, forget the general information . . . let’s get to the day . . .

I had the weirdest dream after I woke up. I was dreaming about being chased by a little Japanese/Chinese girl about my little sister, Anabelle’s age. She wore the same exact clothes, makeup, and expression everyday she would watch me maliciously. But, one day, when I figured out somehow in the dream that she was a ghost, I decided to do something vicious and evil. When she appeared in the back of a car when me and my sister and my friend, Jordan were waiting in the car, I grabbed the girl’s neck and threw her against the car floor. I kept choking her, until eventually, she was forming into a lady. But, when she took the full form, she was dead. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

So, as I knew she turned into the Grudge girl, she had the grudge on me, and she followed me around, killed my friends, and than killed me. I woke up, scared in the night, seeing illusions of her, and sweating a lot.

The rest of the day was occupied by school, loads of essays, and my brochure I had to write. Oh and on the happy note, I have to write a Travel Brochure or report for my school on 7 places. Which is retarded and more difficult for me. In two days I have Final exams and my Spring Scantron, which is when I have to take Math and Reading. That Scantron is going to be very important for me because it’s going to count on whether or not if I’m going to advanced classes next year. So, yeah, a lot of work, a lot of occupation. When I got to my friends, turns out they were already in a group. It was Brian, Chelsea and Angel together in a group, and when they saw me, they ran to me like wildebeests. They told me though, that they had just made a bonfire, and instinctively, I went berserk. I know how this works. Eventually, you make a fire, and than you end up making a crazy fire that goes out of control, and bla bla bla, you know how it ends. But, when they told me it was being done on a river, so they would be able to extinguish it, I calmed.

Maybe they were able to mollify me, but, I wasn’t able to calm them, when the drama with Chelsea’s school life with my sister, Patricia’s friends got BIG. When I went with Chelsea and Brian (because Angel got in trouble for asking his parents, instead of sneaking out, the matches) we got into a huge argument. Well, mostly Chelsea, but, you get me, I defended her. She has an awesome personality, even though she’s like 9 or 10. I asked Lesley, the girl whom has a HUGE crush on me, why she was wearing such short, short booty shorts outside in public. Eventually, some boys in a different yard started looking down there, well, you know where, and looked really dreamy. So, I told Lesley about it, and she seemed infuriated. That’s when the argument came on. Tina, the fatty friend of my sister, Patricia, started threatening Chelsea by punching her and telling the principal. But, I do know that Tiny does bad stuff to Chelsea, so actually Chelsea wins this one. And to top it off, Patricia’s friend was there. She kept staring at us, looking like she was mooning, and eating her food, which really disgusted Chelsea and me.

Eventually, we just left, and tried to make a bonfire, but man, we couldn’t, and I overheard on the other side of the neighborhood, that Patricia’s friend was arguing constantly with the others. I told Brian and Chelsea, and unfortunately, Angel about it. Brian and Angel and I listened, and to conclude it all, we clapped, and said “Bravo!”. When Tylar, the girl my sister and her friends were at right now put the radio on, and Fireworks went on. It was so annoying. So, Brain and I just sang, OUT LOUD, Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. Eventually, they yelled back shut up, and Chelsea was just becoming irritating, constantly asking and figure out how to make the bonfire. She was so desperate, she asked anybody who was smoking for their lighter. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the fire on, so, eventually we went to Angel’s, but I decided to go, since I was late. So, yeah, I went home, and the day ended.

A Busy Day: Guest Is Staying Over, and Japan Has Gone Through A Horrible Quake and Tsunami

Hey guys, I’m starting to feel really bored right now, and for the past days about writing short posts and about being grounded. So, I’ve decided to go back to finding available time to post these long posts and instead of circumvent. Oh and for the first time in my life, I learned how to do a Slideshow. I’m probably going to get some picutres from my reality next time and post them as a Slideshow. But, for right now enjoy the random pictures about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. And all the credit goes to Willow for teaching me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, I woke up by myself today, instead. I started to feel a little shaky and drowsy a little bit, and I could only remember I had a faint dream about water and it rushing through my whole body. Oddly, I even had water in my ears, so I had to poke it out, and unclogg it, so I could hear properly. For some reason, when I was woosy I wasn’t able to pull myself up. So, when my mom entered the room to wake me up, I pretended to fall back asleep, though, she shaked me and really woke me up. She had told me that I was supposed to finish school really quick and also do a couple of chores. Managing to stand up again, and clear again the water I asked her what sort of chores I had to do (because I’m curious like that). She mentioned that I had to clean up my room a lot better than she had done last time, and clean up my bathroom.

The minute she mentioned about washing the bathroom, I knew I was going to have to procrastinate to get out of it. So, when I put on my clothes and started school, I decided to ignore what my sister, Anabelle, was saying about cleaning up. I still had my 2nd Semester Webquest, AKA, Brochure, and I also had 2 essays to write. Though, I decided to skip the first essay on Math, since it wasn’t really that important, and that I could fake doing it. So, I had to waste an hour and a half on writing an essay on Earth Science and writing to an anonymous person about agglomeration. I first did my Vocabulary, and turns out since my Vocabulary was at the same progress as my Earth Science I was learning about agglomeration and some other word related to that word. I learned a couple of other words, but, oh well.

When I finished my essay on agglomeration, I moved on to Pre-Algebra, and did a whole 5 sheet of paper on Means, Median, Range and this other topic if I remember correctly. When dad came downstairs, he turned on the TV to CNN or Fox News (like usual) and started looking at the market. But, eventually, when I went on Mary Kate’s blog, I saw that she had mentioned that a tsunami and quake had occurred in Japan. It didn’t seem that important to me at the moment, so I went to Youtube to listen to Chester Bennington say shut up on his songs One Step Closer so I got pumped up. Eventually the disaster of Japan showed up on Youtube which greatly annoyed me. Unfortunately, Breaking News showed up on CNN, and guess what it showed? No, it showed Steven Tyler getting a haircut, of course it was the quake and tsunami!

It showed a lot of disastrous images about the quake and tsunami. So, some of them, I decided to put in the slideshow. If I find any big sized pictures of the quake or tsunami, I’ll update the slideshow. But, I hope you enjoy. Finishing the Pre-Algebra sheets, I shuffled towards the bed to tear a bit on the pictures of the dead people and just to rest. I rested for only a half and hour since mom yelled at me that I needed to finish that my school needed to finish school. I finished my Earth Science, and did my Social Studies on Australia’s stabilizing economy and its culture. Since I had to finish the thing fast for one reason was because I had to finish quickly because I was going out on a outing for my ALP Math Class. Once I finished my chores, which felt like forever, honestly. My dad got extra pissed at me once he figured my good shoes were messy, though, we eventually got into a good discussion about his class friends.

Eventually when we got there, we met about 5 group of people. This girl a little older than me had red hair along with blonde hair, a little bit of dyed hair. I don’t care, but dad was really embarrassing me, speaking out loud to come towards him, and said it very angrily. Though, Georgia Cyber Academy students are always understandable, so this nerdy looking kid and the dyed hair kid walked up to me, and whispered to me that they understand what I’m going through. Their moms do the same. I smiled and talked with them for awhile, after a couple of minutes an impregnated blonde hair woman came and said that she was our teacher Ms. Price. We had fun doing scavenger hunts. Especially that I was speaking to everyone while this big screen was behind us about the quake, everybody was talking about it. I got a prize for Stevie B’s, and I felt good. Although, dad said we had to leave abruptly when game time was going to start. We went to Burger King to get food and than to Dominos to get the rest of the food. We ate our Burger King so much, and we all loved it.

The rest is really blah, except for the fact that Nicholous mentioned that he had sex with his cousin. Eww… Tomorrow I’ll give you the details about the guest sleeping over.