I’m Not Feeling Bored; I Feel Tired …

Hey guys! Andrew here. With a tired brain. My eyes and body are not tired, but my brain is mentally tired for some reason. I guess it was from Walking Wisely Weekend when I pulled an actual ALL-NIGHTER at the house. I guess I wasn’t walking so wisely that weekend. Lol. Hopefully you got that joke, but eh. My stomach doesn’t feel good nor does my mental self. But I’m continuing this post. I pray I won’t vomit in the process. I feel the taste of the pizza I ate today. UGH.

Anyway, today was quite normal except for the fact that once again my body decided to fully wake up around 7 o’clock AM in the morning. I don’t know why, but it seems my brain has been set to wanting to wake up at that specific time. Which is great in all seriousness, but I have felt tired during the whole 4 day weekend. Gosh, I hope this dilemma does not continue. Anyway, back to topic, once I woke up around 7 o’clock I went to the computer, but instead without trying to sneak there. I just walked normally like I would. My steps echoed across the whole house which surprisingly did not cause my parents to wake up, but I’ll take it! 🙂

I stayed downstairs on the computer for a few hours like yesterday, just strolling around Youtube and whatever I could find. Gosh I am so dead and tired… This went on until my whole family arose from their sleep and they came downstairs. The day proceeded quite normally until my Dad went to the store around 10:00 o’clock AM in the morning to go buy cereal. I did not know, until her arrived back, that he brought Anabelle. I guess I was too busy in the office room on the computer. When they came back, they brought joy to the house. My Dad had bought that Marshmallow cereal. What’s it called? With Lucky Charms? Oh yeah, Lucky Charms Cereal! Part of a good breakfast. Lol.

I ate it and ate it. I was too hungry. It was unbelievable. I already ate so much cereal that the Lucky Charms bag was reduced to half of the box. My brother, Matthew, got uncontrollably angry towards me and, of course, called Mom into the situation. He did his whole bidding of complaining to her that I was eating too much, which resulted in me giving a few ugly looks to Matthew, resulting in a couple of yells from my Mom. It was irritating at the moment. I felt like I was about to blow up. But then I calmed myself and just finished my milk, instead of continuing to pour myself more cereal once I finished the cereal. Once breakfast was over I returned to the computer, then the iPad and then back the computer and then back to the iPad, then I went into my room and just chilled for a few minutes there. There was NOTHING special in my day until my parents left with my sisters, Patricia and Anabelle, to Goodwill to do something. Not quite sure if I remember what it was, but they went to go for about an hour and a half. So all that was in the house was my brother and I. Eventually during the process of time while they were still gone, Anabelle’s friend, Jacklyn, I believe, came with her mother to our house to ask if Anabelle was here. Of course Jacklyn, whenever she saw me, gave the same disgusted face towards my direction and her mother was not so pleasant around me. I mean c’mon. I could easily tell. Especially by her mother’s tone. Awkwardly, I told them that they were not here at the moment, and then they left once Jacklyn’s mother told me to ask Anabelle to come over when she came back. I have a feeling that she thought I was lying. I don’t know.

Then eventually Mom and Dad came back home with Patricia and Anabelle and we cooked ourselves some pizza. I had about 3-4 slices of pizza. Bad choice for me. Ugh. I still taste the smell and taste of pizza. What’s even worse is to eat pizza and then drink water. Gosh, that will cause you the worst of burps. Yuck. After we were done with the pizza I finally remembered about Jacklyn and told Anabelle about it. She was hesitant, though, and revealed that she was beginning to not like Jacklyn. Surprise surprise. And btw, that was complete boring sarcasm implemented there.. Anyway, she decided not to go, so therefore I did care. Afterwards, I asked my Dad to see my grades for school in total. It seemed to be that I had a B in Language Arts and Georgia Studies and I had a C in Science. The good part was that I got 95% on my last Science test, which almost got my Science grade to a B, just by off 1%. And the last common assessment test we took for Language Arts (which basically asked stupid questions about metaphors, similes, transitional phrases, so on) got an 80% grade which took my Language Arts grade down from a 91% to a 89 or 88% I believe. I’m gonna check with the teacher about the answers because I KNOW that I did not do that bad and that I’ve come to experience a lot of times where the computer interprets my answers wrong. Agh.

Then the day went on, proceeding the same way it had in the beginning. It was almost monotonous and dreading. More dreading actually because there was LITERALLY nothing to do except go on the computer or go on the iPad. My PS3 was dead, so no point there.. But anyway, the day eventually ended where I started beasting on Jet Pack on the iPad and got a lot of coins and basically beasted. Then I started watching Syndicate’s OLD videos of the Minecraft Project back in the 2011. Good times. And then my sister, Patricia, decided to show my Mom and Dad, as they were playing their table game of some chips or rectangular chips of some sort, ASDF Movie 6. My Mom laughed a lot and my Dad smirked a few times, otherwise they enjoyed it. Then everything leads up to where I am talking to you right now. Gosh, I can’t wait to go to sleep. Sheesh. Hopefully you guys enjoyed this post! 🙂

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Swimming Pool

While the whole world is worrying about serious problems such as their business problems, family famine, Japan’s unexpected earthquake and tsunami, Libya’s Revolution, I’m worrying about whether or not I’m going to finish the Harry Potter series soon. I don’t have the Half-Blood Prince book, and my sister’s friend, Alexandra does. If we predict to leave in two weeks and I’m at page 511 on the Order of the Phoenix, I better start going twice as fast if I want to finish that 854 page book. What I think so far is that the movie portrayed the book horribly. They skip out so many important and marvelous events in the movies, such as when I read in the book that Neville Longbottom’s parents aren’t dead. They were only driven into insanity. Also, Gilderoy Lockhart is still around and is regaining his lost memory because of Ron’s malfunctioned wand, back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Otherwise, I’m progressing very well through the book.

Sleeping wasn’t such an easy thing to do last night. The temperature was so hot inside the house that my skin started to sweat in the middle of the night, making it a lot harder for me to sleep. I didn’t even have an alternative to keep me distracted from the creepy, dark corner in the room that was constantly making thudding noises, making me half scared to death. Rachael and Anabelle (in the top bunk bed) kept moving in their sleep, making the bed shake and eventually . . . making me shake.

So, besides my uncomfortable sleep, I had other problems on my mind. Florida water, or at least the water I was drinking in the house tasted like pool water. I had to put cubes of ice in the water to make it taste a bit more like normal water. Now, I would really like some bottled water, instead of sink water. Plus, from time to time, I would want to go to a website or use my documents, but the internet connection here is not as fast as we have it in Georgia. Overall, Florida is not that exciting, except for some pictures I took of the outside when it was said on the news their was a tornado warning.

 101_0441 101_0442

Awfully, nothing really happened except for the swimming pool event. Nathan, the only neighbor who was a kid, came over. I kind of like the guy. But, he makes me worry for some reason. He just doesn’t make me seem comfortable. But, otherwise, the guy is nice. We swam in the pool for awhile, organized a championship game, and than it ended in the defeat for my family. Alexandra won the game. Oh and guess what? In Florida, their Spring Break has ended! How nice! I took some benchmark swimming and than taught my brother, Matthew some water moves. That was all. Nothing new. I just hope that a tornado hits tomorrow so I can get something juicy.

Winter Break Sleepover Part 2

Okay, so um… yesterday I forgot to mention since I was busy, that Michael and Daniel, plus Christian and Matthew woke up before me. We had no trouble sleeping last night. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention the continuating of yesterday’s night problem. Well, we had to stay up last night, and was almost killed because something, or someone was inside our house. Christian was acting creepy. As usual. Michael… Michael I have no idea. Daniel was just… um… acting scared I guess. Afterwards, Christian, Michael, Matthew, Daniel did wake up before me. Which was a big surprise, because once I woke up in my room, I had to look through a HUGE blur cloud, and then found I was deserted. What the??

I went downstairs, and of course Michael and the rest were downstairs. So, since it was a Winter Break, they immediately jumped to the Wii and started playing Super Mari Bros. Wii. I got angry for a moment since that’s all they would do for the whole morning. But, I kind of exected it since it was nearing to the edge of Christmas break ending. So, I kind of, got into this game called Assassin’s Creed (Discovery). Even though, it wasn’t in such good quality, I still managed to get so addictive toward it. 😀 Michael and Patricia finally came to an end where they stopped playing and we went outside. Daniel and I were basically the only ones enjoying going outside, cause Michael just went direcly inside. Wow. So, afterwards, I chatted with Mary Kate, and then talked with Christopher Gilreath. A friend from school. I also got 4 flirts and 2 friend requests from some hot chicks on Myyearbook.

Later on, everybody got bored, especially King, and his cousin: Elijah. Basically the most annoying bitch you could’ve ever encountered. He was showing off most of the day, and then vandalizing my home tree. Which didn’t really matter since the tree was like 7 inches thick, and all he did was make some cratches that would show the Sap in the tree. But, not really important. Later on, we had to walk Christian home from our sleepover since my mom didn’t like him so much, or just didn’t know how to relate to him as much as she liked Simon. Speaking of Simon, I wanted to talk to the boy so bad. Unfortuantely, he wouldn’t pick up the phone. So, later on, we just played Super Mario Bros. Wii, and then I just played Assassin’s Creed again. I really want to play Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood on either the Xbox 360 or Playstation. Good day BTW.

A Quite Boring Day

It’s about time I’m going start putting bold prints. But, what the hell. I still have my Christmas tree hung up, and I STILL don’t have a picture for it. It sucks. I have it right next to me, and I should be taking pictures. Well, you know me. I like something a lot, and use it a lot. Than, it gets boring, so I take brakes. Just like blogging. Sometimes if I post too much, I get bored. Oh well. Anyways, I was able to watch the Scream trailer. Actually all 4 or I think there was 5. Well, the first one was only scary at the beginning. But, they totally made it to corny, and barely any blood to make it interesting. I’m really considering watching Jason or Freddy Cougar made from the 80’s or something.

I don’t know, I think I realized that I enjoy horror movies because I want to know what happens next. I also watched the crazies trailer. That scared something out of me. And Nightmare on Elm Street, ugh, didn’t make it scary at all. It barely even showed his face. His burnt up face of Freddy Cougar. Still. Don’t watch that boring movie. What’s funny was that I kept my hand on the mouse of the computer. And when I took it off, man, it was sweating on it like crazy. I was really scared or impaled.

Once I got done watching horror movie trailers, I went directly to school. I chatted with Mary, and probably my other friend Destini. I hope Patricia exchanges Destini’s sister as her real friend than Patricia’s devious friend. But, I’m not going to mention about her. She wasn’t at my house at all since I last lectured her. 😀 I hope she doesn’t regain her confidence to have sex with me, or try to befriend my sister. Anyways, once Earth Science class was done, I looked at my progress in focusing in Science. Unfortunately, I wasn’t focusing too much on Science class. I was just waiting for chat to come up. This time, I chatted with Mary, AND Elizabeth. Destini was bus doing her own thing.

I listened to Blessthefall, they’re an awesome band. Honestly, they’re my favorite screamo metal band besides Bullet for My Valentine or Black Veil Brides. I just seem like an emo. But, I don’t wear the personality. I had to do Social Studies class with our new an amazing teacher: Brett Smiths. He’s really nice. The only annoying today in class was when he said we could have chat so he could put up the special researching website. But, then my old Social Studies made sure we REALLY DIDN’T GET CHAT. She only made us ask questions. That obnoctious whore. Well, most of the time smoothly went. I had barely worked on my OLS, which was a bit of a surprise, but a bit of clumsiness.

I did my school, which took ti’ll 6 or 7. It would’ve taken longer if I did math class today. Lol. I know, I skipped it. I’m an awful person. I don’t even go into any more school clubs. But, I’m really considering doing photography club for my Youtube account.