My Opinion (Very Briefly) on My Sister’s Attitude

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post of my daily life. It’s a little bit weird that I have not posted in what seems to be several weeks. 2 or 1, give or take. I apologize sincerely for that. To whom am I apologizing? I don’t even know . . . To whoever is reading this! Maybe my future self when I’m approximately in my 20’s or 30’s. Oh gosh, I can’t even think of myself as that old of an adult. BUT, without wandering off topic, I will try to focus my days on blogging and posting. Not particularly this week because I have big CRCT tests, but the general idea of me going back to posting everyday will try to be taken back into command, hopefully. In the meantime, as I usually do in the beginning of my posts, I shall play you guys and girls a song that I have recently enjoyed and with hope that you enjoy it too! Also, before I give you guys this song, I fixed the followers bug. Turns out there was something I connected my blog to that gave me extra followers. But NOW it is fixed! Here’s the song finally!

Okay, so my day, in very brief terms . . .

Well, on Friday (the day before today [Saturday]), my brother, Matthew, decided to make both of us sleep on the first floor in our living room, on our couches, while my sisters went on a sleepover with their friends. At first, I was skeptical, but then I obliged. It was not too bad sleeping on the couches. I wake up to today pretty simple and go straight to the Office and use the computer. I was sort of hesitant to going to the computer since my Mom said that I was not allowed to play on the computer in the middle of the night and it was near 6 o’clock in the morning. I took the risk anyway with thankfully no one coming to peep on me. I enjoyed a few hours of watching Syndicate play the new map on Black Ops II Zombies called “Mob of the Dead”. Boy, that is such a good map. Wish I could enjoy some of that. xD

Once that was done, I waited throughout the day until my Mom finished watching a show on TV to play some Skyrim on the PS3. I’ve completely decided to go playing all Skyrim and progress swiftly through the game because lately all of the first person shooter games have been quite a difficulty and the gameplay is getting boring. Though I did have some difficulty with these vampires in a random cave I decided to explore in Skyrim. It took about 30 minutes of game time until eventually I decided I should go explore somewhere else. I decided to pickpocket a lot of people to get my experience up. I finally got to level up once from level 31 to 32. It takes a long time from my experience of gaming. 😛

But besides gaming, after I was done playing I went outside to practice some parkour and then went attempted to go to Brian’s house and see if I could play with him. Unfortunately, it seemed, he wasn’t there. So I went back to my house and went into my backyard to find my Dad discussing with my brother, Matthew. I was about to go inside as I was passing by when my Dad told me not to go inside and said that he wanted me to stay outside with them. Eventually my Dad started talking with me and we began talking very random things throughout the time. We also managed to fix a problem with the hula hoop we had. Fixing it had a special unusual feeling to it. My Dad took no hesitation to expressing his feelings about feeling special about fixing something. It was a good feeling, but for some reason my feelings were completely mute and I felt too lazy to react to anything. My Dad then began talking to me and reminded me about how I can control my feelings and emotions and not let my lazy ambition take over my well-being, which put a more positive mood on my day.

Afterwards I decided to pick up a book I’ve had over the past recent weeks. I borrowed a book from the library called “Dormia”. A really interesting book I must admit. I read for approximately 1 hour and a half outside. At a lot of points, since I was outside by myself in the nice air and nature, I spoke aloud the words of the book as if I were speaking to a class. At one point as I was reading, a group of bugs surrounded around my knee and sat down, not moving whatsoever. It appeared as if they just sat there patiently listening to me speaking the book. It was quite a funny experience. Despite how much little time I read on the book in comparison to a lot more people who read books with a greater compassion, I got through about 60 pages of the book. No matter what anybody thinks, I believe that is an amazing progression from recently what I’ve done. But I do admit that before, when I read previous books, I could read 100 pages everyday with no problem. All it takes is just getting back into the game, that’s all.

After I was done reading outside for awhile, my sister, Anabelle came outside. Apparently she came back from the sleepover. She told me about how one of her friends, Sarah (whom I thought at first she was talking about Sarah next door [I thought that immediately Sarah could have heard me talking to myself]), wanted to talk to me. At first I denied the request, annoyed by how Anabelle was smiling and it was all a joke. But then eventually I obliged to only have half way me interrupted by Anabelle telling me how she did not ACTUALLY need me. I decided to go back to reading when my Dad called me over next to him and told me about this book he was reading. Some of the information and the topic along with it was somewhat related to what I was reading in Dormia. I told my Dad of this and we began talking for a long time when suddenly Anabelle popped out of nowhere and grabbed my book when I was away, which really ticked me off. My Dad saw it too. He started yelling at her, not too hard though. Don’t worry. 😛

Turns out Sarah wanted to play a prank on me and tell Anabelle to take away my book. My Dad finished talking to Anabelle and sent her away. Then, my Dad and I finally finished discussing when Patricia came with Alicia and Sarah downstairs to eat brownies with us after they ate lunch. The brownies were exquisite, honestly. But on a greater thought, my sister began discussing with my Dad about this game called the “Oregon Trail”. For all who don’t know what the game is about, I implore you to search it up on Google or Safari or whatever because I do not feel like taking the time and words to post the description of the game. But anyway, my sister talked for a good whole lunch and dessert time about the game and my Dad was nearly convinced to buy the game on the iPad when it was only 99 cents and the description of the game seemed to impress him. Afterwards, I dismissed myself from the room, and the rest of the day was a blur up until my parents began watching this show on National Geographic (so glad we now have the channel), called “80’s The Decade That Made Us”. A good show showing a lot of what occurred during the 80’s. Finally, Alicia had to pick her up along with her friend Sarah.

When we finished watching the show, my Dad went away with his laptop for a little bit, and my Mom and I and my sister began watching the Breakfast Club. We started watching it yesterday, but only an hour of it. We finished it today and the movie was really good.

During the movie, my sister, Patricia, started giving a speech/rant about how one of the characters in the Breakfast Club was acting like a complete jerk. I was completely fine with this statement until she started jerking her head around as if every word that was spoken out of her mouth had an “umph” to it. I inquired her with why she said that. She did not answer and of course my Mom came into the situation and defended her. Then my sister began making more jerks and started giving some comebacks saying that I liked her before when she did not have an attitude because I liked her when she was shy and did not talk and then went on some gibberish saying that I liked her back then when she did not have a personality. All of those claims are just pure dog poop. That’s probably the meanest word I can say on this blog besides “crap”. Trust me, I have meaner words intended for how ridiculous I think this sounds.

My Mom even comes further into the discussion saying that she likes it that Patricia now has a personality and has some attitude. Uh, hello? Am I the only one who thinks that you can have a personality without an attitude as a girl. I mean, when you’re in necessary situations I would understand, but in simple things like this, I don’t believe it should be tolerated. Call me crazy, but I find attitude in girls, especially my own family members to be very unattractive and I don’t like it in any way. Eventually, during the conversation, I just gave up and said that these are not my kids and I’ll do this when I have my own kids. It sucks. But I had to, or at least I decided to.

At the end of the day, I took a shower and then my Mom rinsed my hair with vinegar due to the excessive scratching on my hair and irritation from the dandruff. Otherwise nothing else for the day. Everything has now led up to now.

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!


Good Grade Start

Hey guys, Andrew here! Bringing you a new post. Not feeling in the exact particular mood for this, but I feel like I must post to you guys even though I might not feel the single nerve to do so. So, let’s skip to the part where I walk to the bus. Funny things start from there.

So just when I saw the bus coming, in the morning, after I got all my clothes together, my sister leaves, all prepared and walks casually to the bus. I’m about to do the same thing when suddenly my mom notices that I am sagging a little bit (which was by accident, I am NOT a sagger [if that’s even a word]) and starts yelling at me for not picking up a belt. I told her several times I did not need a belt at this time, especially when the bus had just entered the neighborhood. She insisted though and told me not to move. Grunting, displeased, I waited reluctantly. It took about a full minute for my mom to walk upstairs and pick up my belt which I could do in the matter of 5 seconds. Once she gave it to me, I bolted outside. No worries. But then my mom yelled out from the house:


So holding my backpack rather awkwardly and then trying to put on a belt was quite interesting for me. I was able to manage eventually, but I had to lower my backpack. After I had put on the belt like my mom told me to, I ran to our usual bus-stop and greeted Joanna, her friend (don’t remember her name), and Erick. It was awkward and I did not feel like talking, so we didn’t really talk. Once the bus came we all entered and we drove to school. Funny thing was that Bailey, Jayduh, and Lauren in the back of the bus were pretty quiet during the whole drive. They’re usually the loud ones in the back making trouble of all sorts.

Once we got to the school I quickly entered my classroom, knowing I was late and did not have time. I did take a few seconds to pick up a simple orange juice for breakfast. Though I seriously need to get a bagel or something else. Homeroom class started pretty quick in progression. Once homeroom was over, we transitioned from Homeroom to Georgia Studies and continued our notes on learning the “NEW SOUTH”. I got to announce some ideas in the notes when Mr. Iverson (the Georgia Studies teacher) asked for any helpful answer or tips in the questions that were given. It was a pretty simple class all in all. Though there were some funny moments.

Next class, Language Arts with Mrs. Harris, was pretty simple too. We continued reading after we got 10 minutes to work on our Review that we were assigned last week on Friday. Luckily, though, I finished mines on the day and turned it in so I wouldn’t have to procrastinate the whole weekend until the last day. I hate doing that… Then we read “The Giver” and trust me, it is a good book. Progressively the plot thickens. Lol. After Language Arts, I moved to Math class in which we took a lot more notes than homework. I finished my homework, though, immediately on task on the day so I wouldn’t have to do anything at home.  During lunch, though, I decided to sit next to my friend Andrew and Manuel. We had fun and as a result one of their friends (who I can’t remember his name) who sat next to me, had 2 of his chocolate milks drop on the table. We eventually had to have a few teachers come and help us clean it up. Though it was hilarious. I walked with Vanessa as usual back to the Math class. Though she asked me a favor this time. She gave me a note that her boyfriend, Zach (we were good friends as well), wrote her or it seems that he did that crept the living sh*t out of Vanessa. It said “I want to r*pe you.” She asked me to hide her behind me (which was easy because she was small) as we passed by Zach through lunch, which was easy until after I gave my hug to Jessica. Her boyfriend immediately realized what had just happened by the time we were almost at the doors. He called for her to come, but she didn’t and it was awkward. I felt like I was tearing a relationship. 😦

Then Science class came and it was disruptive as usual and there were the same usual, annoying people. Eventually it got SO annoying that I moved from my seat to the side of the classroom where I could hear my teacher, Mr. Dyches. I got a good grade as we read throughout the hand-out sheet we worked on, but it did also open my eyes to answers I thought would be normally right to actual wrong answers. Well I guess we can live by the quote: “You learn something new, everyday.” Anyway, once Science class ended and I moved to homeroom to wait for our homeroom teacher Mrs. Flowers to dismiss us, I decided to put my Math book away, since I had no need for it. Surprisingly, my backpack was 5X lighter without the Math book and I freely roamed wherever I went. The situation with Zach and Vanessa was solved because Zach explained that one of his friends wrote on it, which solved the situation easily.

I then moved to P.E. and we started practicing on Soccer. YES. My sport. Tomorrow I’m assuming we’re doing a Soccer game. I’m pumped! Afterwards I went to Health class. The most near difficult and straining class I had to take in the school besides Science. We watched a little movie during the class after we read some information on drugs. For the unit in Health we are learning we are learning about drugs and basically defects and information about them. Including diseases from FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and Cirrholis, etc. Once Health was over and we were dismissed to our buses I left to my bus while talking to my friend Mackenzie. Afterwards I finally arrived on my bus and had a balling time as usual near the end. Then I arrived home and also brought a progress report my Health teacher gave me. I had a 94%, which is good, but quite disappointing for a subject like Health. I mean it’s not really that hard, but it is! It’s hard to explain! But I gave it to my parents and they signed it. The day went on as normal as it could be until now where I am writing to you.

There were a lot of events involved in today, but I’m trying to go very broadly over my days so I won’t have to write so much, because I know that you guys don’t enjoy it when I write too much. Or do you? I’m going to have to write about a poll decision. Anyway, enjoy your time wherever you are, bye! 🙂


“BUSTED” (Sort of) and A Nice Day!

Hey guys! Andrew here! Hopefully I’ll get to posting more often on my blog now that my parents actually KNOW that I post on my blog daily (which will be explained further into the post), so, I guess this’ll be a daily thing, as long as I have time and the energy/will to do it. So let’s start!

The day started out different from the usual, normal school day. This time, early in the morning, we were leaving to iHop to enjoy some nice pancakes for National Pancake day. My mother had announced this to me yesterday, but the catch was that I had to go to bed around 8 o’clock PM at the time, which I would be normally fine with, but this time, my mom had promised me that I had a perfect amount of time to go do what I pleased after Bible Time (which we did early [around 7 o’clock PM, when I finally settled down from the homework]). So of course I was shocked and perplexed that now all of the sudden we were going to iHop. I decided not to go to iHop or to NOT go to sleep early and just fiddle on my computer, working on my book. Fortunately, and unfortunately, my mother took me anyway and surprised me by waking me up around 6:30ish AM. I struggled to get out of bed and did a bit of complaining, but I got up. Moving out of my bed, putting on my clothes, I was too lazy to do anything. Especially whiten my teeth and brush them. As a result of that, my mom went berserk on us, yelling at us for not moving as fast and saying that she was actually caring for us by taking us early to iHop and then taking us to school. Which was true, but it was too early for me to respond in any extreme way, so I just nodded and whitened my teeth. Once I finished, we lined up to the house garage (oh yeah, forgot to tell you we have a garage [and a basement :mrgreen:]), and entered in the car my mother.

We drove to iHop pretty nice. Hardly any traffic. And since it was only around 7 to 7:30 AM in the morning, we did not have such a huge waiting line.  It did take a few minutes of course and two dark-skinned women nicely dressed but too formally dressed greeted us at the front with a quick announcement of today being National Pancake Day and to donate for some children’s donation center.. whatever. xD I completely zoned out. I was focusing on the pancakes about to be served as we sat in our tables. Once we were taken by our waitress and seated, we waited for about 5-10 minutes for someone to come. Eventually, my mom got impatient and decided to order for ourselves since the others did not really have to go through the trouble of ordering. It was free! In a few minutes after our order had left the table to the kitchens, Sebastian and Sophie including their mother Mrs. Judith had arrived. I was surprised, but somehow was not. It was weird. I, of course, greeted Sebastian with a tease and began conversation until Mrs. Amy and her daughter Ally arrived as well. It was a huge table for all of us. But it fit. The long chairs that laid against the walls were where the children sat, except for Ally, who sat next to her mother, while the grownups sat in the wooden chairs against the tables. We ordered, we ate, we talked (mostly about the funny Super Bowl Commercials), had our fun, then left. It felt so short, but I enjoyed it, and the pancake had satisfied my stomach the greatest! 😀

Once we left, before having an almost 5-10 minute discussion if whether or not my mom could drive Ally and Sebastian to Creekland Middle School with Patricia and I. Unfortunately they couldn’t since their instruments were holding them back and they were supposed to be kept in safe conditions (wonder what kind of instrument they were playing there xD). So, disappointed, we went entered the car, with an impatient mom thinking about how late we were, at least how late Matthew was for Elementary (Annabelle was in the car, but she was sick and only came for pancakes and then had to go back home). So of course, a dilemma had occurred in the matter of a few seconds. My mom started yelling ferociously at Patricia for holding up the line to the car because she wanted to sit in one spot instead of moving and making the “entering into the car” process proceed quicker. I disapproved of both situations. My mom was yelling unnecessarily loud to Patricia, and Patricia was being ridiculous as well. I kept my mouth shut in the situation and just let my mom do her thing and then we drove. She dropped off Matthew to his Elementary and then she dropped Patricia and I off to our Middle School. It was easy. As we entered the car driver drop off room, we saw Sebastian and Ally there; of course. So Patricia and I sat next to her. Sebastian, though, was sitting on the stands with his friend, so I decided not to bother their conversation. Courtney, my P.E. friend, had walked into the car driver drop off room, and I greeted her with a surprised face because this was the first time I had EVER seen her here. Though she looked at me weird and said “Hi”, “Bye” and then left, making Ally question me and have her say that I was being weird. I explained to her many times that Courtney was a good friend of mine, but she disagreed. Well that went well..

Finally when we left to our classes I greeted Jessica (the girl who liked me and I sort of liked back) and talked to her. Of course I did the normal “hug her” and then talk and then once she leaves I “hug her” and we departure to our own activities. I walked her to her class talking with her and then left to the “C” wing. Once I entered the “C” wing hall, I went to go order some breakfast and afterwards went to my homeroom class. I went to my locker and for the first time I unlocked my locker in one try. I knew how to do it, I just constantly messed up. Not that this was a huge thing, though, that I got the locker combination in one try, but it was nice and I thought I was slick for a few minutes until I went to my seat and we began looking at our test grades for Georgia Studies. After the whole process, I got an 80%. Honestly I probably would have gotten a 89% if some of the problems weren’t removed from the test (there were supposed to be originally 50 questions, but some questions got removed all the way till all was left were 35 questions), but then again, what the heck. I missed 7 questions out of 35 questions. Hopefully, my mom doesn’t read this part. 😛

I moved to Language Arts class, once Georgia Studies class ended, and had to take out my ‘Bellringer’ book for another review test of the vocabulary words we had to last week. I got a simple 100%, like last time. I was so boss at vocabulary. At least for this week. Then we had to do a review on the book “The Giver” we were reading. Surprising enough, we didn’t continue the chapters, but instead did a review from chapters 1-12 and did some vocabulary. I got a simple 92% grade because I missed two questions out of 25 questions. I am still disappointed, though, because I expected 100% or at least 95% or above. After that was done we left to our next class: Math. Another substitute teacher took place named Mr. Wiseman. It was male… Oh mah gosh! :O Nah, I’m just kidding. But he was nice and was not so intruding. Though, whenever he talked you could barely hear him. He wasn’t such a loud person, and whenever he caught people in class with cell phones he just smiled and walked away and then we tried to get serious and say for those who were STILL on the first page of the assignment (which a few had inherited) nobody listened and he even shooed himself back to the desk. Surprisingly enough, I was watched this and had my first experience with an actual good teacher. I joked with Andrew Peterson (the Andrew P I was talking about last post) and Manuel at the table so much and then the conversation had switched to Black Ops II Zombies. They began to bet each other on challenges to do, when all I did was listen and fit in a few more comments since I had watched the game being played, though I never played it.

We moved to lunch, enjoyed eating my food actually, and then our Principal had made an appearance in the lunch Cafeteria, announcing the best he could on the horribly amplified microphone about Creekland’s basketball team that won and the whole lunch Cafeteria went WILD. First time I used “bold”. xD Anyway, so yeah, they went berserk, and some other people were acting petulant and complaining that “nobody cared what the principal has to say, let us eat!”. I just ignored and continued eating while sitting next to Andrew, Manuel, and one of there other friends. It was funny. We made plenty of racist jokes that I dare not speak of here or else I would get in major trouble. But we had our fun. Emily, from Health class (wow, haven’t mentioned her O.o) saw me in the lunch tables (because our Math substitute teacher was taking a bit longer to eat his food, so I got to see a lot more classes leave and different classes come in) and sat next to me and said “HI” randomly. I smiled and then she moved to her own actual seat. Another friend of mine, who was actually from P.E. came past me and I did the usual greetings “Scrub” and he’d call me “Scrub” and then we’d delve into conversation, thought this wasn’t the case for the talking. I just called him “Scrub” and then he laughed and then we had to leave. I did my normal walk with Vanessa, her kissing her boyfriend, and then surprisingly I did NOT see Jessica at the lunch tables we usually passed. I was disappointed. 😦

Once we returned to our classes I managed to do 95% of the classwork, except for one page. But we did not need to do the classwork so I did not worry. Once Math class was finally over, I moved to Science. We took our actual Science test which, fingers crossed, I get a good grade on, or else I’m gonna die! Once we finished I left to homeroom class to finish off all the periods. Unfortunately, as my homeroom group was waiting outside the class because everyone inside the class was still looking attentively. Then while we were looking a girl in front of me called “Mary” looked at me and asked:

“Why do you smile all the time?” She said it seriously.

I answered, “I don’t know, I guess I just can.”

Then after the question had been answered I started thinking to myself, do I really smile all the time? I thought I was always emotionless or average looking, but before I could delve into my thoughts the class inside finished by an obvious stand up and putting stuff away in their backpacks. Mary pulled the door open impatiently, not allowing the students from the class to leave and instead just entering on will. I went to my locker but then realized I did not really have to go to it and then a guy who I knew opened his locker next to mines and said it was okay if I dropped my books into his locker, but then I denied. Though ironically, I realized 2 seconds after that I could drop my math book off to take some weight off, but then he closed his locker, so that was it. The class did its usual waiting and then we left to our connections. I went to P.E., greeted my friend with calling him “Scrub” he returned the favor, we dressed out in the locker rooms, then we began the actual P.E. with a test on Hockey, which we played all last week and this week. Turning it in, I felt nervous and did my best. Once we finished we did our usual warm-ups instructed by Coach Glousher. Can’t spell his name. D; Anyway, he gave us warm-ups, then we moved onto our sport for today and we played Texas Battle Ball. This time was special because I caught more balls and had knocked down two of the enemy teams’ goal balls and got two points. P.E. was victorious. 🙂

Then once P.E. finished up I left extra early after I dressed out and waited at the upper gym (I did P.E. in the lower gym) for Jessica and then once she came up to me I hugged her, her friend asked how we knew each other and then answered and then surprisingly my friend Andrew from church, like, long time ago in 2011 came up to me and was surprised to see that I was with Jessica and that she liked me and I liked her. It was a nice transition from P.E. to Health. Once I entered Health class I wrote my Bellringer, then the teacher announced that we were going to do the test. I did not have any notes for the class because I was absent and sick, so I copied off the side of my friend Shahnil. His handwriting was baad! xD Mrs. Heil noticed me doing this and asked if I was here on the day they gave the notes prior to the test, and I said no, so she sent me in the back with three others of whom I knew: Ethan, Alben (can’t spell his name properly either), and some other dude, and gave us other sheets of paper from others who actually took the notes so we could copy of them. We did not have to take the test which was relieving. Then eventually when Health class ended I left to the buses. We drove home happily and I had my fun. I’m sorry, I’m trying to summarize as much, I have to leave soon. 😛

Once I came home, after doing my usual talk with Sarah on the way to our houses (she lived in the house next to me, so we were literally neighbors), I got in trouble with my parents. They interrogated me and asked if I was using my blog privately without their acknowledgement I was doing so. I got in trouble when the truth eventually came out. I got punished, and then I studied. Don’t worry guys, she did not beat me. She just spanked me.. xD I knew it was for fun and she did not mean it to really hurt me, but at the same time it did hurt and she was trying to punish me for lying. Though I’m glad now I don’t have to hide that I’m writing a post. 🙂

The day ended after we did Bible Time and then now I’m writing to you. Wow, this post was longer than the previous one. Dang my days are full of information.. Anyway, have a great time wherever you are! Bye!


Oh and I forgot to add: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALLY!

-She probably ain’t reading this xD-

Florida’s Awesome So Far (Shorter Version)

Well, so far I have not been posting much at all lately. But, here it goes.

For the past days the whole family’s been staying at a condo in a neighborhood called Newcastle inside the city of Naples. So, far we’ve found out we have two public pools, Patricia’s friend Alexandra, Patricia and I are making an app, and that we have somehow found a way to bypass the problem with the internet in the condo with my dad’s convenient EVO. Oh yeah, and I finished the last Harry Potter book, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. It was such an awesome ending! Now, I’ve finally read a Harry Potter book that hasn’t come out in theaters, so I would have to imagine it through that way. I was able to imagine how the movie would be like. Though, I know for certain that the movie is not going to be as good as the book, as it has always been.

Well, let’s see how I can start this . . . I woke up around 5:20 or 5:30 and sneaked my laptop from the leaving room of our apartment. Since the floor was made of a very nice fabric that was soft and almost soundless, I was able to retrieve my laptop without making a sound. Since right now Alexandra, Patricia and I are currently in the business of making an app and we have to work up the designs, I decided to check out some cool features I had installed into my laptop from OpenOffice.

We All Feel Sorry For You Japan!

My mind has been pondering for a long time about Japan’s destruction. I’ve already written two posts (and this is my third post) about it. Will the madness ever end? Turns out, more breaking news comes on about Japan’s destruction, and it ain’t good. I’ll just though, go on with what happened.

As usual on a Sunday we get ready for church. Unfortunately, I woke up by accident around 4 or 5 in the morning. So, it took me awhile or a few moments to go back to bed, and trust me, you do NOT want me to tell you the dream. It’s a bit inappropriate. Anyways, after what felt like 45 minutes my mom woke me up at 7 AM, to get ready for church. Turns out we were really early for everything and that Patricia’s friend hadn’t called up. Though, I knew that dad and mom was still going to pick her up. Guess what though? I was wrong! For the first time thinking about my relationship with dad/mom and Patricia’s friend was WRONG. My dad said they weren’t going to waste time going to Patricia’s friend’s house to pick her up when she hadn’t specifically asked us to pick her up.

Ahh… sometimes I love my parents.

Anyhow, when we passed by Patricia’s friend’s house I just felt so happy. Though, I had an iTouch right next to me. So, I guess I had to use it, or I’d be like what the heck is wrong with me? I played Urban Ninja for about half an hour until we got to church. Turns out, we were really, really early. I mean so early that the thousands of parking spaces in first parking lot was almost empty. We’ve never seen that. We’ve always seen cars pile up the parking spaces. So, when we got inside, we caught up with my parent’s friends, and talked for a little bit. Well, actually, my parents and family talked to them, I went to my group and played foozeball. The place was nearly empty too, so, I got to play big time with some weaklings on Foozeball, and than challenged some teenage kids to a match. Though, I was losing constantly to them. Without Michael, I couldn’t win.

So, when Michael eventually came, when the people started crowding, we had to watch the ultimate masters of Foozeball kick butt left and right at people. Only, when worship was starting, the last group won. Which made me jawless. Anyways, I’ve forgotten to tell you that for the past week or two weeks our church has been talking about sex. Well, that was the subject. Last week we had to learn about sexual immorality and how to control it. This time, we learned about pornography. Seen it, been there. I knew what they were talking about. Not to sound like a pervert. So, after all of the church, we just went home, watched more news, I read my book for a little bit ti’ll I got to page 112. I watched the horribly made Mars Needs Mom trailer on a commercial. Honestly, the movie really sucks to me. Faces designed badly.

Eventually some grownups came over to do the group, and I beat the game Ghost Recon FINALLY. So, ya, nothing really much for you guys. But, we all feel sorry for you Japan! 😦

What A Saturday

Sorry, but I’m going to have to skip Friday’s post because I don’t think I have enough time for two posts. So, we’re just going to skip to Saturday.
Today is a new day. I wanted to go directly to the computer but my conscience was either telling me it wasn’t a good idea, or somehow I’m going to pay for it. So, I turned away from the computer in my sister’s room and went downstairs, I was hoping my mom would remind me of taking a shower in the morning, because I hardly ever shower except during the evenings. So, when I finished my breakfast and went back upstairs. My dad was in his work clothes comforting Anabelle. I’d just noticed she was awaken, and so was my mom.

When he was done snuggling her, he told me to load the dishes. I didn’t respond, but then he said it’d be best for mom, because I knew and predicted my mom was going to be really tired today. So, I loaded as fast as possible. I was able to finish loading, just before my mom could come downstairs. My sister (Patricia) and my only brother (Matthew) were already playing Mario Super Bros. When mom came downstairs, she was tired, as I expected. So, I let the hours stroll by, until Patricia’s friend decided to drop by and ask if she could come inside. I may do that to Simon, but nowadays he invites me inside before I can start thinking. It looked kind of embarrassing that we were being enthusiastic around Patricia’s friend. So, I acted as calm as I could be. When it came to the point where she had to leave, she asked if my sister (Patricia) and my other sister (Anabelle) to come to the Duluth Fall Festival.

I looked kind of jealous, but when it comes to coming with this specific friend of Patricia’s, I wouldn’t want to go, the other weird thing was the fact that she asked if I could come. I looked nervous, but was able to say a no. Finally they left, and it was just me, Matthew, my mom and the pizza my dad dropped off. When 4 pm hit I already finished 5 pizza slices and watched two movies: Zathura and Jumangi. My brother thought Jumangi was scarier. But, it was okay. When I came out Patricia was already home, though, I found no sight of her friend. So, I happily skipped toward Simon in the sand lump. He mentioned something about a new wrestling club that Savino was making (he’s a neighbor, basically). So, I thought about it, but then Savino walked up to me and asked if I wanted to join. He started saying about having to wrestle whenever he says. Then, he started being smart guy and all. I just ignored. When Patricia’s friend came she tried to get Patricia to get my mom to stay while I WAS TAKING A BATH. Weird, right? But, she wasn’t, thanks to my mom.

Afterwards, we did Quiet time, and um… oh yeah, I was able to finish Percy Jackson the last one today. Honestly, it ended so good, but left out some details I REALLY wanted to know in the next book. So, yeah, hoping for the 6th book to come out. Well, I’m sorry though it took a week to finish. I was more looking forward to finishing in 4 days, but I can’t tell the future can’t I?

My Flow Isn’t Working Neither Is My Memory

Well, I can’t remember specifically how everything worked because that today I was so distracted. Anyways, I woke up this morning, got up and brushed my teeth. I was having a enrichment elluminate around 9:00 am if I’m right. But, the problem was Patricia (my older sister) was having another elluminate at 9:30 am. I was too overwhelmed hearing that reminder constantly in my mind. Then, I wondered if I could use my dad’s laptop, though I broke it a few days ago (I didn’t mention it in the other post that was supposed to be before this because I didn’t want to publish it) and the other computer (that I use for fun) is not cable of using a microphone, so I’d just hope that today’s Earth Science wasn’t going to be long, and in my luck I was right. I quickly got off the elluminate so my sister could join in her elluminate. Later on, I did my GUM Unit Assessment, which I passed and then the Math Unit Assessment, which again I passed. For me Math wasn’t such a hard effort, because usually variables are just too easy to figure out.

Afterwards, I knew my mom was going to kill me because I didn’t do the Math enrichment when she specifically told me to do. So, I knew I was going to get it soon enough. Later then, I heard Simon call a few times when I was in the middle of Vocabulary, I decided to ignore it for 2 reasons. 1. I couldn’t answer the phone during school, unless it was one of my school friends. 2. I just didn’t feel like answering, though I kind of felt guilty. But, what the heck. Once I was hovering around my last subject, Nayyir (my school buddy) called, so we decided when I was coming over to his house.

We finally decided to plan it around Sunday, so, I became very enthusiastic for the first few moments. Soon enough, I got grounded because my mom figured out that I skipped the elluminate. So, I later on did some of my book writing, because I’m currently writing a book. But, I asked my mom just to make sure. And by accident the file got deleted, I think it’s because of my brother but okay. Right now I have to go. So see ya