I Nearly Get A Citation?! (Punishment)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new post. Of course, hello to the new people from allover the world. It always seems somebody from out of America is reading my blog or somebody IN America is reading it, so, hello! Hopefully you won’t have pedophile  tendencies for a 13 year old like me. Hehe. xD Anyway, here’s the video of the day! Enjoy!

It’s not really a song, well, it is, but it’s a parody rap sort of from ERB. I love them so much! 😀

So let’s start about the day! I slept graciously throughout the night up until my Mom woke me up and I had to get ready for school. When all my things and clothes were set up, my sister, Patricia, my Mom, and I waited for the bus. Usually the bus arrived at 8:40 AM, but this time it decided to be a little late and come around 8:50 AM. My Mom and I were a bit worried we missed the bus and that my Mom might have to drive us to school again, but luckily the bus arrived on time and when I went to my bus stop I talked with Erick and we both agreed that we thought we missed the bus. When finally we got on the bus, nothing exciting really occurred at that point. There WAS a lot of commotion and I seemed to be energized, but otherwise, not too much happened. I talked with Brian a lot and told Erick on the bus a fake story about how Brian and I sent an prank e-mail message to our Georgia Studies teacher. Of course it was a joke and not serious, but it was funny to think about happening.

I walked with Marquel to the “C” wing where finally Brian caught up with me and I picked myself an orange juice and a fruity tooties cup. It was all they had, at the moment, and plus I was really hungry. It seems like something good to eat, but trust me, the fruity tooties are stale. But on a worse note, when we began Georgia Studies class when homeroom was over we took a quiz. It was a 10 question quiz but technically, at the same time, a 9 question quiz because the 10th question was a question we did not go over and counted as a bonus point for those who wanted to try it out. Of course I did, because bonus points were always good, no matter what! When I finished I felt nervous. I was nervous for this one question and was hoping that I got a 100% on the quiz. That would have been really nice.

Language Arts was pretty interesting, actually. We had to a bellringer for class about a life-event diagram we did for classwork. Then we got our grades from the Poetry Quiz test and the Poem Homework test. Astonishingly, I got an 84% and a 100% on the homework. I was actually negatively astonished by the fact that I got an 84% because that was NOT acceptable in my family’s terms. 90% or above. What then finally reassured me was when the Language Arts teacher announced that I had the highest grade in the class. I guess that could count as an excuse for my Mom. Afterwards, for the last assignment in class, we did a classwork project involving a long piece of paper where we involve significant events that occurred in our lives from birth to our current age right now. I finished about 3/4 of the project within that allotted amount of time and then finished up the class.

Math was pretty easy too. The elimination method that we were learning in Math came pretty easy to mind, then, eventually, Andrew on my side, started talking about funny things which easily subsided me from focus. Luckily, then, it was only Notes we were taking in class and plus we got to go to lunch. I decided to sit with Andrew and his friend this time along with the ghetto/urban popular girls. I never really mentioned in my previous posts that when I sit with Andrew and his friend that I sit with those types of girls. I don’t really have a problem with any of those girls, it’s just that sometimes they annoy me. The lunch was nice otherwise. When the class got back from lunch our Math teacher announced that we were going to forget about the notes and forget about finishing it at this point and do our homework. This time, our Math teacher decided to take it up for today instead of having it wait for tomorrow. I wanted to prove to her that I could do this fast and easy, which was true, but lately I haven’t needed to do that. But I tried with my greatest effort. It became even more difficult because Shirlign, a girl I mentioned in my previous posts, turned to me and asked for help on her Math homework. It was easy explaining to her about what to do because all I needed to do was remind her, but she easily forgot. Somehow I managed to finish the whole homework while helping Shirlign with a few problems. Eventually, as well, Shirlign started telling us about this weird boy she had in her new “Health” connection and how he acted like a 5 year old in a fantasy world. Andrew and I laughed our butts off until they flew out the classroom. Lol.

Science, instead today, was crazy. We had a substitute teacher who immediately showed a lot of confidence in her work and whenever someone spoke in the class she gave them immediate citations. She announced all the work that we were supposed to do:

1. Do all vocabulary words on Chapter 8 (which consisted of 20 pages) including diagrams explaining the vocabulary words.

2. Answer reading check questions throughout the chapter (which ALSO consisted of 20 pages to study over)

3. Take a small review of the chapter.

All of this was to be done within the class time or else a referral or citation was going to be given to those who did not do their classwork. I could not believe this. All this work? When the substitute teacher–which she finally announced her name (Mrs. Dunkers)–asked if there were any questions, I answered back saying “I’m confused.”  She replied saying “With which part?” I replied, confused. “EVERYTHING!” Apparently I was somewhat rude to her and she decided to put me on the citation list. WTF? Like serious. I was answering your question. It was even more frustrating when people who were talking in the class time got about 3+ chance warnings and I got a citation off the bat. When I FINALLY finished the classwork and turned it in I asked if I could not have a citation on my list. She answered “Let’s see how you do when you leave.” At that point I decided not to do or say anything, except work. We had to do a major section review for the homework and I worked over 1 problem to only have the class bell rang. I’m guessing I don’t have a citation now.

Connections were barely any interesting. In P.E. we did not have to dress out in our Gym clothes, rather we went outside to the second story of the school building and went into the fitness lab to watch a fitness video. Drama wasn’t all that entertaining or exciting either. He just showed us a lot of information of kings and queens in during the time leading up to Shakespeare, which was the person we are going to initially study. Finally when class was over and I was to move to buses after the bus call, I went to the bus and went home. Unfortunately, I accidentally got seated with Erick and he happened to be mad, which resulted in a lot of him smacking my head and punching me. It did come to near point of bullying and abuse but it was all in simple fun and plus we smiled afterwards. Though he does need to know his limits and I have to eventually show to him that I’m not a wimp. Suggestions in the comments would be awesome. 🙂

The ride to home was not very eventful, honestly. Except that Bryan made a funny joke on the bus when defending me from Erick when he said that I was going to work at McDonalds my whole life. Bryan said: “This is you in the future: Plastic or Paper?”. The whole bus died laughing.

When I came home, I immediately when to Bryan’s house and started working the Science homework with him, then I came home. Then I did Bible time after I played the iPad and now I’m writing up to this point. Oh yeah, I don’t really mention this, but I am currently writing my book and today I finished chapter 2. So yeah, I’ll try to mention that. 🙂

Enjoy your time wherever you are! Bye!

Difficulties in Life . . .

Hey guys! Andrew here, bringing you another post! Thankfully my streak of being able to post daily is going well for right now, and this post is mostly going to be about a lot of drama going on in just one day in feelings and in school. So, enjoy my drama, I guess…

I woke up, as usual, except a little later around past 8:00 o’clock AM because I was not driving to school this time. So I slowly went through the day and put on my clothes and then whitened my teeth. Later then my mom had told me to scrub my face with face cleanser for my acne on my face and to take a shower. At first I did not feel like doing any of those two things, but then I came to agreeing with scrubbing my face, but I still did not wish to shower at this time early in the morning. Scrubbing my face with the face cleanser and then leaving it on my face for about 3-5 minutes, I then scrubbed it off my face with warm water and went to my room to get a jacket because today (in preparation) our teacher had told us we were going to be outside, so, just encase, bring a jacket. As I went into my room my mom went into my room too and then eventually she began asking if I scrubbed my face and took a shower. I told her boldly I did scrub my face but did not shower. Bad mistake. She yelled at me good and I felt she was frustrated because I had not been paying attention to her rules and listening to her. So, in remorse of my lazy decision, I went to take a nice shower. It was refreshing for me to have all the stench off me and have a new clean body. Once I finished showering my mom gave me a few ugly looks, but then got over her emotions. I got my backpack and so did my sister and then once the bus arrived, around 8:40 AM, my mom hugged my sister and I and then we left to the bus.

Once we arrived to school I got to see Avelyn at the entrance where the Inside Lane buses for 8th graders usually went. It was a first, I never saw him on the entrance because our buses were on different schedules, but this time our buses were held back because we had bus teachers coming on to our bus and testing us what each seat (which is called an alpha) was assigned to do. I didn’t know we actually had to do that? I thought we just had to ride a bus to school and back and that’s it! This school is weird…

So as I talked to Avelyn and then followed him all the way to his homeroom class, I gave my goodbyes to him and then went to my part of the “C” wing. Once I entered, I picked up a simple breakfast of a small carton of orange juice and then went to homeroom. The teachers introduced the grades of the class and trust me, most were at 75% or below. I was one of the few who was at 80% or above. I felt good, but 80% was still a low standard for my family… I DISHONOR MY FAMILY. XD Anyway, once they finished announcing grades, they also said that all straight A students who received a certificate from last week (didn’t get to mention it) had to go to the cafeteria. Once I got my agenda signed, I asked my teacher why did I have to go to the cafeteria, then she said: “You can sit.” and I sat. Then my friend Vanessa from across  mouthed the words to me: “You’re stupid!”. I did NOT know what just happened, but I felt something bad.

Once Homeroom class had transitioned to Georgia Studies, we began a new unit called the “NEW SOUTH” and we had to an AKS (not sure what that means) and take a few notes and then do vocabulary flash cards at home for homework. That was it pretty much, then we transitioned to Language Arts. It was interesting. We read about 2 1/2 chapters of “The Giver”. The book was getting sincerely interesting.. but we came to an abrupt end when we had to leave class. Then I transitioned to Math class and sat next to Andrew Peterson. Again, he’s the Andrew P I mentioned a few times in the recent posts. We had so much fun laughing at jokes that I could barely do my notes and focus. This time our real teacher, Mrs. Sauciunas, was back from her absence, and she easily noticed that I was getting distracted with Andrew. But gosh, Andrew is so funny, we have the best of times. 🙂 Then when we went to lunch I enjoyed the best lunch EVER. Can’t explain it right now; it’s a lot of food, that’s all I am going to tell you. I couldn’t even finish all of it. Then once we came back to Math class after I walked with Vanessa (she gave her hugs and kisses to her boyfriend) and gave my hug to Jessica, we finished up our simple Math notes and went to homework. Andrew next to me begged for my first part of the homework sheet since he said he wasn’t paying attention, but I needed it. So I denied, which was unfortunate for him, and I felt quite guilty for myself too. Once Math was over, I went to Science class and then we had our grades, from the Science test we did, graded. I got a nice 88% from just the individual test of 25 questions and then on top of that I’m soon going to get my accelerated grades added to my standard test, which is great! Plus my Science teacher, Mr. Dyches, agreed to give anyone with 80% or above grades Coca Cola or Mountain Dew. I took Mountain Dew of course.

Then I moved back to homeroom to drop off my things and then leave to connections. On the way, I talked with my sort of friend, Paige. A very pretty girl, gorgeous, but not exactly my type of personality. I don’t know why.. I mean I get along with her so well, plus she’s blonde, and she’s very charismatic, but I don’t know. I’m not sure about her. As we talked, we eventually separated as I went to the Lower Gym for P.E. and she went to the Upper Gym for P.E., then that’s when stuff started going downhill.

We had to go play outside for P.E. at the basketball court. There were options of playing “Gotcha!” or “4 square”. I played “Gotcha!” with my friend Avelyn, Parker, and Haven, along with their friends Christian and Luke. Eventually during the day, this girl called Danielle, a very fat and irritating girl, went up to Avelyn and started talking smack. What made it even worse was that she was fat, first of all, and then second of all, she had lisp, so I was very annoyed when she started cussing. I called her back a “b*tch” because she was beginning to bully my friend, and I was getting annoyed. Though Avelyn was tough enough to take care of himself, I defended him still. Then she turned to me and started calling me gay and saying Avelyn was my boyfriend was my boyfriend, which I seriously was irritated from. Then she started telling her friends and her friends actually came up to me, believing it, and asking if I seriously was going out with Avelyn. I told them no .. it was irritating! I’m going to report her to the teacher tomorrow. F*ck it. -.-

Then once P.E. was over, and the torments had come to their end, I left to my next connection: Health. Health was decent and plus I had my opportunity to take the Nutrition test. Funny thing is that I forgot EXACTLY what a nutrient and calorie was and a few other things. It was irritating as well. So I wrote what was logical and from memory and hoped I got something good. Fingers crossed. Then when Health came to its end I left to the bus and then had Erick and I fight and bully each other for fun. Then once others started leaving the bus, I had my fun with my friends and others and then finally arrived to my home. I told my parents about the grades but they were not certainly satisfied and the whole day was pretty bad. I’m not gonna say any SPECIFIC details, but it went pretty bad. My dad looked at my overall grades and he saw I had only Cs on most subjects and then As. But the only As were on Health and P.E. and not on the primary subjects. After my family and I stress-fully looked at the grades, my dad calculated the total grades and also the percentages and it did NOT add up. Plus I did not have ANY Math grades, which was weird. I should have had a few by now. So turns out I might not have any Cs pretty soon and some Bs now. Which are still unacceptable in comparison to Bs, but they are better.

Then we did Bible Time and trust me, the Bible just continued to get weird. There were rapes, killing, and eventually the word “whore” came into the Bible. Guys, trust me, you need to read the Bible. The WEIRDEST things will happen in the Bible as you read. Trust me. Anyway, so when we went to Prayer Time, I made a sincere prayer to God, in front of my whole family, saying I was fed up with the waiting. I’ve been praying for my dad’s business to go well and all I’ve been doing is waiting and nothing has been coming. I’ve been praying for better grades and I’m still not getting anything. So basically it was like a call-out. After I finished, my mom said she loved my prayer and that it came from the heart. I loved it to because I felt like I was actually speaking to God this time. So yeah…

Now all of the events have led up to this. I could explain more dramatic things that happened in my day, but that would make this post WAY too long. So yeah, anyway, enjoy your time wherever you are and bye!


Wise Crack Jokes

So, nothing really interesting happened today, except for the fact that I’m getting Semester Assessment tests tomorrow for Vocabulary. At first I wasn’t prepared, until they gave me this review on it, and I just reviewed those babies like no tomorrow, cause I don’t want my mom to come and figure out, and say how I’m decreasing on my grade levels. Man, I don’t want that to happen. That would be the last thing anybody would want to happen to them. So, afterwards, I was checking on Willow’s blog, like I always do on a daily basis. At one point, I started to feel kind of intrigued. I don’t know why, but I was intrigued. Yes it can be funny to say it while blowing bubbles. Anyways, I was working on my book, and I have to say I’m going through some easy steps in the book. Oh and yes, I do have to request something from Sammy that has to be related to the book.

When I finished writing for about 15 minutes, I continued with the rest of the school, and turns out, soon I’ll also have a Science Semester Assessment test. Very interesting, how school can pile up on you in just a couple of days. Afterwards, I had to go through a lot of elluminates today, I also heard that they’re changing their class names from Elluminates, to: Class Connect Sessions, or CCS for short. I loved the idea, I also liked the fact that Ms. Lauen, my homeroom teacher was introducing it to all 400 students in Grade Team H class. I think there are about 1,500 middle school students in total, and then there are 6,000 elementary students. I can’t be very precise at this point. So, when I finish my Math class, which turned out actually very boring because the teacher had to go through a lot of explaining, just like my old teacher Ms. Cathy Harper. So, I skipped class, well, I didn’t really skip, I just didn’t pay attention to it. I spent most of class time chatting with people on Facebook, and listening to some Three Days Grace music. It was a good mixture, afterwards, I took a Pepsi can, and drank it.

Just to make me feel good about myself, since I was technically skipping class. Oh and there was this funny thing, somebody knocked/rang on my door, luckily, my mom was sleeping at the time. I answered the door, and there was there was this hot chick standing right in front of me. I think she was about 13 or 12, don’t know. At one point, she asked if I was the guy who performed the Christmas Canon Rock song with Simon, I nodded awkwardly. She told me her name was Tammy, and she gave me 40$ for my performance. I was surprised I actually got band money, I’m almost going to 300$ in my budget. She gave a hearty grin, and I said thank you. She walked away, but just before she was out of my site, I asked her if she was supposed to be at school, and she said she was homeschooled, now I was wondering real hard if she meant she went to my school, or if she was just homeschooled like I was in the old days. I don’t know. Oh and you will love what else happened to me today.

I went on Myyearbook, only Nayyir, Elizabeth and I know about it, so don’t worry if you think you’re excluded. So, when I was on, I saw 1 flirt, which I always get flirts from girls. But, this was the funniest flirt, AND Oh My God I need to put it here for you.

“Im sure you get this all
the time, but damn u are
cute, at least to me u
are lol

id love to do scrazy
things with you…. im
just in the mood lol

hotassdsun at yaho0 is
where you can hit me up
if you feel like gettin
down and dirty with me ;)”

I was surprised to hear that from somebody who I haven’t even known, so, I sent her a friend request just so I could send her a message. I said this.

Okay, what time?
Which mud pile should we go to.
I know one that’s very dirty.
Oh you wanna wrestle?
I’ll go easy on you. :D.

It was so fucking hilarious. 😀 Afterwards, I started making some Wise Crack jokes too during Bible time, and mom and dad didn’t really like it. I wanted to say something, and then it became a logical joke, my mom started cussing me out, and I said how come my sister Patricia and my brother Matthew were allowed to say jokes, and she said because they don’t know anything. I was so angry at the moment, so at one point, when Bible time was done, I went upstairs, and read Harry Potter, right now I’m at page 213. I’m progressing pretty good, you have to admit that. 😀

What I’ve Done!

Well, this morning I woke up around 6 to start working on the computer, because I was having a elluminate early today. After I was done doing my computer stuff I was getting ready to meet my Language Arts teacher for the first time. Though, I hope that he/she is going to be enthusiastic about teaching me or the rest of the class. Anyways, when I was about to start, my sister (Patricia) came downstairs sleepy, her eyes were scarcely open. She looked as if she had just been pulled out of bed and thrown onto the ground. In the next few minutes my dad then came downstairs as well, then I realized my dad was the one who woke my sister (Patricia). Soon enough, I started the elluminate. The first few minutes were luckily enjoyable, especially the part when our teacher said Reading was also her favorite subject. Then, we started going on and on and on about similes, alliteration, metaphors, hyperboles and onomatopoeias until I had just realized I was really fond of her.

That’s when I decided she was going to be my 2nd favorite teacher. I was happy for the rest of the day until I realized my school plan was giving me every subject I had except for Composition (which is a lesson that teaches you how to write portfolios of your own, paragraphs, persuasive, narrative and an informative paragraph). Now you gotta admit, that’s pretty dang hard. Though what made things even worse was the fact that the elluminates pinned my time down to 1:21 and I’d barely done anything except Strategies For Success (which is most of the time optional) and Vocabulary. Luckily, out of all that time I learned a couple of Greek words: Omne corpus nutabile est and this other word, but, I can’t really remember. Oh well. Soon enough I ran outside to look at Patricia’s cucumbers, and my my my, they’ve grown since the last picture I posted. Anyways, here’s the picture of my sister’s cucumber, since your looking so much forward to seeing one.

Afterwards, I started working on my Social Studies. I had to write this kind of report paper which shouldn’t have been just for a lesson. It should have been for a Unit Assessment or something. It took me like 29 minutes to finish the Geographical writings and pictures of Canada and then 45 minutes to finish the Government writings because I had to get two pictures and write autobiographies of them. Then it took me an hour to get done with the landscape. It was all so complicated. I was taken off my time a lot, so I took all my work out and started studying my other subjects. Here’s a picture of my work space when I was studying like crazy. It may not look like a lot, but the pressure was too big. Later on, I was starting to go outside and get active. After that, which I can’t remember we had quiet time, except I was reading the bible.

It was awesome, also Simon (my other neighbor) came to our house to get the check for his foundation. Well, luckily, everything was in set, except that I had to skip my Pre Algebra lesson. But, my mom’s going to soon figure out anyway. So, yeah. Nice day to you all.

The School Was Too Packed!

When I woke up this (yesterday) morning, my hair was distorted, allover the place. For me, it’s very uncomfortable to have my hair messed up. It’s like shampoo stuck on my head that never wanted to get off. Literally, it was uncomfortable. Once, 8 o’clock hit, I started school. Math if I’m right. But, when I was just in the middle of the student Guide (the material giver, Skills update and warm up page) dad said I had to load the dishes. Well, loading+my dad giving details took an hour off my time. Finally, I finished my Math I had to do today and yesterday.

Afterwards, I finally did Science, took about half an hour to finish because I was studying on some special kind of soil, um… I think it was Soil profiles. Yeah, it was that. Then, I did Social Studies, my sister BEGGED me to play with her, but I needed to finish school and it was already 12:32 pm. So, I just ignored her. After that, it was time for a break, but, unfortunately, it had to be cut short because of time process. So, I did GUM, which luckily I only did the Assessment (well the school [Georgia Cyber Academy] recommended I do the Assessment, so, lucky me). Afterwards, the rest of school took me 4 hours to finish. I was an hour late for Soccer practice. After a jog, I watched Secrets From a Stylist. Funny, because never watched Design Star, so she’s unknown to me.

We were about to start a Soccer Game when one of my neighbors wanted to join in. But, I just wanted him to watch. But, instead Matthew disobeyed the order and we had to play with our neighbor. I got angry, but I let it go just to keep my cool. Later on, Simon joined, after that I didn’t even notice where Nicholous was, it was pretty weird. My team lost (for practice) by 2 points. Matthew and Patricia’s team won by 2 points. Lol. Finally we went inside, to cool down our sweat and watch some TV. After that, we did Quiet Time (basically this Bible Reading [we picked Quiet Time, because it referred to being quiet while reading the Bible] we do every night). So, yeah, we fell asleep. Oh and my fish, they’re doing great. Sorry I can’t get a picture. We’re thinking about getting a better fish tank.

Oh and my dad got a job today by doing a test. YES!! We are a few steps close to moving closer to the friends I’ve known since I was little. Not that I don’t have some good friends in this neighborhood, it’s just that I would like to move away. We’ve lived here for like 9 to 8 years and I feel like moving. Thank God and my dad for this wonderful day. :mrgreen:

“Magic Soup” Vault 213 (Part 6)

Is Rukimaya ever going to settle at this point? I don’t think that’s going to happen, because Rukimaya already has a lot of things on his mind. In the meantime, Rukimaya’s parents got back from work. They were devastated when they saw their house destroyed, that house was about $813,012. Though, they had enough money to pay another 4 houses, so why worry?

While Rukimaya’s parents were taking care of the problem, Rukimaya was wanted. So he ran away, there was no place for him to stay. The only place was Vault 213, the most dangerous place in Japan. Rukimaya prayed to God to protect him, he grabbed the Bible and read when Daniel was forced to stay in a den with lions. Until God’s angels protected Daniel. Rukimaya was very sad he had forsaken God for so long, he knew it was his time to die in Vault 213. Besides, Vault 213 was an impossible place to live in, unless you are a caca cole’r or any other ocean beast. Rukimaya felt so stepped on and he didn’t like it. He wanted to bring war to the president. But, God’s angels came up to him and told him he will never feel good about killing someone. It’s best if you let the president live on and feel the greed he has put on. Rukimaya believed God’s angels knew what they were doing, so he went along with it.

Rukimaya wanted nothing to do with the president. He was about to thank the angel, but he disappeared. Then, Rukimaya heard something in the closet, he went closely to the closet and and opened it softly. Rukimaya found nothing in it, just a bunch of clothes. Then, the noise came from somewhere else, Rukimaya was scared. Since it was about 1000 years later from now, the creatures were real. So you couldn’t assume you had the paranoia problem. Ha! Rukimaya found one caca cole’r, it was working for some reason. It usually doesn’t work, it trys to find food. What are they up to?