An Aggravating Sunday (O.M.G)

Oh my God. I haven’t been this aggravated, ever, on a Sunday. It’s just very abnormal. Irritating. Mostly aggravating. But, besides all of my rambling and ranting, it’s gone very well in the end. Let’s just hope tomorrow ends the same, except for the aggravating beginning.

We weren’t going to the same church we would usually have gone to, whenever we were over at Suzanna’s house. This time, we were going to a community church, to try something new for a change. I think it’s because my mom and dad just don’t get the same flow from Suzanna’s church as they do in North Point Community church. I would agree under some small circumstances. Unfortunately, to my least expectation, this was the biggest and widest area church I’ve ever seen. There were many large corridors in the small buildings and there were many different buildings in the area for each separate grade level such as high-schoolers, middle schoolers and elementary students. The middle school building was rather big and had much more things than I had anticipated. Once the light-brownish headed woman (as I predicted was in her teenage years) had pulled my dad and I into the building, I was amazed by the architect and all the beautiful colors. There was one room filled with lot’s of tall looking girls (it made me feel nervous), and a kitchen, along with a big flat-screen TV. Eventually, when the light-brown headed girl was chattering and giggling with the other girls, they led me up a huge stair case towards a bigger 3 story building.

It was really big. There were several flat-screen TVs that owned an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in them. I ignored them reluctantly, since I wasn’t in the mood for video-games. There were 3 groups of kids, well, not much actually. There were these 2 kids that the teenager had led my dad and I too. They looked nerdy and sort of ugly. I’m sorry if I was being judgmental, but, you’ll see why. I was forced to play Pool with them. I was good in general. Not an expert as I had expected . . . but I was pretty okay. Though, they kept calling each other retard, and eventually insulted me. I’m sorry for being too emotional, if that’s what you think . . .

So, eventually, when there was no one to escort me to the Worship area, I had to figure out whether or not where I was supposed to go, and wander. Everybody laughed at me, and so did those nerdy lunatics. Some guys that I had just seen earlier also was throwing rubber bands. An emo blonde headed chick kept staring at me periodically. The preacher was really speaking inappropriately about giving birth of the baby and I thought the details were rather uncomfortable, and plus, to the girls’ excitement, they showed a picture for a slideshow of a guy, without his shirt flexing all of his abs and muscles. They were all saying awwww and that sort of crap. So, that leads to my unsuccessful day. The day went on pretty boring because when we went to Best Buy, there were barely any good products, and that the stupid laptops didn’t have any internet connection. We went home afterwards . . . rest of the day was crap. I don’t know how to put in words.

I felt so lonely, we went to the park, I felt like crap. Than we went to Cici’s Pizza. There was a 7th grade looking girl with dark-skin and long black hair who kept at staring at me dreamily . . . it helped my mood, especially when I had discussed with my mom on my standardized needs to please other people, at the pharmacy. It was a good day in the end . . . I guess.