Some More Stuff About Me

Okay, this may seem weird, writing another page that’s kind of about me. But, I didn’t really have the time to put most of the information in the about page. But, I was able to get through making another one. So, moving on to what’s about me. I really dislike sexists and stereotypes. I love using the computer. I really don’t feel comfortable seeing people in their ugly form because it makes me sad to know what we’ve done to ourselves that effected others. I hardly ever enjoy Social Studies. I’m allergic to cats which sucks. I get very sensitive around big dogs unless I know them very well. I’m heavily affected by emotions. I tend to yell at my brothers and sisters whenever they annoy me.

I for some reason feel special whenever I either see a girl watching me from time to time, follow me or I hear from her friends she personally likes me. I love action packed movies like: G.I.JOE, 2012, Avatar and Terminators Salvation. I LOVE reading books and I also adore writing a lot. One of my dreams would be to write a book, and make it so good that it ends up being a motion picture. My worst nightmare would be the end of the girl race. Lol. I have only two best friends out of the 70 or 80 friends I have. I get very competitive whenever I’m told I can’t do something. I’m usually mistakened as a lady on the phone, believe me, I’ve been told that several times. I love Sweden, Japan, and Great Britain. They’re my favorite places in the world. My least favorites are Canada (I love Canadians though) and Australia. I’m a holy Christian, not one of the religious ones. I can be really easy to make friends with. My favorite subject as you know is Reading and my least favorites are ELA and Math. I can be very rude or arrogant at times.

5 comments on “Some More Stuff About Me

  1. Chamomile says:

    Gosh, I wish I would have had that information eialrer!

  2. karmami says:

    Well noting from this post, the reviews are in are a normal young adult except for the fact that one of your less favorite places is Canada….Lol

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