My Fears, So Don’t Use Them!


I had an old list before, but I decided to change it cause most of the fears were wussy fears. xD Let the fears BEGIN!

#1. I’m afraid of Kate from the Paranormal Activity movies.

#2. I’m scared of dark figures in the dark.

#3. I’m afraid to go to my new attic alone.

#4. I’m afraid of possibly damaging my body for life (always stay careful, kids. xD)

#5. I’m scared of jump-scares (they always get me. xD)

#6. I get scarred for life whenever I see gruesome images.

#7. I get scared of suspenseful movies.

#8. I get easily paranoid whenever an anonymous person calls me when I’m alone.

#9. I get scared when I see a person standing still in the dark.

#10. I’m afraid of the Fire Face from Insidious.

#11. I get normally crept out by scary, un-normal, disfigured, bloody clowns.

#12. I’m afraid to go the Netherlands Haunted House (I’m a wussy.. -.-)

#13. I’m afraid of my father raising his voice unnaturally out of the blue.

#14. I get scared/annoyed by scarecrow monsters.

#15. I get paranoid EASILY, when reading scary books.

#16. I’m afraid of divorce in the future with the one I love. (Lol.)

#17. I’m afraid of my family going bankrupt and having to live on the streets.

#18. I’m scared of my parents going into a divorce.

#19. I would be terrified and cry if any of my siblings/parents died.

#20. I would hate/be scared if my best friends died (Michael, Mary-Kate, Mapy, John, Savino, Cavion, King, Nicholas, Simon, Aziayahs [I can’t spell his name xD], etc.)

And yeah, that’s basically it! I don’t have much fears, but if I develop one, I’ll update here. 😉

127 comments on “My Fears, So Don’t Use Them!

  1. nayyirnensi says:


  2. mary says:

    hey my b-day is in october!!(its not my fav month either i like december):)

  3. mary says:

    oh BTW wat ruth just said it was actually me i let ruth use my computer for a sec on the blog so the party stuff and all that was me lol 🙂

  4. mary says:

    lol 🙂 🙂

  5. roxy189 says:

    The new wolf- man, or the old one?

  6. Capatin says:

    Thanks for the inisght. It brings light into the dark!

  7. connor says:

    hello andrew its me connor from 5th grade we were friends remember?

  8. Haven says:

    i will remeber these at PE

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