Naming The Fishies!

Since our fishes haven’t been named, and we’ve kept them for over a year or half a year, we decided to name our cute fishes. Though, only Matthew and I were the only ones with valid time to name them. I have named the two only red fishes Swimmy and Swimmy Jr. Swimmy Jr. is skinnier than Swimmy and Swimmy has a huge stomach. Matthew named the 2 green and tiny fishes Ronner and Conner. The smallest green fish is named Connor, and the medium sized one is named Ronner. So, there you have it, we’re just waiting for our sisters and probably our parents to name the rest. 😀

A Girl Has A Thing For Me

Let me just say that today was pretty fucked up. I am also glad to hear that Willow’s posting some more interesting posts, and that Sammy is back from her vacation in Florida, plus today is the last day of 2010. Can’t wait? Yes, I could really wait. Anyways, today when Daniel, Michael, my brother, and I slept in the bonus room, I had to vaguely and reluctantly wake up and have to tolerate with Michael’s pitiful slaps in my face to wake me up. Honestly, before I used to be an early bloomer. Now, I just sleep in until I feel I’ve slept too much, or until someone wakes me up. I guess Michael was the only one left upstairs, while Daniel and Matthew already put their clothes on and went downstairs to eat breakfast. So, I had to groan a lot, and then at one point pull my head up. At this point, the only thing that would keep me away from boredom would be starting on the 4th Harry Potter book. I mean, the last time I told you I read a lot, is because I was reading the book while watching TV. Which distracted me, so I decided to start the whole thing over. Unfortunately, my stomach was too hungry I was only able to read 4 pages of the book.

Voldemort now seems to creep me out, plus now that Harry Potter is defined differently by his looks, I imagine him as an Asian somehow. Not, that I’m trying to be rude or anything. But, it’s seeming more and more like that. I patched on some clothes so I wouldn’t have to go downstairs in my boxers, which only Daniel does at his mom’s house. I went downstairs, and immediately, grabbed a set of Trix cereal. The cereal seems to not occupy your mouth much. I was kind of hoping for that sweet taste to occupy my mouth. Later on, I went back to playing Band Hero, with Daniel. Unfortunately, my guitar skills don’t work on Band Hero. I only work good with the drums. Afterwards, I got bored of the game, and quickly rushed outside with Daniel, we played with Daniel’s dog, Rebel. He’s a mix of Border Collie and Husky. No wonder I love him so much. 😀 Later on, Daniel and I found the emo girl, or she just accidentally ran into us. Daniel was confused when I said “great party wasn’t it?”. She answered a little boringly in her British accent, or I think it was French. Didn’t know the French could be emos.

After we were done talking to her, we went over to Hunter’s house, and how we met, didn’t really do good. He had no pants on, so he had to answer the door with his shirt over his legs. Daniel laughed at him, I only smirked, and Hunter grinned. We had to wait about 30 minutes for him to come out. Once we got him out, we starting acting like people that were escaping from the big monster in Cloverfield. It was fun until some more birds started pecking us again, we went inside, had some lunch, than went back outside, today there was a larger crowd. The same people, except just some more people: Colby, Bryce, Colin, Kyle, Danny, Jack, Madison, Hunter, and Daniel and I. Michael was too busy excluding himself from the world, and playing video games. At one point, when it was just Bryce, Hunter, Colby and me, there was this girl that was eying me. I went up to Michael’s house, which ended up to be the neighbor of the girl, who was eying me, house. OnceI got in the backyard, she just kept spying at me constantly, at one point she said “I LOVE YOU!”. Hunter heard it, almost everybody heard it.

Hunter tried to make fun of her, and me too, that we were in love, and I just couldn’t stand it, yesterday I dance with a girl, and I still love another girl, now a girl loves me, and I still love another girl. What the hell is wrong with my cuteness???!!! At one point when we went inside the girl just went inside and gave up on me staying outside. Later on, Bryce broke the drums for Band Hero which pissed me off big time, and Mr. Kristian, basically Michael and Daniel’s dad, said that they were in trouble and responsible. Not such a good time to mess with their dad if I were you. Oh and I read the Harry Potter book successfully far, I’m at page 112 pages. 😀 Oh and Happy New year BTW.

Christian + Michael + Daniel Is Sleeping Over

Yes, this day was awesome, and I thank you all for still waiting on my blog, and immediately commenting on my new recovering posts. Who had a great Christmas? Wait. Christmas passed. Okay, before this post is going to start, I will want to ask you to first write in your comments what you will be doing for New Year. Well, I have a post about last year’s new year, might wanna check it out if you missed it. But, don’t worry about commenting on it, it has enough comments.

Okay, what really happened today was this. I first woke up having a huge headache, or a brain ring. It would basically pinch my ear and make a huge shrieking harmonic noise. So, during the day, I had to keep my head near Feefee (which is our Hamster’s name) and worked on my book. Okay, I’m starting to feel like I’m actually having some success in my book. Sophisticatedly, I used words that I before didn’t make sense of, until now. It’s weird. But, I don’t want to lose the feeling. So, um… I also got Mary Kate’s phone number. I’m not sure why that’s important, but I guess that was important. I worked some homework just for fun after receiving her phone number. Soon, I’ll have exams, and I need to get ready. So, I got studying on the hardest parts of Pre-Algebra. Geometry. I passed the unit already, but I’m reviewing just encase. Afterwards, I also finished my Harry Potter book yesterday (December 27, 2010). So, I started reading the 4th Harry Potter book (The Goblet of Fire). I’m starting to feel really disappointed with the 3rd book (The Prisoner of Azkaban). The movie was totally different from the book.

I just really felt dissappointing. So, I just continued on with the 4th Harry Potter book. Unfortunately, I only got 30 pages through in a minute because Christian rang my doorbell, or did he? Cause, he just walked up to me in surprise. So, me and him were training. Christian after 4 years of being away from the guitar is still good, and I am still good even though I’ve been playing for 3 years on the guitar. Afterwards, the snow was melting, and everything got blurry, Christian and I also went into a graveyard far from our neighborhood, passed our neighborhood creek, and then in the forests. Fortunately, the graveyard was not there, and behind us was this Mexican guy. Sorry for putting people in categories, because I couldn’t tell anything besides the fact that he was Mexican. We had to hide behind trees, so the guy wouldn’t notice us. Plus, the guy had a shock gun. I than thought about calling the cops, but the guy already shot a bullet toward a tree. We already figured that he knew we were here. At one point, I did the most craziest thing……….

I walked from behind the guy, and knocked him down. He wasn’t that tall, so don’t think I was invincible. Christian punched him, and I pulled the guy’s shock gun, which felt really heavy. Shot him in the stomach. It was such a loud effect. Christian and I ran, later on, mom said we were going to Walmart, and said we could bring Christian over, so, we had to go to his dad’s house, and ask him for permission. He could, and I guess it was pretty awesome. Later on, we had the idea for Christian to sleepover at my house, which to my thought at first, was CRAZY. But, at one point I agreed. BTW, Christian has only had 1 sleepover in his life. So, both of our parents agreed, and he was sleeping over. But, what made it better, was the fact that when I was in the middle of playing Raining Blood from Slayer, Michael and Daniel were sleeping over for two days, and then I was sleeping over for two days at their house. Christian and I were so amazed, we went like crazy. So, when Michael and Daniel came, all we did was play Assassin’s Creed. Not Brotherhood unfortuantely. I loved the game.

We also stayed up all night last night. I tried to finish reading the 4th Harry Potter book. But, I had really no time. I tried to make a horror scene during the sleepover. So, if you want to figure out REALLY what we did staying up last night, you’ll have to check next post.

Thinking Like A Scientist

Today was very interesting. I finished Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. Now, I’m moving on to Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Anyways, I missed you all. Not being able to post anything was a lot of rubbish I had to go through in my head. Oh and another thing, if you check this post (below) you’ll notice I wrote down my brochure. It wasn’t in the best quality as the power point, but it was the best I could put on my blog without trying to figure out how to attach files through computers. My scientific brain started working after I stopped listening to my week’s favorite band Godsmack. I’m not sure if that threatens God. But, I like the band’s messages and song. They also look awesome. Trust me. Any who, I sent my travel brochure in. And now I feel like a scientific thinker with all the thought I’ve put in. At that point, I decided to do a little research on erosion and rehaliabation on rain forests.

I also was lucky enough not to study such a hard Science lesson to my luck. I only had a Social Studies project that was so easy to finish, and a Literature Unit assessment test, plus I went into another Semester in Math because yesterday (December 12, 2010) I had to take a semester test, which wasn’t that hard to cry or tear about. Though I took some notes for today’s Math lesson. Which made it like 3 hour flew by, so I constantly checked the timer to see how long it took my to write down notes. I forgot to mention that we’re (which I’m referring to 6th graders) having exams around January. I heard my friend are having them around December. So, lucky me. I learned how to play Ozzy Osbourne’s song Crazy Train. Or at least the intro. I want to learn how to play Raining blood from Slayer. 🙄

School was finished in a jippy today. I also found a picture of my family and I under my church’s Christmas tree on Sunday. So, I decided to put it up. Check it out. It wasn’t really that nice with my red nose, almost as red as Rudolph and Matthew’s dumb and glum look. Patricia was giving a good look, but Anabelle kind of gave an awfully awkward look. So, um… my aunt sent me pictures of her at Chattanooga. Well, she lives there, it’s just that she visited a certain cabin in Chattanooga. I loved the pictures dearly. Unfortunately, whenever I upload them through WordPress it becomes real small. So, it’ll take me awhile to upload them, and make it big. Oh God, Mary Kate (not Mary Wexel) decided to make a new blog.

And don’t worry about Unknown or Jigsaw. They’re not our problem anymore. Me and Mary Kate took care of that. So, um… yeah, I also had to help my sister, Patricia, on her portfolio about technology and how it helps, which is due December 15th. Yikes. Could she have been warned a little sooner. Well, I helped her. And unfortunately, I could only make her laugh because of the stupid grammar, and spelling problems she had constantly in her papers. Well, dad was able to manage that problem. I still kept ringing over her head about how she’s able to do the most impossible math problems so easily, and she can’t even spell notice. 😀 I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. Jolly good movie. And um… yes, I’m trying to remember what else happened. Oh yes, I figured that our Hamster is hibernating. That’s probably the reason why it’s digging underground constantly. Lol.

An Overwhelming Day For Me

I finally found my camera cable… 🙂 so now I can put some pictures for you on my posts. That’s actually the reason why I changed the theme, because I think this theme supports pictures a lot better than others. Anyhow, I got up from bed and started imagining about me going to a concert in Detroit, or maybe Los Angelos to perform my band. It was one of my dreams to perform on a big stage and make music history. It was the part that was most important in my heart. My wish. Ah… don’t know how long I haven’t wished for something. Haha, maybe 4 years. I don’t know. Once I got awaken properly, and went downstairs, I started on reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. So far, I’m at page 60. I guess 380 more pages to go. The book was interesting. It was proven that the books so far were better than the movie. Though, if you haven’t seen the movies of Harry Potter, you’d think that most characters in Harry Potter were ugly.

Constantly, during the reading, I heard Matthew, and Anabelle making several rambunctious sounds that made me want to yell at then like crazy. Probably wondering though, how come Patricia isn’t involved? Well, I got news for you buddy. She’s at work with mom. Which gave me enough free-time from Patricia. Now. To figure a way to get the rest of my siblings away. 😈 Unfortunately, I felt guilty about not taking care of my brochure. I haven’t even started. I mean, I know the standards, and the rules, but they didn’t tell me the most practical things. 1. They didn’t tell me if I was supposed to write the damn thing on computer or paper. 2. I don’t know how to send it. As long as I know those two things, I’m set. Anyways, I took some pictures of the Hamster. It looked so cute.

Sorry for the second picture being so bright. I know, it looks horrible. I have to update my pictures more often. Oh and that car my dad got was still hovering around. So, I thought I might also take a picture of it. It’s a 2000 something, something. I can’t remember. But, don’t be fooled by what you see, it’s actually in the best quality yet for a 10 year old car. 😀

Throughout the day, I spent time outside with an arrogant prick, and then a stupid neighbor. But, I had to put up with it somehow. Because my bb gun wasn’t working for protection. That’s when my mom said to have some special Ramon noodle soup, so that we can go shop for the new gun for Matthew and I. I was surprised. Once I got it, it was amazing, I felt powerful again. Just for about 3 minutes though, until Savino had to start getting a little selfish and showing off. I didn’t have time to deal with his shit. So, I had to pay mom 27$ for MY bb gun. And also for a special receipt. I don’t know. Matthew had to pay something for I don’t know what. And Patricia had to pay for popcorn because we were going to see Despicable Me. It was a little overwhelming, so I became a bit aggravated. I told mom since that the movie wasn’t going to start in 50 min, we should go to our local Barnes and Nobles. And man, what a surprise I met there. I met Douglas, and his sister there, along I found the Red Pyramid. YA!! It was like Heaven.

Later when we watched Despicable me, *watching it* IT WAS AWESOME!!! I have to say the best movie of the year for me. It felt a bit awkward at the beginning, but it was really awesome. Oh and BTW, we watched the movie at the Dollar Store.

I Can’t Trust My Family

Today was a bit obligated and restraining for me. I just wanted to snap to let go of my restrain. But, you can’t really snap at your family can you? Especially when there are lots of them. In the morning I was expecting the hamster to go loose. Instead I just went directly to the computer. Unfortunately, my sister (Patricia) came downstairs, and found the hamster was not in it’s place. I gave out a slight sigh and went to work. It took time for me to weight lift all the couches, since I had to lift them yesterday as well. Until mom came downstairs to help, I lifted the easy couch, and Patricia found it. Mom and Patricia lifted the couch while I grabbed the little rascal. Afterwards, we went to our own work.

Earth Science class was okay. Turns out, one of our Science teachers has tooth cancer, and now has to take surgery after class. I guess there’s no more Science tomorrow, especially no more chat. I’m just wondering if our other teacher will be able to fill in for him. While that was happening, I decided to get off the computer (still leaving the class on) and go check on the fish. Man, I really haven’t spent any of my time with those little fishes. Unluckily, they got too much food, so they… pooped, a lot. I’m wondering if I’m going to clean it out tomorrow, or get mom to do it. Well, it was hovering around the end of class, so I started patch things up. I got back in class, and chatted with Elizabeth and Mary. There like the only two girls I can really count on chatting with. Lol. Once chat was done, I checked on our little dwarf hamster, and it is as cute as ever. It would even let you pet him, and he wouldn’t even turn back.

Though, I kind of wanted a gerbil, or guinea pig since they live longer, and they’re bigger. On the other hand, I forgot to mention you the name, my mom, two sisters and brother came up with. Feefee. It’s a nice name for a girl hamster. Well, I looked at the forms for the hamster, and got a lot of info on it. I wanted to skip Social Studies, and watch the little hamster camp out in one of the tubes. Unfortuantely, you my conscience insisted I did. Well, I got on for about 3 minutes, and got bored. So, I happily exited out of the class, and skipped Social Studies. I got to my work as quick as possible. We were studying on the depression and wars that Europe faced. Unfortuantely, I was supposed to do that yesterday, but I couldn’t because my computer was going haywire. So, I just completed the lesson and continued with the rest of school.

Math was really easy, and so was the class (even though I wasn’t paying attention to the class 🙂 ). We were supposed to be studying in class about something with proportions, or probably just a review on decimals. couldn’t really remember. The teacher made it awfully, boring. So, after class I got my Math lesson done. I was studying on multiplying fractions, or was it multiplying MIXED fractions? I really don’t know. I just remember that I passed it, and it was easy. I hate it when it becomes so hard, and get bored when Math becomes so easy.

Reading was oddly boring. I didn’t even read because the books the school assigns me with are just… not my type. My mom enjoys reading books about romance and all that (just not the Twilight romantic books), while my dad likes reading about education, or probably about languages. I, on the other hand, enjoy reading Fantasy books. That’s why I borrowed to read Pendragon, and so far it’s interesting. Though, I wish I could pick the pace, just like I did with the Percy Jackson series. I finished like 100 pages in those books. 😛 Later on, we had to go to some stores to buy for charity, and get some powder for my dad’s spiritual food. Unfortunately, when we got to Dollar Tree, Patricia’s friend was there. They even arrived with us at the same time. And out of the blue, they say they came here to buy for charity. That’s odd. Why they shop at THIS specific store? That’s what I’m questioning… I kind of thought they were stalking us. We finally left, and found their car right next to ours in the parking lot.

Okay, it’s official, they were stalking us. I told my mom and sister about it. Of course I always have my stupid, good for nothing, sister say it’s not true, and defending her friend like she’s her sister (and like her friend treats her good). My mother didn’t trust me. Nobody really trusts me on anything I say about Patricia’s friend, unless it’s positive. My family makes want to puke. They don’t wanna hear anything I say at all, if it’s bad. I officially knew I can’t trust them. They have been influenced, and they can’t believe me, well, I’m not going to stand for it.

My Lips Are Numb

I can’t post at all at my regular schedule. What’s wrong with me? I only have to 2 solutions to my problem. 1. I’m probably waiting ti’ll the last moment to publish a post, or that I don’t get enough sleep. Well, according to my sleep record. I’m sleeping just fine, plus I hardly wake up early in the morning when I sleep late. The only problem is that my school suggests I start sleeping around 7 or 8 o’clock PM. So, that second solution is still a possibility. But, right now I’m going to get to business. Near the beginning of the morning I heard some scratching noises under the coach right next to me. I looked into our hamster cage. And turns out our little dwarf hamster got out. U-oh.

I had to pull up the couch, which was like so easy with all my muscles. 🙄 I found the hamster. The only problem was that I had to try to hold up the couch and get the tiny son of a bitch without dropping the couch and killing the poor thing. Unfortunately, he was too quick, and I didn’t want to get bitten. So, I let him run out of the couch. I found him, tried catching him again, instead, he ran beneath the heaviest couch. I asked mom downstairs, while it took time for her to wake up since it was like 7 in the morning I lifted the heaviest couch to my surprise, and didn’t find it. So, when mom came downstairs, I prayed with her, and in 20 seconds my prayer was answered. Lol. I lifted the 70 pound couch up and found the little rascal. My mom immediately got it, and we were normal. Though, my muscles were hurting from all the weight lifting. But, I was able to manage it.

I had breakfast finally, and I had this crappy spoon. And when I mean crappy, I mean it was scratched. So, it took me about 10 minutes to realize the scratched up spoon was ripping my lip skin. Unfortuantely, I was too late and I already felt a scar on my lip. Ugh. It’s not a good feeling. It felt sour at first, but then grew harder. I just let it be. I did my school, and well, chatted a little bit with, Mary, yes I’m saying her name now. If you’ve noticed I published a post about her, and we had such a romantic talk. Even though it was like 10 comments of talk. It still felt treasuring. I also later on spoke with Nayyir, I had Social Studies and a GUM unit assessment test, I didn’t, or probably couldn’t do it because the computer was screwed up, and I didn’t want to work at the moment. It was 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I was STILL talking with Nayyir. I tried to get into a 3 way call with Elizabeth and Nayyir. But, Nayyir kept screwing up on the call until we finally got it right. We were awkward most of the time. Lol. That was my favorite part of the call… 😎

My lips were still numb, and it started to mold. Not like the disgusting mold. I mean skin grew over it. The only problem was that you couldn’t see it, you could only feel it. But, who’s going to touch my lips, besides me? Am I right? I hanged up and started reading Pendragon. I’m so far on page 89. I think I’ll finish this book in a flash. Lol. I later on got sick temporarily, but then got it over with. I watched Karate Kid afterwards, while Anabelle was keeping the Hamster occupied. My sister, Patricia, talked a little bit with Elizabeth’s sister Kacie. And I guess it all started getting boring once Elizabeth had to hang up.