I Have Found an Excellent Opportunity

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing you a new announcement post about my blog. Reason, in short, for not being able to post as frequently lately is because I’m in high-school and in high-school I have a lot of priorities and things I wanna do. For the most, I’m in Cross Country (which has been a splendid experience) and being in Cross Country there’s a lot of committment involved in doing the sport. I’ve just recently finished a 5K Race for Cross Country, which takes up about 4-5 hours of my day after school. I also have been involved in prestigous clubs that will look good for my college portfolio. One of them I’m taking is Science Olympia, a really fun group that studies many different topics of scientific builds, chemistry, labs, etc. The class, itself (such as Accelerated Math, and Honors Language Arts, Biology) have been difficult to keep up with on grades since I have so little time left to study for the subjects. High-school’s a pain and struggle, but also a delight in summarization. If you’re homeschooled, you really aren’t aware what you’re missing if you’re not in a public high-school and this is coming from a person who’s been homeschooled for technically 12 and half years of my life.

To the point of this point, I have found an opportunity to able to post more for you guys. Right now, currently, I am typing on the Media Center computer at the high-school I’m going to. If you don’t know what the Media Center is, it’s basically the library except with lots of visual features and many, many computers that are available 24/7. So, I’ve decided to take my free-time before my 5th period (which we call here advisement [which is 30 minutes]) to post to you guys/girls or anyone who is reading. Plus, I feel a lot more satisfied with myself when I’m writing or typing down articles and gets some emotions of my chest. It’s weird I know. A 14 year old boy, like me, with a blog. If any of my high-school friends at the high-school I’m going to saw my blog, they’d laugh at me for sure, but writing is my talent! And I love it, even if I’m not the best at it.

So, without further ado, and without going so poetic with my writing, I am signing off and hopefully you’ve acknowledged what I’ve just typed down the majority of this time, or otherwise this would all be in vain.

So, bye!

Enjoy your time wherever you are!


9 comments on “I Have Found an Excellent Opportunity

  1. Fuck Andrew says:

    Andrew, you are stupid as fuck. Your life no one cares about, stop blogging, don’t you have friends you can “play with”? Spending your stupid time on a blog site which no one gives a flying shit about. You know me, I know you, a while back we were friends you fuck tarted short ass hair bitch. Your fucking time on this blog is a waste of the infinite amount of the inthernet. High school is nothing compared to life ahead of you. and LOL you havent gotten Black ops 2 or As3? LOL you seem poor, ugly, and stupid, Your wishlist is too long I can make your mother pregnant faster than that. Good day I will be back Gaydrew

    • Andrew says:

      Haha. I laugh at this comment. Hey Nayyir, or whoever this is. Kind of funny how you say I have no friends even though clearly I’ve just stated that I’m busy with friends and school in this post. And it’s kind of funny how you don’t even mention your name, so I don’t have a reason to be serious with you. Also, you’re really bad with coming up with cuss words to insult me. No one uses tarted and plus that doesn’t even sound remotely insulting. And well, you did get me on poor. Can’t really do anything about that. It’s just how I am, so at least I’m not the dick insulting poor people, republican. I am pretty ugly, but you’re a guy, so why would I care about your opinion? And I’m half-way stupid and smart. I can get some A’s so I’m definitely not stupid. Slow is the word you should have used to insult me. I can make my wishlist as long as I want, so get off my ass. Why would you want to make my Mom pregnant, that’s just more insurance and problems on you. And yet, you call me the stupid one. Thanks anyway for wishing me a good-day! See ya. 😀

      • NAYYIR says:

        Awkwardly enough Andrew, that wasn’t me. I still read your blog bro. And I’m actually laughing looking at this eating popcorn.

        Anyway, what school do you go to now? I go to PTR(peachtreeridge).

        I heard you joined cross country. I know my school’s cross country coach and he actually said I’m good enough to join, I got a physical done. Anyway, I didn’t go for it since I can’t commit. How’s it going for you?

      • Andrew says:

        I am so done … with responding to you.
        If it isn’t coincidental that you come and comment pretending to be anonymous, you reply back to me after I respond to your hateful comment and claim it wasn’t you right after. You, sir, are the most un-slick being I’ve met.
        I’m done. I’m not dealing with you anymore. Honestly.

  2. marioman677 says:

    Dang Andrew. Just block the retard.

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