First Day of CRCT (I’m Already Getting in Trouble)

Hey guys! Andrew here! Bringing a new post of my daily life. This post will be a little bit humorous since today was so ironic for me, so enjoy this post. I don’t have so many ironic things happen to me in my life. And I don’t usually ask this, but whoever has a WordPress account or any account they can comment with please like this post. It’d be much appreciated. I want to see how many people are reading this post, just for the lawls. Now! To our song/video of the day. This is once again from the same band I posted about yesterday. I love this band to pieces. My favorite band. Hopefully you all enjoy!

This day was a very interesting day. I was nervous of course. Even if the first day of CRCT was going to be Reading, I was still nervous. Last year, I remember making a near perfect grade on my Reading CRCT grade. I wanted to hit a perfect grade, or, if it was not going to be that, have all exceeding grades on the subjects. The anxiety was killing me all this morning. I decided to leave the house early to wait for the bus so I could talk with Brian. I had not talked to the guy in about two to three days. I gave my goodbyes and kisses to my Mom and made my way. Thankfully, when I arrived at Brian’s house, he answered. After we talked a little bit on updating each other about what’s happened recently, we went to Markel’s house and got him outside. We then walked down the street to my bus stop in the neighborhood. Joanna was following us from behind and Erick came outside from his house when he saw us passing by. The bus passed by us right when we were walking down to that bus stop. When we waited and laughed together, the bus finally came and we all came on. It was awkward and weird because all the seating in the buses were mixed up. Weirdly enough, after we changed seats from our unnatural bus-pick up behavior, Xavion (a 6th grade boy) was sitting next to me in the other set of sets on my left. Erick started to mess with me on the bus, nearly knocking me off my seat. I constantly fell on top of Xavion but both of us did not care because we knew it was Erick playing. As the bus drove to school, Erick and I began talking about games which surprisingly grabbed large amounts of attention in the bus. It was funny.

Finally, when the bus arrived at school, and we were dropped off, we made our way into school. On the way, the craziest thing happened. I saw Aziayhs (dang it, still cannot spell his name) walking on the sidewalk with all the other students. I dropped whatever I was doing with Bryan and Markel and went to greet him. So many good memories flooded my head as I talked to him. It was a good feeling. I felt good. :mrgreen:

Eventually after I finished talking to him, I talked back with Bryan and Markel and explained to them about who that guy was. Then we went to our homeroom classes. The rooms were separated from Mr. Iverson’s class and Mrs. Flowers’s class. The CRCT began after a long time. It felt like almost an hour of being wasted until the CRCT began. We finally then began the CRCT. At first it was really easy. So easy that when I finished the first 25 questions of the test first, I felt so nervous as to if they actually did both sections in one time. The second section was a bit more challenging, especially since there was poetry involved in some of the questions and along with some tricky questions. Otherwise, I believe I did great. I’m still anxious of my grade, though. Although I had a good testing experience, I constantly got into trouble with Mrs. Flowers because at first she caught me not changing test booklets when I randomly zoned out and forgot what she said. Then I remembered some funny experience back on the bus with Erick and I and began smiling and chuckling. Mrs. Flowers believed that I was laughing with some of the kids on my side and moved me. FIRST DAY. And I already get moved. Third time I get in trouble because when we transitioned to lunch, I started talking with my friends just as much as the other kids were and Mrs. Flowers started yelling at me and making feel stupid for what I did. I’m not joking. Mrs. Flowers is not too fond of me. 😛

When the CRCT was FINALLY over, I went to second period, which was Language Arts. We read the story of “Lady or the Tiger?”. A very good story. I recommend most people my age to read it. It is a very good short story. After that, we went to do P.E.; in that connection I did a lot of talking with Eric (different one from my bus) about updating what’s happened. It was good. Everything was good. Finally we got ready to leave to buses and we left the school. The rest of the day was pretty boring. EVERYTHING HAS LED UP TO NOW!

Enjoy your time wherever you are! BYE!


6 comments on “First Day of CRCT (I’m Already Getting in Trouble)

  1. marykate says:

    I got a poem too!!!! It was about a little boy who got in trouble and saved little people from their evil king. 😛

    Did you get the story about Ms. Perfect and her dog Rough (I believe was his name) ?

    • Andrew says:

      I got the same poem too! XD
      Yeah. It was Ms. Perfect and Mr. Chance. Awesome coincidence. What form number did you get for your test booklet?

      • marykate says:

        Crap I don’t remember… >.<
        It was so long ago, my brain is just like "YEAH! HIGH SCHOOL, BITCHES!" I hardly remember anything from MS. X3

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah neither do I!
        Such a blur. I only remember doing the element stuff. xD

  2. You are such a good writer Andrew!

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