Sorry For Lack of Posting

Ugh. SO MANY POSTS OF APOLOGIES. But in all honesty, I’m really sorry that I have not been posting the past two days. I was on a good streak of posting everyday this March, but I guess I’ve lost my streak. :/ It’s not that I’ve run out of things to post about, that’s already taken care of. It just sucks that.

1. Lack of time management to write my posts.

2. Dramatic events in life that for some reason I feel sensitive to talk about.

3. People who read this post will tell my parents what they read.

4. Certain people read my post and can interpret how I feel.

So yeah. I’m really sorry. Before, in my 11’s and 12’s, I would freely rant or complain on my blog about the fact that somebody was being mean and life was not going well. Now, I don’t know. I’ll try to mention EVERY detail as much as possible, even if it tears me to death, but I’ll do my best. So, I guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow with a new post, hopefully. Bye!



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