Gosh This is Annoying

Hey guys. I know I’ve been missing a lot of days out on you guys, but in my defense I have not been feeling the best. Plus the  vital and most important events and information involve information that I cannot share for fear that people who read this will spread my post. I don’t know. It’s weird. People read my blog now. I mean, it IS a blog, meaning it’s public. So I can’t do anything about that. But I feel like most of my feelings are portrayed in this blog and when people read about it and then confront me, I feel anxious and quite uncomfortable. If the whole school of Creekland Middle read my blog, *sigh* I’d probably die of anxiety attack. I stress WAY too much! It’s unbelievable. I stress like an insecure girl. -_-

Anyway. The point is I don’t feel like talking about my past days, even though I completely love to write and type on the computer. But for some reason now I don’t like to talk about my struggles. Not sure why. I mean, 2 years back, I was completely raged and was fine with sharing my angers on the internet, but when something bad has happened, I do not feel motivated to post about it. But ANYWAY, despite most stressing things, I’ll try my very best to come back. Hopefully.

So, enjoy your time wherever you are. Hopefully you are having a better time then I am having at the moment. Bye!


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