Just An Average Day

Yeah, it’s been awhile since I’ve posted about a “day” in my life, but surely I’ll get back to doing it as my daily hobby. Anyway, about my day? Not much happened. I woke up, ate breakfast, gave my goodbyes to my brother, Matthew, and my little sister, Anabelle, as they left the house to their own elementary school, awaited until 8:45 exactly and then left the house into the cold air to wait for the bus. Oh wait, it wasn’t actually that cold today. It was actually pretty warm this morning, and I notified this to my other sister, Patricia, as she walked with me down the street all the way up to the point where I waited for the bus usually. It was actually rather odd, my sister had recently never walked with me to the bus. I liked to usually go to the bus stop and wait because I was so eager for school, but eh. I guess not this time.

So the bus came and so did the rest of our neighbors who were leaving to Creekland Middle too. Once I have all names I shall notify you of it, even though that is probably not appropriate of me, but eh. Lol. One of our neighbors is Sarah. An Asian with the hair color of a brunette with blonde high-lights. A pretty girl. You would probably think of her as fox-looking or that is just me.. O.o Another neighbor of mine is a neighbor called Erick or Erin. Can’t figure it out. But yeah, he is Asian too. Actually, to be more specific, he’s Korean. He previously looked like PSY with his fat complexion but with his Korean look, but also just got a buzz-haircut. He is a funny person to talk to on the bus.

There are more, but I don’t know of there names and I don’t have much time at this moment to write everything. So anyway… I went to school. Entered into my Homeroom class, waiting for Georgia Studies to start (because my homeroom class happened to be in my Georgia Studies class). We went through the usual announcements of the day, like normal, and then went with the day. The only significant part of the day was when I got my friend, Brian, in trouble. I’ll explain it some other time, but now he never talks to me. 😦 Once Georgia Studies was done I left to Language Arts. A boring class since we were reviewing tips on how to write which had come so easy to me with my talent of writing. Oh yeah, the Language Arts teacher, Mrs. Harrison had a mental breakdown, once again (it had happened yesterday again), because some of the students were talking. She yelled at Rob, the only Russian student in Creekland I knew and then she took her anger on others. It was quite awkward because everybody started to laugh afterwards… Funny.

After Language Arts was Math. Easiest subject. Especially with Mrs. Sauchinus (I’m not spelling it correctly, lol). Since, of course, I was in Standard Math it was easy but things got difficult she made it straight-forward in our minds which made it a lot easier for me and the other students. Plus it was the only class where we most quiet. I forgot to turn in my homework from yesterday, which was funny, cause this was the second time it had happened. Though she was understandable. Later on in class, a girl, can’t remember the name, started passing notes and asked if I liked this girl named “Tia”. I knew her, we knew each other. She was a dark-skinned girl (or in other words BLACK [sorry I need to describe.. :P]) and she loads of swag. She just wasn’t my type. I replied “no I like someone else”. And she replied back “Who >:)” and I replied “I don’t trust you c:”. She got angry and crumpled up the notes and stopped replying. If you are wondering who I like I’ll explain when I have more time. Anyway the day went on Science class as well. It was an average day. We did Fire-drills today as well. Obnoxious.

I don’t have much time for the details, but it was a decent day. Came back home for homework and then listened to some classic Dubstep and House music on Pandora. 🙂

K, that’s it, have a great day guys!


14 comments on “Just An Average Day

  1. marykate says:

    Ugh, kinda jealous. Bartow schools have a loooot of rude and snobby kids. Wish I could go to public. 😦
    Glad you’re enjoying it though and meeting nice people. 🙂

    And also…… Ooooooohhhhh! Andrew likes somebodyyyy! 😀

    • Andrew says:

      You’re jealous because they have a lot of rude and snobby kids? :S
      Thank you!
      I dooooooooooooooo C:

      • marykate says:

        LAWLS! I mean I’m jealous you’re enjoying public school and there’s actually some decent people! 🙂 I wouldn’t know what that’s like 😛

        ….What’s her naaaaaaame? 😀 😀 😀 😀

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah there are! Public school is fine, but CAN be stressful. You should get to know what it’s like. 😉
        Her name is Bailey, but I’m slowly getting sick of her now .. 😛 I think I’m starting to like a girl called Danielle. 🙂

      • marykate says:

        I can’t decide… I’ve missed out of district registration, so I’d have to go to Cass. :/
        But geez! 2 girls already!? 😛

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah now I’m starting to not like anyone at the moment. xD

      • marykate says:

        Aww why? :O

      • Andrew says:

        Idk. Not really interested in anyone! 😦

      • marykate says:

        Oh well. I hope school is going well. 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        It is. I’m about to go out with someone new! 😀
        Gosh I’m always like “yeah, I like someone” then I say “never mind” then “YAY I like some one!” and then same thing revolves around. xD

      • marykate says:

        LAWLS. I don’t really try to look for anyone. If it happens it happens…… Forever alone. 😛

      • Andrew says:

        NEITHER DO I! It just happens all the fricken time! 😛
        You’re not forever alone cause you got your buddy with two thumbs. -POINTS AT ME- ME 😀

  2. marykate says:

    Hehe yay! I’ll take a buddy any day! 😀

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