It’s Decemburrrrrrr :D

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you a new post! This is not a post about my day, though. It’s sort of a happy announcement to most of the people in U.S.A or anywhere else. If you live on Planet Earth, then you probably know it’s December. The month of Christmas, and, in which, the month of snowing. Well, that’s not really the case for me in Georgia, but it probably is the case for others. Unfortunately, Georgia’s pretty close to equator, so we don’t get snow on Christmas month, unless it’s a rare occasion. Luckily, though, I can enjoy the snow here on my blog. If you stay on my blog for awhile, like 2 minutes, snow will start falling from the top of my blog. I guess that’ll keep me busy and occupied for now until it DOES start snowing in Georgia. Anyway, wherever you are, in the U.S.A or somewhere out there on Earth or an alien out there in the galaxy or in a far away galaxy, have a great December. I’ve already made my commitment to being positive this month. Do the same as a favor for me. Thanks for reading. Bye! Happy early Decemburrrr ๐Ÿ˜€


6 comments on “It’s Decemburrrrrrr :D

  1. marykate says:

    Ermehgerd Decebuuuurrr!
    And Decembuurrr means….

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