I Think I’m Getting Back To The Swing of Things

Hey guys, Andrew here, bringing you another post of my boring, yet exciting, life 🙂

I guess you could say for Wednesday, cause that is the day we are talking about at the moment, I caught up with a lot of things! I did a lot of Study Island assignments to catch up on the quarter assignments for the upcoming quarterly exams. Urg .. I’m so anxious of the exams! If I get a bad grade, that means I won’t be able to play video games on the weekend till the end of the whole school year! I did want to put a sad face there, but I wanted to be a little more professional than that.

So there you, that was pretty much the dilemma of my day: preparing for the exams! If you guys have any exams leave me a comment and tell me if you are anxious about your exams (if you have any now) or when your exams are coming! Anyway, back on topic.

So for the morning, I grew very lazy and kind of skimmed through my subjects. If you saw the previous post before this, about me talking bad about Charles Dickens’ most boring classic book “A Tale of Two Cities”, you will understand how I felt having to read the book today. I felt very annoyed, having to see that I HAVE to pretend reading the book on my father’s Kindle, because that was where I read the book from. This time, though, I felt a sudden tingle of smartness emerge in my brain. I don’t know what, but this time I felt like I actually wanted to read a little bit of it! So I went outside, with my father’s Kindle safely kept in my hand, pulled a red silk blanket over me, sat down on a chair on my patio, and began reading. And a complaint, actually, the Kindle, at max brightness did not do me any good with reading. I constantly saw my reflection in the Kindle as I read, which became very distracting.

But yeah, I actually put my mind to it, and read two chapters. Lol. I read two chapters about a few chapters back, where I skipped. The chapter was actually rather interesting, and plus the random sunlight helped provide me some Vitamin D as I was outside. I thought of this moment as the best way a person can read. Reading outside. You learn, whilst getting the fresh air, and it was fresh by the way, and also receive the healthy feeling of sunlight over your head. The only disappointing part was that I became bored after reading two chapters and stopped reading.

I continued on with school and did pretty bad. I mean, in cheating manners. But then near the evening, as I really WANTED to get some good grades on Math on Study Island and get it over with, I went to my mother (the mathematician of the family) and had her help me with some lessons to help me understand. I still have much more work to do and memorize, since I was trying to memorize the formulas of Scientific Notation at the moment. But I finished it and got a decent grade. Which was good enough for me, and good riddance for the lesson.

Later on, the family started watching TV, as I was doing my Chemistry. And not to brag, well .. actually .. to brag: I WENT BEAST-MODE ON CHEMISTRY! 😀 I don’t know why, but I LOVE Chemistry, as long as it goes on it easy streak right now. I don’t know why, but I just love how easy Chemistry seems to be in my brain. Though I do doubt why I can’t be this good in Math, where that is my main priority. So as I was saying, I went beast-mode on Chemistry in Physical Science and then did some Social Studies along with History with my brother. A complete school day for me it was. 😛

Afterwards, I took a nice shower, came out and dried myself, set up my floor bed where I had been sleeping since my best friend Michael and Daniel had come over to sleepover (it happened a couple of days ago), and then began reading the Hobbit. My mother told me that I should at least read one chapter of the Hobbit, cause their chapters are so long, and then go to sleep. Because recently, I don’t know why, I’ve been a lazy-butt all beginning through school year. Anyway, so I read a chapter, which is what I had been doing before Michael and Daniel even came, and I’m coming around near the end. Which book I shall read, I don’t know, but we’ll see soon enough.

Oh shoot, I also forgot, I did my first lesson in History Art. Sorry I did not mention that till the end, I’m feeling funny right now. But anyway, that was my day; I’m sorry for any sloppy writing or American writing should I say. 😛 Thanks for reading!



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