Beatboxing + School Struggles ?

Hello guys, Andrew here, bringing you a post after a long friggin time! I thought that finally I had something worthwhile to talk about in my life that I should write about it and inform my viewers! 😀

So recently school has not been going as well as I anticipated! *Sad face* I think it resulted from my laziness during the past Summer break! And during that time I was playing video games for about 1 hour each day, which now I think is a crazy amount of gameplay! I’m trying to get back on track with school, seeing as I don’t want my random hormones to affect my adolescence in the future time being. I DO want to mature, but I don’t want to? It’s a weird confusion I settle to argue and contemplate in my head.

You probably are also thinking, why is Andrew speaking in such a fancy, well-mannered language? Well, to answer that question, I am using this language in front of my blogger friends such as Mary-Kate, Stanley, and more others who bother to read my boring and monotonous posts. So there is your answer, may we please stay on topic? Yes, anyway, I hit 5 touchdowns in Monday’s game of football (yes, we are talking mainly about Monday at the moment) and hit a good running during “Throw em’ Up Bust em’ Up”, a game where once you clasp the football in your hands you are to be tackled the sh*t out of until another person obtains the football and goes for the touchdown. Luckily enough for me, I wasn’t tackled as much, cause I am that much of a sensitive man. So yeah, good thing there I guess . . .

Plus, to top the news, I have started to grow a habit of attempting beat-boxing? I don’t know why, but nowadays, I’m trying to find new sounds I can use in my mouth. Not to sound wrong and perverted there, but you catch my drift. I think I am progressing very well, but I believe there is a lot more room in store for me, especially when I can’t hum whilst making drum sounds. Epic fail on my side. 😛

I think that is ALL for today’s post! I’ll have another post, hopefully, tomorrow, so please stay updated my epic followers of my blog! I very much appreciate your coping with me at this temporary schedule I have with posting posts about my life. Damn, that was a long sentence, but anyway, I wish you good day and a good luck for your day! You are going to need it! Bye. 🙂



2 comments on “Beatboxing + School Struggles ?

  1. marioman677 says:

    Andrew, bro. Usually I’d say ur posts are awesome, but next time, don’t speak fancy, and 1 hour isn’t much time at all. 😦 But anyway, I been looking forward to your posts. Keep up the good work!
    A random buddy of yours, I say Sayonara! Chair mode activated.

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