Okay Now I’m Lost O.o

Hey guys, Andrew here. Bringing you back a new post!

Okay, so yesterday, on Tuesday (this is being posted on Wednesday), I had a very difficult school day. Especially in reading the Great Books. Lately, ever since I’ve read the first two pages of the long book with small words, I had been able to understand what they were talking about behind the difficult and complex way they speak in their sentences. Basically, I was to be learning in Ptolemy’s book 1 “The Almagest”, within chapter 1, about the three different genera of philosophy. The Theological philosophy that talks of religion and about our father God. The Mathematical philosophy, that talks of geometrical shapes and sizes of objects. The Physical philosophy that talks about physical objects and what are their properties. So yeah, it took me a week to understand that, but that’s basically it.

Now I have decided to move on to the second chapter, and I don’t get a single f*cking word they are saying. In chapter 2 “On the Order of the Theorems”, I struggle to read and understand that it talks about the general relation of the whole earth to the whole of the heavens, which they say will begin their composition. First off, they start with learning the account of the ecliptic’s position and of the places of that part of the earth inhabited by us, in order, between the inclinations of their horizons. Very complicated, I know.. O.o

Second part goes on about there being an account of the solar and lunar movements and of their incidents. “For without a prior understanding of these one could not profitably consider what concerns the stars” (I’m just quoting what they say, cause I’ve read that sentence at least 30 times).

And lastly, there will be an account as well on the stars. Those things having to do with the sphere of what are called the fixed stars and the five planets.

If you guys, if anyone, are smart enough to decipher this properly and explain it in English, lol, then please leave me a comment. I am struggling so much with understanding chapter 2. I can just straight up and read what I just said and say I know the lesson, but that wouldn’t be properly understanding the lesson. I guess I am desperate for an answer or an explanation for this, but along the way, I’ll probably find a key word that explains what this means.

So yeah, I’ve just given you 4 to 3 paragraphs of information from the Great Books, you should be proud of yourself, indulging yourself into new information. 😀

Well yeah, that seems to be all that I am struggling in, besides Social Studies. I just can’t seem to get an 100% grade on an assessment. It annoys the hell out of me. -.- Thanks anyway for reading my rant or boring school complaints. I hope you enjoyed it..

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