Finished Reading Scantron … Thank God!

Hey guys, Andrew here with another post. I don’t know, but after I post a post, lol,  I feel so into blogging that I want to write another post. So there you go. I finally have a topic to talk about. Rather now, I probably want to do topic talks instead of just blogging about my day. But I do have something that’s happened recently on my mind. Read on ..

If you don’t know what a Scantron is, then I’ll explain. It’s kind of this superficial test we take I think 4 or 2 times a whole year on Math and Reading to test our overall chart of improving throughout the year. I think it’s only for our school, or at least that’s what I think, correct me if I am wrong. So it’s kind of difficult, and I find it frustrating to do. It takes an hour or less at most, but it feels like forever literally and you just want it to be done with.

Recently, though, I had just done a Reading Scantron and finished it. This time, surprisingly, I felt it was easy, and that it was less in an hour finished. The reason why it feels that it takes so long is because they ask a lot of questions out of grade and then put them in a way to see if you’ll understand it properly. So, I guess the reason why I felt so confident and relaxed when I finished or did it, was because Reading lately has been my strongest subject. Literally, last year, I got an almost perfect grade on Reading, just missing it by one question. That’s freaking amazing, I don’t about you, but it is to me.

I do kind of want to be doing this good at all the other subjects, but Math and Science are my weakest subjects. Social Studies I’ve reached at a close limit a perfect grade missing I think two to three questions. ELA (English Language Arts) I missed only 4 to 3 questions. So I think I’m pretty good at school overall, I’m not falling behind on Math or Science, I just have normal average grades on them.

Because of last year’s result, my mother has been forcing me to work harder, which means improve on Math and Science. I have seen myself lately improving a lot. The reason why she wants me to improve, cause I’m already trying to work for a scholarship and also get myself ready and take the PSATs (a preparation for the SATs). Soon enough, I’ll have to take College Classes in High School. I’m already reading the Great Books, which counts as a huge credit count for a good college, which I highly suggest reading. I’ve already gotten to page 10 and my mind is blown. It does count a lot of philosophy though.

So yeah, Reading Scantron is done for now, I hope that Math will be as fast and simple as Reading. Hopefully …

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