I’ve Been Sick . . .

Sorry guys I have not been posting the past three or two days. I caught a cold, then a fever, then a headache, and then eventually I felt like I was sick enough to start vomiting. But no worries guys, I have recovered. I still have a little bit of the sniffles, but that’s okay, I can deal with it. And lately lots of important things have happened. My family missed church the whole Sunday. We celebrated Matthew’s crush’s birthday at her birthday party. I learned a home-made brownie recipe to make for myself whenever I pleased. And I also got to play some Nazi Zombies at Nicholas’s house. I guess there were some other things to the weekend that I probably forgot, but those were the main events that occurred.

I will be back to posting as soon as possible. Trust me guys. 🙂

Crazy F*cking Day!

Hey guys, Andrew here. I’m just going to talk about what happened when I slept just after I posted my long post on Friday. I hope you check that post out, it describes a lot of what has been happening lately, and plus it’s pretty long and crazy, so please take the time to read it at least. 🙂

So after I slept on Friday night when I finished posting on my blog, I went on Skype. I also noticed my battery was low on the computer, so I knew I was bound to be getting off soon. Once I logged on, I instantly saw King online. Surprised, because he’s not usually on this late, especially when nobody else was online, I wrote to him.

“What are you doing online so late?” I typed.

“It’s not a school day tomorrow, so I don’t have to sleep now,” he replied.

After those two sentences were just pours of random talk, rants, and a few good jokes, but soon enough I had to say bye and turn off my computer. I went to sleep after that, seeing that it was 11 PM at night. So I tucked myself to bed, relaxing on my stack of two pillows that I had now taken a fancying in sleeping with. I woke up, thinking I had only slept a short amount of time. I didn’t remember any dreams, so there is nothing I can tell you about what happened when I slept, but I woke up, turned on my laptop to see what time it was, and saw it was only just 2 AM in the morning.

It was also pitch-black dark in the room when I had turned off my bright computer light. At that moment, when I was sleeping in the darkness, I thought about Paranormal Activity 4 (the new paranormal activity movie coming out) and about that tall freaky girl that just pops up and stands there (if you watch the paranormal activity movies you would understand me). Once that thought stuck into my head, I was scared. Shoving my face into my pillow so I wouldn’t get the tendency to look around the room 24/7. But I felt like someone was in the room, watching me. It was a very creepy feeling that immediately I gave up and turned on my desk light on. The light brightening the room by a large amount, I was able to relax myself.

It was not too long till I fell asleep with the light on since I was so freaking tired. I think I got 4 or 5 hour sleep afterwards and then I woke up to eat breakfast. There was no school today, so I felt I could do something crazy or fun today. You know? Make the best of my day. But before I would start any of that, I’d usually check Youtube on my favorite channels such as “The Syndicate Project”, “SlyFoxHound”, “Whiteboy7thst”, “WoodysGamertag”, and much more! Once I had finished watching there recent videos which would take an hour or a half, depending on if they had livestreamed their videos.

When I was in the middle of watching Syndicate’s latest episode from his series “Syndicate’s Race to Prestige”, I heard the doorbell ring. Too lazy, I told Matthew to open the door to see who it was, in which he did it gladly. Once he opened the door, he went back to me in a split-second telling me it was Christian. Ugh, I did not want to spend time with Christian. He is an old friend (he is not anymore), but he seriously annoys me because the only thing he asks me is if he can come outside or if he could come inside. Now, the only thing that would happen if I would come outside with is: he would probably just beg me to leave the neighborhood with him and go to his neighborhood; he would ask if we could go inside my friend’s houses which was already a waste of time, and finally, he would probably lie about something cool he found somewhere just to get myself to go where he wanted to go. That’s all he would want me to do outside. I said no to him, and especially when he asked to come inside. But instead, this time, he asked for a water bottle because he was tired from the trip to his house to my house (which was pretty far). I did give him a water bottle as he asked though, I’m not going to let him go home thirsty cause I am that selfish. Though what really annoyed me was that he came inside the house while I was filling up some water in the water bottle. He just walked into the kitchen, took it, and then left. Surprised, I went to go rant about this to my sister and returned back to my video watching.

After a collection of videos being watched, I went outside and went to Savino’s house. I did sort of beg to come inside, no, it was more negotiating than begging, but yes, in the end I came inside. Once I came inside, Zack, his dog invited me himself by licking my face. Smiling and laughing, I went upstairs with Savino, seeing his man cave. Now if you don’t know what a man cave is, I’ll explain. It’s basically a man’s (and sometimes a woman’s) room being clustered with technology equipment arranged in a fancy way so that it appears that you could live in it ALL day. Savino had a nice man cave.  I complimented him. He had a nice 2 gigs of RAM laptop that could run Minecraft without lag (and yet we have 3 gigs of RAM on our computer, but it can barely handle Minecraft), and an average sized TV where he played his PlayStation 3. It was all neatly placed, almost professionally. He also had a way to place King (cause he was video chatting with him) in the corner of the computer while he played Minecraft, which was soo cool.

But soon enough, I left the house with Savino, bored of what I was doing. We went to hang out outside, but it wasn’t as fun, honestly. We went back inside after a small amount of an hour or so.

Once that happened, I went to go look at some more videos on Youtube, lol. I watched PewDiePie this time, seeing as I have not checked out his channel in awhile. He records and publishes scary video games such as Slender, Paranormal, Contagion, and more things to come. The reason why this guy is worth watching is because he is so funny and he’s got an accent to it, so I guess that’s a plus. 😛

He played a new map of Slender called Hospice, which is kind of a funny word if you say it to your friends aloud. “Hospice”. Lol. But yeah, I watched it, and it was as scary as the other slender maps. Though I think that Sanatorium is the scariest map from Slender, cause in that one, when you see Slender and back away and fly into a corridor and look back, just wait and he’ll slide in your direction in such a freaky way! Though I can’t play even the standard version of Slender cause my computer can’t handle it. All the Slender maps are free anyway.

Once I finished watching, King gave me a call, saying he wanted me to come outside. I did, seeing as I wanted to do something instead of watching all night. I came outside, telling him of some of the funny, but crude jokes that were in the videos I watched. We both laughed at them, thinking it was extremely funny. We kept walking and I just felt like being crazy today, so I did. I made this new thing up called the Turtle Spin which basically meant that you would place your back on a thin surface, which I found as an example as the big power outlets this one guy had in his yard, and spin like a turtle that can’t get up. It was pretty funny but pretty stupid, but it was all in fun. 😀

We continued to have more fun afterwards, passing the football, and eventually when Matthew arrived we played a little of a football game. Then Savino came over, and we played a fine football game in which I got tired already from it. Then Patricia came over, and then Nicholas lastly came. We had loads of fun, but I had to sit back and relax and watch the show cause I was so tired. Eventually these two teenagers passed by us, as I could recognize one of them, but I dare not try to spell out her name. 😛

She recognized me too, as her teenage friend stuck her face into the phone the whole time they walked passed us. We continued having fun afterwards, and from there it became a crazy day. And I loved it. I can’t explain all the details, cause this post is already becoming too long, but I’ll just leave it there. It was pretty crazy. Though what I’m not looking forward to is the fact that instead of going to our morning church we are going to Gwinnet church. I think there are two ts in the end, but you get my point. I hate that place. They just treat me like trash. It just bugs me, I said I’ll let us go and not slow the family down just because ‘I’ don’t like the place, but I did explain very clearly to my parents I did not want go. Unfortunately I do, so I’ll just have to look at the bright side. :/ Hopefully it all goes well.

A Trilogy of Weird Dreams

Hey guys, Andrew here. I’ll be hopping onto the topic quickly, since I always start with the beginning of the day. It’ll be something interesting and worth your while, so please read on.

So, yeah, for the past days on Thursday and Wednesday I’ve been having very long dreams, that looked so vivid. Every time I wake up from one of those dreams, I always think it was something real, as I was able to maneuver my body and think clearly. It felt SO real! Sometimes it takes me more than a few seconds to realize I just returned back to reality. It’s weird, I know. On Wednesday the dream was not as strong. I could remember it okay, at least most of the main parts of the dream, but it didn’t feel real. On Thursday, I had this crazy dream of Sarah, a girl I loved in the past, not too long ago. I guess I still have this crazy love-story for her, but I’m sort of getting used to the fact that she’s gone and I’ll hopefully find someone as great as her.

On that dream, with Sarah, I dreamt that she was in her house (at least in a house I dreamt of in my own vision) and somehow I had visited Iowa state. She owned a store or job at this place that looked like Kids R Us, so I assumed this was around my 16s in the dream, plus I looked pretty big and bulk xD. I met her at the store at night, some way knowing that she worked there and met up with her, almost as if nothing bad happened to us in the past. I went to her house, to drop her off from work, and then for some reason every time she walked away I screamed for her back.

Once she said “Bye”, I wanted to ask her a question, so I screamed in pain, thinking I was going to lose her. She responded back almost as if she didn’t realize my loud scream. She answered my question, and walked away. This happened again and then I finally let her go. I don’t know, it’s crazy, I was in love with her so much that I still have dreams about her! I still wish she would come back. But some of that later, I must continue.

So yes, that was Thursday and Wednesday, but let’s get back to Friday. Today I had a dream. No, scratch that, I had a trilogy of dreams; weird dreams. First dream I had was about this video I had posted on Youtube (I have a passion for Youtube and want to use Youtube to post videos) and when I returned it got 3,398 likes! Weird that I remember it, it was that vivid. I don’t know about you guys, but an average person who gets a million views usually only gets 1,000 to 2,000 likes, unless you have a lot of committed fans. But 3,398 likes is f*cking crazy. I told Savino about it, and it was great, everything was great. It was all great until I woke up, and went back to reality. It was crazy, I almost confused myself wondering what happened and what I remembered seeing.

Okay, so next dream, was once again about Sarah. I don’t remember the dream so well now, but I remembered it at that moment and felt I was in it. So yeah, an average dream with Sarah, I always enjoyed being with Sarah, even in my dreams she was smart, funny, and easy to talk to. I only remembered one part when I walked with her over the bridge, holding her hand. We talked and talked of things I don’t remember. It was one of the most happiest moments of my life. But when I woke up, that did it for me. I cried . . .

I mourned and cried wishing it wasn’t just a dream, wishing it was all real and I could still hold her hand just for a bit longer. I cried for a little bit in my bed, the tears strolled down my cheeks. It was a hard thing for me to process.

When I pulled myself together and stopped crying, I went back to sleep. Receiving, yet again, another dream. This dream was instead about something particularly different. Something I would have never thought or dreamt of. I dreamt of me in my average town home neighborhood with my friends, when all of the sudden, this girl was there. She was beautiful. Wavy blonde hair in such a silky way it glowed. Her eyes as blue as a blue moon. Her face structure was perfect, I don’t know how that mattered to me, but I noticed it very well. She was perfect. Almost angel like.

She kept scooting next to me, sitting very close to me. Which was something I did not mind AT ALL. She whispered in my ear that she thought I was cute, which I completely lost it there, I had a crush in that moment. Lol. She whispered it in my ear so many times until I knew this girl was into me. I cuddled with her a little bit, but then the dream shifted and changed into me sitting on a chair with Savino and Anthony, the boy I talked about earlier in my posts. They revealed to me some unusual news. They told me that the girl who called me cute and cuddled with me and crushed on me was no angel or normal girl. She was an old demon, disguised into a girl almost magnificently beautiful to deceive me.

They showed me this kind of shard that was placed in her throat. It almost projected as a red ruby. Believing this so easily, we got her to come to the house I was in and we sabotaged her. She pleaded me to spare her life, saying things “I love you Andrew” and stuff like that. But, instead the badass side of me took over and I ripped out the ruby out of her throat. Once that happened, she began to mutate, almost morph into something. She howled as she did so, her white skin pealing and her face forming a different shape. Once the mutation finished, she turned into an old looking witch. And that, I guess, was where the dream ended. I opened my eyes out of the dream, once again believing everything I saw was real. But it made me think of something, that girl, she was magnificently beautiful; angel almost, like I said. She made me contemplate for awhile about a certain subject. Was she going to be the girl in my life I wish I had? There was no girl who could top her, I couldn’t see it at least, but it was kind of a failure, and I decided to drop it. It was just going to be a thing I wish I would have had and I never would get it. So, I think now she’ll be at back of my head forever, but I’ve let the demon go xD.

Once those three dreams ended, the day went on normally. Me finishing my school (I got three subjects, cause 8th grade is boss on Friday), and I did my Math Scantron, which was extremely long and annoying. It was almost a whole monotonous process. 😛 Though I finished it, thinking I probably am not getting a good grade on that since I kind of skipped through. Oh well, I don’t care. As I finished up school I went outside with Simon (oops, he doesn’t want me to mention his name) and our average, annoying, across the street, street kid Austin as well as his brothers Alex and Trey. I spent time with them a little; Savino coming over in an instant. We eventually played some football; I got two touchdowns. 🙂 After that, we played bounty hunter. A game we had not played for awhile. I was, of course, the last one to get caught in bounty hunter (not bragging, I just have skill in that game since I made it up). But it was a fast 10 minute game because Alex messed us up and slowed us down.

Otherwise the day went great and sort of weirdly. I tried to schedule some plans of sleepovers with King and Savino and King had just revealed to me and Savino a shocking statement. He said “Xbox might be better than PS3”. Okay guys, I don’t know if you know this, but King, Savino, and I are PS3 nerds. We absolutely HATE Xbox. This type of information brought up, especially from King, was surprising and a bad reaction was immediately brought into the situation.

We argued for a little, eventually shutting each other up, and then moved on to other things and talked about random drugs and smoking. Don’t worry, we weren’t saying that we wanted to do it, we just said some experiences we had with people doing it so we could make a quick joke. Otherwise the day ended well. I tried also downloading Slender and Minecraft on my computer. I did and I had to download a graphics card just so the games would display, but they were SUPER laggy.

The day ended there and right now to this moment I am writing here, as my last piece of information of what I did today. Thank you for reading, this was a long post. 🙂

Okay Now I’m Lost O.o

Hey guys, Andrew here. Bringing you back a new post!

Okay, so yesterday, on Tuesday (this is being posted on Wednesday), I had a very difficult school day. Especially in reading the Great Books. Lately, ever since I’ve read the first two pages of the long book with small words, I had been able to understand what they were talking about behind the difficult and complex way they speak in their sentences. Basically, I was to be learning in Ptolemy’s book 1 “The Almagest”, within chapter 1, about the three different genera of philosophy. The Theological philosophy that talks of religion and about our father God. The Mathematical philosophy, that talks of geometrical shapes and sizes of objects. The Physical philosophy that talks about physical objects and what are their properties. So yeah, it took me a week to understand that, but that’s basically it.

Now I have decided to move on to the second chapter, and I don’t get a single f*cking word they are saying. In chapter 2 “On the Order of the Theorems”, I struggle to read and understand that it talks about the general relation of the whole earth to the whole of the heavens, which they say will begin their composition. First off, they start with learning the account of the ecliptic’s position and of the places of that part of the earth inhabited by us, in order, between the inclinations of their horizons. Very complicated, I know.. O.o

Second part goes on about there being an account of the solar and lunar movements and of their incidents. “For without a prior understanding of these one could not profitably consider what concerns the stars” (I’m just quoting what they say, cause I’ve read that sentence at least 30 times).

And lastly, there will be an account as well on the stars. Those things having to do with the sphere of what are called the fixed stars and the five planets.

If you guys, if anyone, are smart enough to decipher this properly and explain it in English, lol, then please leave me a comment. I am struggling so much with understanding chapter 2. I can just straight up and read what I just said and say I know the lesson, but that wouldn’t be properly understanding the lesson. I guess I am desperate for an answer or an explanation for this, but along the way, I’ll probably find a key word that explains what this means.

So yeah, I’ve just given you 4 to 3 paragraphs of information from the Great Books, you should be proud of yourself, indulging yourself into new information. 😀

Well yeah, that seems to be all that I am struggling in, besides Social Studies. I just can’t seem to get an 100% grade on an assessment. It annoys the hell out of me. -.- Thanks anyway for reading my rant or boring school complaints. I hope you enjoyed it..

Finished Reading Scantron … Thank God!

Hey guys, Andrew here with another post. I don’t know, but after I post a post, lol,  I feel so into blogging that I want to write another post. So there you go. I finally have a topic to talk about. Rather now, I probably want to do topic talks instead of just blogging about my day. But I do have something that’s happened recently on my mind. Read on ..

If you don’t know what a Scantron is, then I’ll explain. It’s kind of this superficial test we take I think 4 or 2 times a whole year on Math and Reading to test our overall chart of improving throughout the year. I think it’s only for our school, or at least that’s what I think, correct me if I am wrong. So it’s kind of difficult, and I find it frustrating to do. It takes an hour or less at most, but it feels like forever literally and you just want it to be done with.

Recently, though, I had just done a Reading Scantron and finished it. This time, surprisingly, I felt it was easy, and that it was less in an hour finished. The reason why it feels that it takes so long is because they ask a lot of questions out of grade and then put them in a way to see if you’ll understand it properly. So, I guess the reason why I felt so confident and relaxed when I finished or did it, was because Reading lately has been my strongest subject. Literally, last year, I got an almost perfect grade on Reading, just missing it by one question. That’s freaking amazing, I don’t about you, but it is to me.

I do kind of want to be doing this good at all the other subjects, but Math and Science are my weakest subjects. Social Studies I’ve reached at a close limit a perfect grade missing I think two to three questions. ELA (English Language Arts) I missed only 4 to 3 questions. So I think I’m pretty good at school overall, I’m not falling behind on Math or Science, I just have normal average grades on them.

Because of last year’s result, my mother has been forcing me to work harder, which means improve on Math and Science. I have seen myself lately improving a lot. The reason why she wants me to improve, cause I’m already trying to work for a scholarship and also get myself ready and take the PSATs (a preparation for the SATs). Soon enough, I’ll have to take College Classes in High School. I’m already reading the Great Books, which counts as a huge credit count for a good college, which I highly suggest reading. I’ve already gotten to page 10 and my mind is blown. It does count a lot of philosophy though.

So yeah, Reading Scantron is done for now, I hope that Math will be as fast and simple as Reading. Hopefully …

Mary-Kate Is #1 In Most Comments . . . Shocker!

Hey guys, Andrew here and back with a new post (That’s gonna be my trademark). Well, as I’ve tried to post in the past few days, I failed to achieve it, therefore I leave myself posting about what happened over the weekend and over Monday.

During Saturday, if I can remember properly, Savino, King, and I were outside. Well isn’t that a surprise. Usually, we’re stuck sitting our butts outside on the hard rough pavement or on a power box talking about random stuff and hopefully making a few good jokes to entertain each other. Until around another hour past, Christian, an old friend of mine from out of the neighborhood, came over with Nicholas. I’m pretty sure you are familiar with most of these people, if not leave me a comment.

Once they came over, meandering about, Christian decided to whine and complain for a bit, hoping he would have somebody get somebody else to do something. His main intention, although, was to play video games all day, but unfortunately for him he has not gotten a gaming console or PC to use, nor does anyone else want him to use theirs. So, after he finished pouting, Nicholas had decided to talk about something, which came relatively close to a topic about Savino’s air soft guns. Once that topic arose, Christian and I began to ask Savino why not try out a BB war. He said he would, but he has only 6 guns, and ontop of that, he wasn’t sure if he could find all of them. Since there were 7 of us, including me, Matthew (my brother), Savino, Nicholas, King, and Christian we decided to try it out. Savino could only find 5 guns that worked just fine, so we decided to put King as referee, especially since he was already preoccupied with Simon texting him back and forth.

Once we got our guns ready, King sounded the bell and we began our battle. Unfortunately, though, I had clean white clothes on, and my battleground for my team, which was Christian and Matthew, was in the forest near lots of dirt piles. So I couldn’t easily get myself under cover when I was reloading. Luckily, for Savino and Nicholas they had a thick tree with a type of hanging grass that hid them under cover whenever they needed to reload. Plus, their guns had farther range and could damage a lot harder. Matthew got put with a suckish MP5 air soft gun, so eventually, we had to switch him out with Christian to hopefully get somewhere far. Though Christian was no better, so the end result was that we lost and I had caught a huge Poison Ivy rash on my foot and across my hip.

After that the day went on when we visited over to my father’s friend’s house, Bebe to meet up with them and hopefully so we could spend time with their kids. I don’t mention them as much, so you probably won’t know their names, but we’ve known them for a LONG time. The oldest one of the two kids is their daughter, who is 14 to 15, named Andrea. The other one is the youngest one who is a boy at age 11 named Anthony. We’ve had past problems with trying to socialize and spend time with them, but it has gotten easier now. I decided to talk with Andrea about some politics and see her opinion on Republicans and so I could speak my opinion about Democrats.

Once that was finished the day went on pretty boringly. I went on writing on my book, since I felt the need to continue it, but I’ve only got it to page 5. I love my story and I think it is a good one, but I’m just bad at describing things I don’t know very well, and plus I had to rack up something to start the book. BTW, my book is going to be called “George Williams and the Green Capsule”. It’s a series about a boy named George Williams. That’s all you need to know so far. 😛 I’ll probably give you guys some free copies. 🙂

So that was Saturday. Sunday went boringly and normally through. Nothing post-worthy, besides the fact that I learned of an old cult in the late 90’s who thought that at the end of Haley’s Comet was a UFO. So they killed themselves to give the bodies to the UFO. Which of course was stupid. Otherwise nothing happened except that my parents left, which then I found myself playing the PS3 since I’m not gonna get another advantage to play it when my parents are around.

Next day, first day of second week of school, Monday, started. I learned and noted a few things down since I was going to be very serious about this year’s education. But I became very lazy, and just listened to some music. I did not feel like writing on my book, since I felt extremely lazy. Therefore, I finished school pretty late, ’round 5 to 6 o’clock in the afternoon. By the time that was finished, my parents left again. And of course, I played on the PS3, actually getting some play time on MW3, because I had just fixed a problem with the new maps online. Next time, though, I’m playing Skyrim. Haven’t played that game in a long time.

Oh and finally we’re getting to the topic of today’s post. Mary-Kate, IS, officially, the number 1 person who has commented the most on my blog. 🙂 No surprise there, am I right? Well I just wanted to throw that out there.

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A Fast . . . From Video Games!!

Hey guys, Andrew here. I know I haven’t talked or posted for you guys for a long time, but I guess I might update a little bit about what’s been happening the past week. Tomorrow we’re supposed to be going into Saturday, my first break in the first week of school.

So yes, in Georgia, everyone has started school, even my online charter school has decided to start. It is a big change in schedule since I am so used to sleep late in the day and play video games during the weekday. Unfortunately, I won’t be doing any of that video game business any more. Not even during the weekend! My mother has told me she wants me to work REALLY hard to become #1 class student and get a scholarship. So in order to do that, I need to have ultimate dedication and complete focus.

So yes, that means I cannot play, at least my mother says, until Christmas break. She’s even stuffed my PlayStation 3 with the games in a box so she can put in her book, so yes, it’s getting serious here. Lately, with all the focus and less distractions around the house, I have been getting a lot of 100% grades on Science and Math, so I guess that’s a win, since those are my weakest subjects (counting it from last year on the CRCT). Though I am falling back on Social Studies. I do that subject last seeing that it’s not the most important, even though I enjoy it. And I’ve already failed two tests with a staggering 70% grade. Of course, in our school, I re-did the test and went from there, but I feel like I’m falling behind easily. I don’t want to fall behind, I want to go in front. 😛

Lately, more people have been coming outside more often. So that’s another plus on the week. I see, surprisingly, more dark-skinned teenage girls outside. I don’t want to say black cause that would racist. xD My fish tank has lately been getting real dirty, so I’ll probably have to clean it up. And oh oh ! I forgot to mention! Spikey died a week ago! It was pretty sad, but it did not affect me as much since 1. I was playing Skyrim when the death occurred. And 2. I did not spend time with him as much, so I couldn’t really call him my pet as much.

Most of the neighborhood actually came over and mourned with us over the funeral of Spikey. Of course the mourns were in sarcasm and we threw in some funny jokes, we had an overall great time! So I still have school work to do, that is all that has happened lately, I’ll probably post tomorrow but oh well, I don’t know what will happen. This post was a little shorter from the usual ones.

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