Black Ops 2! CAN’T WAIT!

Hey guys, Andrew here. I know, I know. I posted ANOTHER post on the same day, now it’s going to be confusing. But yeah guys, if you nerds or people are reading this, let me remind you I posted about my arrival back home just under this post. I hope you enjoy this post as well. Just a reminder ! 🙂

So yeah, guys, Black Ops 2 is soon coming! If you guys are not familiar with what Black Ops 2 is (since most of my viewers are mostly Indonesian), it is one of the most popular first person shooter series, originally coming from Black Ops. Black Ops had many options where you could play online with people and fight computer CPUs or fight with your friends in a private party, or you could complete the breath-taking campaign mode of the game where all that you turn to is serious action. Another cool factor of Black Ops was the Zombies mode of Black Ops. A mode where you send yourself in a special map place and start shooting zombies with a standard pistol, trying to gain enough points to upgrade guns and survive the never-ending hoard of zombies (it is legit never ending); you can play with your friends as well and online too!

Now that you guys have been introduced to the first, original game of Black Ops, I’m thinking you’re wondering what the Black Ops 2 is all about. Well, trailers have been confirmed and I’ll give you a link to it. I’m not sure exactly what the campaign is all about, since I’m not a big campaign player, but I can tell you that they new even more bad-ass guns and killstreaks.


Special killstreaks that involve un-manned robots from the future of 2028 to your aid and guns that can visualize through walls and shoot through them as well! They have also included Zombies! They haven’t revealed any Zombies in trailers, I do suggest they do, but I know that they are going to allow more than 4 players in an online zombie match and now instead of surviving against zombies you will also be able to play different game modes, such as Team Death-match and Capture the Flag!

Awesome right? I’m so looking forward to the game. I can’t pre-order it now though, I’m saving up money for a PC so I can play Minecraft, but you guys can pre-order it off Amazon and get it 2 or 3 days before it comes out! Yeah now I feel like an advertisement whore :P. Well tell me guys what are you going to do about this or if you simply don’t care.

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3 comments on “Black Ops 2! CAN’T WAIT!

  1. Nayyir/Lubu says:

    Actually GameStop is the best place to preodrder since you can get nuketoon 2

  2. Nayyir/Lubu says:

    Actually GameStop is the best place to preorder or Since it includes nuketown 2050, a poster, and much more.

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