How It’s Been Going For Me

Hey guys, Andrew here… ONCE AGAIN! I would just like to announce something very special! I looked over my site stats (viewing over the new way of looking over the stats) and saw that there were a lot of people from different countries and continents watching my blog. I don’t mean to boast, but here are the details! 12 people from America were viewing my blog in one day, while 6 people from Indonesia, 4 people from the United Kingdom, 2 people from Malaysia, and 1 person from Canada, Norway, South Africa, Australia were visiting my blog in one day! I know it’s not a big thing compared to most people with popular subscribers and viewers. But for a 13 year old like me to have a blog and have a lot of this whole world (at least one person) view from another continent than North America is a big thing! 

Now that I have bored you over my site stats, I’ll get back to the post topic. How I’ve been .. Well I’ve had mixed feelings lately. After the Addiction of Video Games post was posted, a few days later, I had started to behave and receive a time of 1 hr and 10 mins for Skyrim, Uncharted 3, and Minecraft, whilst I need to put 45 mins on shooting games, so yeah … that’s been going well! But I haven’t talked to my old lover or you could call it ex. After I kind of said that I’ll find other fish in the sea, my sis (Patricia) showed me a picture of her, I fell in love with her AGAIN! And then I started to become depressed. I don’t know.. I talked to my Dad about it; he kind of made it better, but she’s still in my mind.. 

A big accomplishment for me though was the fact that I’ve been doing awesome in Skyrim (the game). Recently I’ve also been depressed about my sister playing Skyrim and getting a higher level than me. But then again, I started playing the game more often than Call of Duty Black Ops Zombies, and I’m now Level 10! My sister just today got to 11, but otherwise, it’s great! I could start posting more about video games but I just don’t have the time to write long worthless articles about gaming that most of you don’t know about. But oh well, we’ll see! 

I don’t see anything else I’ve done.. oh yeah! I’ve been reading the Eragon series lately! I read it in one day and got to page 105. I like books that endorse me into them easily. For the past days, I’ve not felt like reading the book. But I’ll probably finish it soon. Oh well… (there are way too many periods in this post, Lol) Anyway, you got the zinger of today and the past days, I think I need to go back and get myself into the real world. See ya my peeps! 🙂 

Video Game Addiction . . .

Hey guys! Andrew here. I guess this is my new intro? So it is. 

Well, um . . . I felt like posting, so here I am. Bringing you crazy internet people a new dilemma occurring in my life right now. I don’t know if I’ll be able to post everyday, for right now I feel like posting about mainly what the week has been about and what I’m feeling. But none of that for right now, let me introduce me tell you guys the dilemma causing me over-used thinking and somewhat depression and sadness. 

As you see in the title, I am addicted … To video games! (Lol, I know you had a small prediction that this was going to be drugs) Not such a big thing I guess, but here anyway, so I’ll finish. I’ve recently bought a PlayStation 3, or PS3, for short. I actually bought it off Craigslist, a great site that has people sell you just about anything you want for a cheaper price! And since I bought it off Craigslist, I managed to get a deal of 5 games (MW3, Black Ops, Uncharted 3, Skyrim The Elder Scrolls V, and Batman Arkham City) along with the PlayStation3 and a headphone set for $300! I know, I’m proud myself of the deal I got! Plus most of the games I got had Collector’s Edition in them, which made me feel even more geeky! 😛 

So, I bought those things, and recently, I’ve just been addicted to playing each of the games, besides Uncharted 3 and Batman Arkham City. Actually I’m selling my Batman Arkham City Collector’s Edition bundle with the game for around $100-$150 so I can save up for this gaming PC I will use for Minecraft gameplay. The addiction to these games have just been … so parallel! I don’t know if that’s the right word to define what I’m saying or if it is a word I want to use, but that’s the word I feel this addiction has come to.. parallel..? You guys can leave a comment to telling me how wrongly I’m using this word (It’s a freedom of speech blog, I won’t moderate your comment or delete it). So yeah, I’ve been caught by my parents a lot of times recently, playing MW3. Which also brings up another subject. Since I’ve been playing mostly MW3, my parents have been concerning about my addiction for video games. But the problem is my parents are being two sons of bitches about it. 

I’ll explain by what I mean addiction.. I mean as in, that’s all I’ve been occupied and thought about recently. In my defense, although, is because my parents have put very unfair and unjustified rules on the behalf of me playing video games. My Mom only allows me to play video games 45 mins. You would probably say that is fine if I were to play 45 mins everyday! But I’m actually NOT playing everyday; I’m only playing on the weekends 45 mins! How preposterous is that?! And ontop of that, for the Summer my Mom’s being bitchy about the fact that I can’t EARN a video game time during the Summer on the weekdays without doing some schoolwork or some few hours of work. And I’m thinking how fucked up that is! She’s even gotten the audacity to tell me she’s taking my MW3 in a month, so I’ll have to enjoy it! How? I only have 45 mins on my time!! 

Now do you see my point? This is what has caused my addiction! The fact that my parents are limiting me too much on my video games, trying to prevent me in the future from playing, but instead, they’re making me even more thirsty and hungry for video games. My Dad doesn’t give a **** about it just because he doesn’t want to say something against my mother and because he can do just NOTHING. Most of my friends are enjoying their Summer, cooped up inside their house with their friends playing video games (and they’re also younger than me, don’t forget that!) while “I” have to sit around bored and probably find other things to occupy me like sports (which my parents can’t afford), workouts (which I can’t find the energy to do sometimes), and instruments (but I can’t do THAT all day!). I mean all I ask is that I get a little more game time! Even for the Summer! You know?

You guys can leave some comments for me to suggest what I do to decrease my addiction and handle it but to also put a stop to this ridiculous time-limiting from my parents. And if you guys suggested that I say how I feel about the time being too low, I’ve already that; my parents will say that I should be satisfied with my time… so I don’t know! Help me guys, please? Thanks..

This episode was brought to you by.. Lol! Can’t do it 😛 

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Thanks guys! -ACP