Oh… Sorry

Oh… Sorry. I completely forgot to mention that I am now home and I’ve been home since last Thursday I think? But all in all, all I can tell you was that Florida sucked, well the people we lived with sucked, and that I’m glad to be home; somewhat near my friends Nayyir, MKB, Lilia, Tyanna, Kay (Kayanne), I think Elizabeth, and my best friend Michael and Daniel. 🙂 And now I feel somewhat closer to Sarah because I’m a little more north. xD But anyway, how are you guys? What’s up? How’s the hood as they say? 😛 Usually I don’t put up as much emoticons, so don’t expect this very much.

I don’t know if I’ll be posting as much as I should be, but all I can tell you is that I will TRY (in bold), TRY! Because now for some reason I need to be in the mood to post, and I have never caught that mood in such a long while, except for big events. But for right now, just stay updated. 🙂


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