Bad Beginning, Good Ending Day

Well, sorry guys I haven’t posted lately. The first week I haven’t been posting was because I was at a friend’s house sleeping over for the whole weekend and their internet connection wasn’t the best, so therefore, I was NOT able to get online properly. Though I did have a brief video chat with Sarah and her surprisingly perverted friend Lexxi. xD The second part of the week I just didn’t feel like posting and I was too busy putting up my new blogs. Which brings me to my first point. I will be e-mailing you the new blog’s URL addresses and I’m going to set them up here right now.

There you go. If you are subscribed you will see this anyway. But I thought just encase, I should e-mail it to you guys. SO, be expecting those e-mail accounts flooding in with blog URLs (not really :P).

Firstly, now, I have to talk about my day yes. I’ve realized over the past and present times I’m slowly getting anger management issues for some reason. I can’t control myself. I get into arguments with my parents and my friends too. Just recently I had a rap battle with my two friends, Thierry and Marvin. I won because I was angry and was venting some of my anger to them, partially just like Eminem. But I don’t want to have anger management issues, I want to be happy without being stressed. Any help guys who are reading this?

The day started poorly with me awakening at 2 o’clock AM playing Minecraft for the whole night straight until I built a beastly house and a beastly furnace room. When I was done, eventually, my parents along with my siblings came downstairs as well to watch TV, enjoy their day, and have a good ol’ breakfast. I had breakfast too. But it was very brief, I did not talk to anyone. Tina and Patricia’s friend weren’t coming to our house thankfully. So that’s not something to add to my anger. I tried to be happy until my Mom told me to the dishes, along with my Dad. I grunted and moaned. Along the way, Savino and King decided to visit me. But nowadays, the both of them are getting REALLY annoying. All they do inside my house is play Minecraft. The worst part is that when my parents tell them to shut the games off they get ticked off and expect me to handle the situation and complain to me. It’s so annoying.

Now that’s another addition to my anger.

I had to take a shower then and then the day went on and on with Savino and King until more people arrived and then I had to go with my family to my Mom’s friend Mrs. Amy’s party. Everybody was there, Mappy, John, John Elvis, Little Johnny, Sohpia, Sebastian, Sophie, Jacob, Matthew, (MY) Matthew, and so on along with the grownups, I had an okay time, until Mappy and I got into a fight, well mostly I was the bad guy in the situation. I called her a gossiper and compared her to a friend I disliked greatly. She sort of called me a retard. I don’t know what was up with me, but I talked to my Mom (she actually started the talking because I wanted to listen to deep music, which I don’t usually do) about it. She helped me with the problem so I decided to say sorry to Mappy and turns out she didn’t actually call me a retard, and I was the only bad guy here, but oh well, I was comforted by her soothing “I love you Andrew” calls to make me feel better because she wanted me to feel better. 😛 (I still am going for Sarah, don’t you worry guys)

In the end, it was all good. The family and the other families watched an old movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called Jingle All the Way. It was a very good movie, especially funnier than I thought. Then at the VERY end, when it was about 11:00 PM, Mappy’s stepfather set two cool fireworks, then we went home and called it a day. It was a VERY good day.

Bye all people who are reading!


2 comments on “Bad Beginning, Good Ending Day

  1. Avery says:

    You’re such a good blogger 🙂

    Miss ya like crazy and we need to video chat sooonnnnnn!!!!!

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