I’m For Sure Coming Back To Posting (Can’t Leave You Guys Hanging)

So how have you guys been since I haven’t been posting? I’ve been doing exceptionally great and bad at the same time, but oh well, that’s my life. There will be troubles here and there most of the times. But what I’m really here to say is that I’m back to posting, whether my mother is reading and approving of the post. I just can’t leave you guys post-less without giving you some daily information about my life! I am still surprised I am receiving hundreds of views from you random viewers and viewers that I know of. I am very glad to know that you are still supporting my blog, and that has earned me some respect to come back to my posting career.

Some of you newblings (as I like to call it) probably don’t know this blog and what the point of it is. Well, let me explain: this is a blog about my life; like my diary, except not in the girlishly way. The rest of the information you want to know about this blog and me is written down in the pages above this post like the About to start with. The posts I put on usually (which I have not been doing for awhile) are just like my writings in my little diary about my everyday life. So if you understand now, you may proceed to either keep on reading or to exit this blog (because this simply isn’t your taste of interest). If you still understand, I still implore you to check out the pages above, they will most likely help; if not, then just ask me straight away, I will be happy to answer your comments.

Now that I had just explained a whole huge paragraph about ‘how to’ learn about my blog ‘what is’ my blog about, I will give a quick summary of what I’ve been doing over the past time since I remember (another reason I write on this blog, to remember the past and it’s good ol’ and bad ol’ times). Well, I’ve been doing a thing called Parkour a lot recently during the beginning of the school year with two friends. But now, ever since, I’ve influenced a lot of children, pre-teens, and teenagers to perform some Parkour stunts with me. So, now, I’ve been doing this thing a lot with a lot more people. I’ve also been studying really hard and thoroughly. Since I have decided that I do not do much activities when I’m quickly done with school and that during the weekdays no one’s outside, I decided to study really hard and be extra focused in school. In result, my grades have been higher than ever.

I have a middle school project at the time currently, and I have just decided to perform the ELA project, which means submitting my essay/paper (it can be either a research paper, fiction, nonfiction, short story, letter to the editor, or other type of paper) to the Young Georgia’s Writing Competition. So I’m pretty excited and pumped for this! I’m going to review and study extra hard for this paper.

I have also discovered a new game that I should have discovered . . . a long time ago. A game called Minecraft, created 2009 from a man named Notch. It is a game, where you’re in an undefinable world/planet, like Earth, where everything is made out of squares except on occasions the monsters and animals (funny: the sun and moon is shaped like a square xD), and you have to basically build things and survive. There would be three different difficulties. The first one would be peaceful, where all of your materials such as: pickaxes, shovels, swords, TNT, fences, wooden blocks are immediately made for you and you have no risk of dying. That’s pretty cool and all, but I would prefer the second difficulty: Survival mode. This version is just like peaceful, except you have to gather all of your resources and craft them and also on most occasions find animals to make food of so you won’t starve to death.

Another major difficulty is hardcore mode, where the survival mode rules still apply, except when you die, all of your houses, materials, and stuff are completely gone, and you have to re-start from scratch. I suggest playing the game, it’s a good game despite the poor graphics (like I care). If you still don’t believe me, look it up. But since I know I am too nice and you are too lazy (no not really :P), that I should put a Youtube video of Minecraft and then give out a link to the Minecraft website for you to probably buy the game.

Here’s the link.

So now that I have satisfied you today, you should be keeping an eye on those e-mail accounts of yours and wait for the next upcoming post! Miss you guys! Especially: Sarah, Mary-Kate Billings, and Mary. 🙂


4 comments on “I’m For Sure Coming Back To Posting (Can’t Leave You Guys Hanging)

  1. Prima says:

    Hi Andrew,

    Sorry for missing without any news, I have been in Philadelphia for 5 months, 😀 well, we are in the same land now, 😆 I am doing an internship in Morris Arboretum of Univ of Pennsylvania. I decided to stop writing or posting for a while since my activities here extremely takes my time, let say I am doing my first priority.
    Sometimes I visited your blog, esp the one with pictures. It’s just me, or you grow so fast??? jeeezzz… You might email me than drop a comment instead (you know my email, right?), or I can give you my number if you want.
    I wish you and your family merry-merry christmas and happy holiday… take care!

    • Andrew says:

      Oh wow! That’s great! I’ve been adding you on Facebook for a great while! I was conceived in Virginia and than I turned 1 in Philadelphia. And if you would like more pictures in my posts, then just ask away, and I will. If you haven’t checked, I have a Thanksgiving post completely about my Thanksgiving! I hope you saw it. And yes, you must be a busy man and all, and to be honest, you have not changed since I’ve seen you xD (and I’m telling this to a 21 year old, gosh, that’s hilarious). I am almost turning 13 next year, so yeah, you could say I am growing. I am studying harder than ever and getting better at my instruments and have also developed a thing for a stunt project called Parkour. If you haven’t heard of it, I’ll put a link here. So yeah, how’s life? I should e-mail you if I could, but I’m not allowed to have an e-mail account, and I only have it privately so I can have all of these e-mail updates sent to me instead of my parents, so yeah. 😛 I don’t need your phone number thanks, but we should keep in contact!
      I wish you a merry merry Christmas, even though your culture doesn’t celebrate it, as I’ve been told. Take care too, friend!

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