I Feel Sad . . . Depressed

Lots of things have been happening this week. I HAVE been happy, I admit, but now I’m not. Let me explain, I’m in Florida; Naples, Florida. I’m living for the rest of my Christmas break at these people’s house which I hate. I hate these people. I hate the house. I hate the fact that I’m wasting my vacation here in this hellhole. Does it make me a bad person that I just want a good Christmas vacation after studying so hard during the school year? That’s my big question. I mean, I never wanted to be here in the first place. This was for my parent’s benefit, not mines. Nor was it my siblings, but at least my siblings have someone their age, or at least a friend that they can hang out with or lean onto. Whilst my friends are far away, in George, in Iowa, in Georgia… I feel so sad. I feel farther away from my best friends than possible. I can’t call Mary-Kate because these people don’t allow calls and their internet is pretty crappy. I can’t seem to contact Sarah (Tillie [Avery]) because I’m not on as much. I know I was never close enough to being near Sarah or MK, but I felt somewhat close. But this just puts me even farther away from the people I truly love and miss. 😦

I’m a guy, I know that. But most of my TRUE real friends, beside my BEST BEST friends Michael, Daniel, and Simon, are girls. Straight up fact. Now newcomers might find this extremely weird or even people who already know me might find this straight, but seriously: I seem to relate to girls a LOT better than girls. Doesn’t make me gay. Doesn’t make me anything else from straight. I still find girls attractive (never found boys attractive, bleh). It’s just that I understand girls more than boys sometimes, or I just have not found the right crowd yet. :/

Today I’m not going to write about what happened because I’m not in the mood. But in the meantime I am sending you people’s the e-mail with the blogs and I’m in the mood for some major Minecraft (which cannot happen with these crappy people I’m living with), but I’m not going to indulge any further into the scenario. I wish you good bidding, and wish me good luck for finishing the Hunger Games book. 🙂 (Only smile here in this post)

Bad Beginning, Good Ending Day

Well, sorry guys I haven’t posted lately. The first week I haven’t been posting was because I was at a friend’s house sleeping over for the whole weekend and their internet connection wasn’t the best, so therefore, I was NOT able to get online properly. Though I did have a brief video chat with Sarah and her surprisingly perverted friend Lexxi. xD The second part of the week I just didn’t feel like posting and I was too busy putting up my new blogs. Which brings me to my first point. I will be e-mailing you the new blog’s URL addresses and I’m going to set them up here right now.




There you go. If you are subscribed you will see this anyway. But I thought just encase, I should e-mail it to you guys. SO, be expecting those e-mail accounts flooding in with blog URLs (not really :P).

Firstly, now, I have to talk about my day yes. I’ve realized over the past and present times I’m slowly getting anger management issues for some reason. I can’t control myself. I get into arguments with my parents and my friends too. Just recently I had a rap battle with my two friends, Thierry and Marvin. I won because I was angry and was venting some of my anger to them, partially just like Eminem. But I don’t want to have anger management issues, I want to be happy without being stressed. Any help guys who are reading this?

The day started poorly with me awakening at 2 o’clock AM playing Minecraft for the whole night straight until I built a beastly house and a beastly furnace room. When I was done, eventually, my parents along with my siblings came downstairs as well to watch TV, enjoy their day, and have a good ol’ breakfast. I had breakfast too. But it was very brief, I did not talk to anyone. Tina and Patricia’s friend weren’t coming to our house thankfully. So that’s not something to add to my anger. I tried to be happy until my Mom told me to the dishes, along with my Dad. I grunted and moaned. Along the way, Savino and King decided to visit me. But nowadays, the both of them are getting REALLY annoying. All they do inside my house is play Minecraft. The worst part is that when my parents tell them to shut the games off they get ticked off and expect me to handle the situation and complain to me. It’s so annoying.

Now that’s another addition to my anger.

I had to take a shower then and then the day went on and on with Savino and King until more people arrived and then I had to go with my family to my Mom’s friend Mrs. Amy’s party. Everybody was there, Mappy, John, John Elvis, Little Johnny, Sohpia, Sebastian, Sophie, Jacob, Matthew, (MY) Matthew, and so on along with the grownups, I had an okay time, until Mappy and I got into a fight, well mostly I was the bad guy in the situation. I called her a gossiper and compared her to a friend I disliked greatly. She sort of called me a retard. I don’t know what was up with me, but I talked to my Mom (she actually started the talking because I wanted to listen to deep music, which I don’t usually do) about it. She helped me with the problem so I decided to say sorry to Mappy and turns out she didn’t actually call me a retard, and I was the only bad guy here, but oh well, I was comforted by her soothing “I love you Andrew” calls to make me feel better because she wanted me to feel better. 😛 (I still am going for Sarah, don’t you worry guys)

In the end, it was all good. The family and the other families watched an old movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger called Jingle All the Way. It was a very good movie, especially funnier than I thought. Then at the VERY end, when it was about 11:00 PM, Mappy’s stepfather set two cool fireworks, then we went home and called it a day. It was a VERY good day.

Bye all people who are reading!

Haha, Things In Life Are Getting Better (and Funnier)

Haha, what are you guys doing? Chilling? Living? Living life to the fullest? Maybe even living with the people you love? Yeah, wish that was me, but oh well, I might as well be happy about where I am right now at the time being. 🙂

So as I usually just go on about my boring life, I’m going to spice up things a bit. Instead of being more depressed than usual I have found several keys to happiness, so I’m not really as mad as much, except for like two hours and that’s it, but otherwise I’m fine. Instead of just waking up in the morning (early in the morning [I mean 4 o’clock AM]) playing Minecraft for few hours straight, I’ll put a little sweetness to it. Here it goes: “I slowly walk awesomely, dashingly, and amazingly downstairs at 4 in the morning and play Minecraft like a total goofball. Was that good or what? xD

Anyway, so as the day goes on in the morning with me playing my awesome free version of Minecraft, dawn arises from the tips of the hills, and the sunlight has struck upon me and everybody else, here in Duluth, Georgia (and no, I am not exposing any private information you noobs, I am just giving out a setting, that’s all!). It was a beautiful, sun-shining, bright sunshine. I had never really taken the time to appreciate the sun as much, but now I have. But most of the appreciation was focused on Minecraft and the fact that I found diamonds xD. Everybody else wakes up eventually and I go to sleep. Oh wow . . . That’s a weird boy, you might say; but no, I am not weird, nor am I awesome; I just act like a boss. I wake up to a loud, ringing doorbell, coming to see that my neighborhood best friend, Simon, has come to visit me on such short notice before he leaves to school. He gives me a Christmas present. Now isn’t that a great thing or what? But I know what it is. Shhhhh! It’s very secret (not really, I asked for it). It’s the Hunger Games book. AWESOME, I know right?! No, not really, I haven’t read it yet, so it’s not awesome yet.

But I hope that book is not a waste of time, and if it isn’t a waste of my time, then I will probably review it. Oh and btw, I am going to make separate blogs for different types of reviews I make on different things, since it won’t be a total mash-up on my blog, you know? So if you are reading this, please wait in the meantime to receive an e-mail notification or a link to the new set-up blogs. AND as usual, it would be nice if you would subscribe to the blog and comment about what you think, cause you know I always appreciate your comments, even though some of them are rude, but oh well, f*ck those haters (I censored because I try not to curse as much).

Anyway, back to the day, Simon invites me over to hang out with him at the bus stop, which I usually get invited by Savino or Elijah, but being invited by Simon is a WAY different story. Well, it’ll have to do. 🙂 As I hang out with Simon, Savino, and some other pre-teens and teenagers, the bus eventually arrives at the same time as it usually does, holding a butt load of people. As I say my farewells to my good ol and bad ol friends and neighbors I return home and start my school day, starting with a positive Math class. JUST, Math class. I know it’s crazy, but most of the class time spent was on Linear Equations and hour long homework problems, but as always (not trying to brag) but I always reach to exceeding level and always will try to. I have an opponent called Amaya who is super smarter at Math than me, and you all know that you can’t be the best at everything, but for me, in school, I always strive to be the best. I’m better than everyone in every other class besides Math in my grade (except for the times when I just feel like not trying). So as Math class ends, I finish with school and finally get some positive grades in Study Island.

Yes! Winning! Right where it counts! xD Best Alvin and the Chipmunks quote! I might think about watching that movie, even though second movie was just poorly done and not as good as the first one. I hit up with Sarah in Skype and chatted with her for a good time while I was studying extra hard on some organisms I had to study to finish a Life Science test. If you want to ask what specific organism, it was the feral bunny (Oryctolagus cuniculus [I read that from my notebook where I noted this scientific word down]). When I finish up with school I continue practicing Parkour and surprisingly come back to exercising on my legs, because now the huge muscles on it are starting to get a little flabby and I NEED to get better at Parkour! Near the end of the day I catch up with my second neighborhood best friend King. YOU ALL KNOW HIM! C’mon! I wrote a post ALL about him. If you haven’t seen it, than just search him up at the search tool at the very top and bottom, you’ll find info on him. I also climb the impossible tree completely half-way through until I feel like I could fall off and break my body and possibly die, so yeah big thing.

Word of advice: Unless you are a good climber, don’t climb any more than 5 or 6 yards high up into a tree unless you are a daredevil or you plan on getting hurt.

Now, question of the day: Should tomorrow I go higher in the tree tomorrow? Maybe nearer to the top where I could DEFIANTLY die from fall? You choice.

I will see you now! Bye all you awesome viewers and haters! (Again, love you guys, thanks for supporting!)

Oh, P.S. got beat up today (I didn’t really feel the pain, or the horrible beat-up wasn’t as painful as I thought it was, but I had to pretend it was painful so the dude would stop and I wouldn’t start a fight)! YAY! XD

I’m For Sure Coming Back To Posting (Can’t Leave You Guys Hanging)

So how have you guys been since I haven’t been posting? I’ve been doing exceptionally great and bad at the same time, but oh well, that’s my life. There will be troubles here and there most of the times. But what I’m really here to say is that I’m back to posting, whether my mother is reading and approving of the post. I just can’t leave you guys post-less without giving you some daily information about my life! I am still surprised I am receiving hundreds of views from you random viewers and viewers that I know of. I am very glad to know that you are still supporting my blog, and that has earned me some respect to come back to my posting career.

Some of you newblings (as I like to call it) probably don’t know this blog and what the point of it is. Well, let me explain: this is a blog about my life; like my diary, except not in the girlishly way. The rest of the information you want to know about this blog and me is written down in the pages above this post like the About to start with. The posts I put on usually (which I have not been doing for awhile) are just like my writings in my little diary about my everyday life. So if you understand now, you may proceed to either keep on reading or to exit this blog (because this simply isn’t your taste of interest). If you still understand, I still implore you to check out the pages above, they will most likely help; if not, then just ask me straight away, I will be happy to answer your comments.

Now that I had just explained a whole huge paragraph about ‘how to’ learn about my blog ‘what is’ my blog about, I will give a quick summary of what I’ve been doing over the past time since I remember (another reason I write on this blog, to remember the past and it’s good ol’ and bad ol’ times). Well, I’ve been doing a thing called Parkour a lot recently during the beginning of the school year with two friends. But now, ever since, I’ve influenced a lot of children, pre-teens, and teenagers to perform some Parkour stunts with me. So, now, I’ve been doing this thing a lot with a lot more people. I’ve also been studying really hard and thoroughly. Since I have decided that I do not do much activities when I’m quickly done with school and that during the weekdays no one’s outside, I decided to study really hard and be extra focused in school. In result, my grades have been higher than ever.

I have a middle school project at the time currently, and I have just decided to perform the ELA project, which means submitting my essay/paper (it can be either a research paper, fiction, nonfiction, short story, letter to the editor, or other type of paper) to the Young Georgia’s Writing Competition. So I’m pretty excited and pumped for this! I’m going to review and study extra hard for this paper.

I have also discovered a new game that I should have discovered . . . a long time ago. A game called Minecraft, created 2009 from a man named Notch. It is a game, where you’re in an undefinable world/planet, like Earth, where everything is made out of squares except on occasions the monsters and animals (funny: the sun and moon is shaped like a square xD), and you have to basically build things and survive. There would be three different difficulties. The first one would be peaceful, where all of your materials such as: pickaxes, shovels, swords, TNT, fences, wooden blocks are immediately made for you and you have no risk of dying. That’s pretty cool and all, but I would prefer the second difficulty: Survival mode. This version is just like peaceful, except you have to gather all of your resources and craft them and also on most occasions find animals to make food of so you won’t starve to death.

Another major difficulty is hardcore mode, where the survival mode rules still apply, except when you die, all of your houses, materials, and stuff are completely gone, and you have to re-start from scratch. I suggest playing the game, it’s a good game despite the poor graphics (like I care). If you still don’t believe me, look it up. But since I know I am too nice and you are too lazy (no not really :P), that I should put a Youtube video of Minecraft and then give out a link to the Minecraft website for you to probably buy the game.

Here’s the link.

So now that I have satisfied you today, you should be keeping an eye on those e-mail accounts of yours and wait for the next upcoming post! Miss you guys! Especially: Sarah, Mary-Kate Billings, and Mary. 🙂