I’m sorry guys I haven’t been able to post lately. I’ve been busy with lot’s of things. But I’ll give you a brief review. I’ve been studying hard for my exams. I completed them with good grades. 😉 Thank God. Oh and I went to Tennis Practice and have been doing 20 squats for the past days so I could gain up on my speed. OH! And I’ve been practicing very much on my Parkour skills. I’m just in love with Parkour. So I just thought I would want to learn how to do some Parkour stunts. I’m pretty good at it though! 🙂 I’ll be posting soon. See ya!


8 comments on “Parkour

  1. marykate says:

    question…… wtf is parkour? it sounds like park and….. hour, or our….. i guess. damnit fail!

    • Andrew says:

      Haha! xD Let me give you a video to describe Parkour.

      • marykate says:

        holy shit its gangster gymnasts! xD
        hehe nah jk, but thats sick. i saw it in the AT&T commercial a few months ago. but of course, we all know, if i tried that, i would kill myself….. but im gonna try anyway! Goodbye cruel world with your mcdonalds and arbys. and wal mart and….. ya im rethinking this…..

      • Andrew says:

        Wow 🙂
        You might want to rethink it. Cause a LOT of people would miss you. 😉

  2. Avery says:

    I seriously wish i could do parkour!!!! lucky~ and hey, I miss you!!! I haven’t talked to you in forever 😦

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