Literally just nothing happened today. Except for school. Oh and we also got a mouse trap. But that’s it. We’re trying to kill a mouse in our house because we recognized one or two mouses running around the house and we noticed that one of them got into a fight with FeeFee because her left foot is bloody and shows the bone. 😦 I want to kill those mice so badly, but at the same time I sort of feel bad for them, but also at the same time I want to get this done. So right now I’m thinking whatever. 😐 I’m gonna ask a question for this post. What’s your favorite holiday? Halloween or Christmas? Mines is Christmas. Okay now bye! Nothing much to it today.

6 comments on “School…

  1. marykate says:

    but i like halloween cause:
    A. I can scare people i dont like
    B. I get free food! FREE!

  2. Avery says:

    Is thanksgiving a choice? Haha 🙂

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