Kids Jam and Bounty Hunter

First I woke up; not early. Had my cereal/breakfast. I talked with my sister a little bit and made a couple of jokes to build the mood. Matthew woke up after Patricia, Anabelle, and I woke up. So apparently he was tired and dazed. Dad was on his laptop and Mom was talking with him. Once I finished breakfast I continued my discussion with Patricia upstairs and dressed myself into my Kids Jame clothes. Wait, let me rewind. I forgot to mention to you that I go to Kids Jam and what it is about. Okay let me explain. Kids Jam is sort of group that helps share the word of God in poverty areas. Though Kids Jam is not like one of those so called BORING church teaching people. Kids Jam is more of the group that shows the fun way in learning God. First the kids in the poverty area play sports, mini-games, board games, hang out and talk with the Kids Jam kids and we get to know them more. Then afterwards we play two big games in which the winners and losers win prizes at the end. After that we go to the teaching; the Power Point.

So now that I have explained to you about Kids Jam, I will continue about my day. After I put my Kids Jam clothes on and a pair of socks and sports shoes along with jeans, the family retreated to the family van. Anabelle, Matthew, and I were having an argument about who should be in front of the car seats. Yes, in our family we argue about those little stuff. Patricia and Anabelle ended up sitting in the front and Matthew and I sat in the back. I wasn’t too worked-up about losing to girls. Unlike most boys, I don’t think of boys higher then girls. Actually I think we’re both equal. 🙂

I know, I know. That’s probably a large judgement. But it’s my opinion. And like it says on my sub-title under my Blog’s Title ^ that this is a Freedom of Speech Blog where opinions are being expressed here without judgement. Anyway, we arrived at the Kids Jam area and as usual saw everybody else there. I got to see my good friend ‘whom I’ve never seen in awhile’ Mappy! Her real name’s Mappita, but she doesn’t like me calling her that. So don’t tell her I told you. Lol. I also met surprisingly a Tennis Practice friend of mine named Sebastian and his little sister Sophia. She’s the cutest fur-ball to me. 😛 Oh yeah! I forgot to mention I lost another cavity! You might not know how important this is to me. But it’s PRETTY important. Losing my cavities brings me one step closer to perfectly clean teeth. Yeah!

So as usual, we played with the kids in the poor living apartments and tried to entertain them. We got them participated in some soccer, basketball, art-crafts, music (Spanish music mostly. Lol), dancing, hula-hooping, dodge-ball, face painting, and especially some football. Dad played some football with my friend Sebastian some football. I felt a bit jealous that I wasn’t as good as Sebastian to throw and catch footballs. So as I watched in envy, I talked with Mappy about NASCAR racing and she showed me a video of her inside the NASCAR stadium. It was pretty loud. I have to admit. Then at one point I decided to use her phone and call my dear old neighbor friend named Simon. You’ve probably heard me mention him. He’s cool. 😀

After I talked with him, I called my other friend Ashley. We talked only for a brief few mins. We eventually finished up and did everything and went home. Dad drove us to Subway instead of Burger King which I’m glad and content with. The sandwiches tasted very good. Thank you Mom and Dad! So after we checked a few houses for rent we went home and played my very own Bounty Hunter game. You probably don’t know what Bounty Hunter. But I don’t have time to explain now. You just now there’s a game called Bounty Hunter that I originally made in my neighborhood. We played for an hour until supposedly our neighbors, Thierry, Kerry, Marvin, and Alexis (annoying Alexis -_-) went secretly to a game outside of the neighborhood.

I bet they should be getting in trouble. If they don’t I’m gonna be super mad. Also while I played bounty hunter I got a HUGE scratch on my hand. Here’s the picture:

Surprisingly it didn't hurt. O_O

It looks hurtful. But honestly it doesn’t hurt. Probably I’ve practiced too much pain on myself to be a man. Nah, just kidding. 😀 When we were done playing Bounty Hunter and the other neighbors went to the game Simon, the other neighbors, and I played with a big toy Volkswagen and rocket car down a steep hill. Which ended up so awesomely. When we were done I went home, ate some pizza talked some more with Simon and my other neighbor friend King and then eventually went home. My Dad watched with my Mom some Elvis Presley concert videos coming from the TV, but Mom was paying attention more to her iPad. Of course . . . Lol.

I took a shower after that and went to bed. Now I guess that’s it. Wow, a long post. Worth while for a long time no see. 🙂

8 comments on “Kids Jam and Bounty Hunter

  1. Avery says:

    damn that looks painful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i’m sorry 😦

  2. marykate says:

    I second that! 🙂

    btw, i think….. im starting to like your hair this way…. better! :O

  3. marykate says:

    no problemo me best amigo.
    (i decided to be spanish 😉 )

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