The Past Times (R.I.P. My Facebook Account)

For the past time I’ve been busy with many things such as school, homework, going places; but mostly because I’ve been using my Facebook account lately. Yes, you’ve probably heard I’ve mentioned my Facebook account a couple of times. Probably you have not heard of it, but now you have. I’ve been overly using my Facebook account. I had many friends. Some named Mary Kate Billings, Sarah Carnahan, Elizabeth Cheyenne Conley, and used to be Nayyir until he supposedly cyber bullied me and my other two friends. I made this Facebook account so I could play Farmville. Then it came to the point where I chatted with my friends more then I played Farmville. I ended up with a concluding 127 friends. Not much compared to my other friends; they have 544 or 733 or 1000 at most!

Anyway, it was on a night, I was talking to Elizabeth and I was chatting with her and my friend, Ashley and Savino (you know them), and my Dad walked into the kitchen and was behind me. Elizabeth said she had to go. My Dad asked what was the second tab closed on my computer eventually. I didn’t say anything. He removed my hands from the computer. I tried to get them back on the computer so I can close the tab. But my Dad pulled them away. I was scared by then. He figured out and talked to my friends on chat telling them that my account was going to be deleted and he said he was going to have a talk with Savino cause I sort of mentioned he was part of the account creation. When it wasn’t true. 😦

Eventually, my Dad had mercy on me and said he wasn’t going to tell Mom. Or else she would have destroyed me. He said to forget about today and that we’ll talk about it tomorrow. And that’s how my Facebook came to R.I.P. It would be nice if the people who still remember me on Facebook put a memorial of me on Facebook. I’m just asking if you’re willing. Not forcing you to. It’s okay. 🙂 I still have my blog. Which I’m still happy about.

3 comments on “The Past Times (R.I.P. My Facebook Account)

  1. Avery says:

    As long as you still have your blog we can chat(: It’s just won’t be as frequent. 😛

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