Halloween and Twilight

Well, I’m back here with a new, fresh, and interesting post. Actually, the interesting part will have to be judged by you. 🙂

So today was the one and only, HALLOWEEN! Last year, my Halloween was pretty depressing. But now that I’m 12 years old, almost 13. I’m backing away from depression and moodiness and going into the best happiness I can make of the situation. So today, knowing that it was Halloween I resumed with school. Except I did not really focus on my OLS homework or subjects. I don’t know why. But I was too cluttered with Class Connect Sessions that morning. So classes went on and on and on. Until during the middle of one of my Advanced Math Teacher classes that my Mom went to the store and came back, buying a vampire suit. I didn’t like it, AT ALL! In my opinion, I just thought vampires, especially Dracula, were eww! I liked ninjas or werewolves more for some reason.

But those unfortunately, I could not get. As I realized when I said I wanted to see more options at Party City. We went to the store. And all I could find manly or big enough for my size was the vampire suit and a pirates suit. All the ninjas my size were gone for some reason. And there were no werewolf suits my size at all in the first place. But then, I remembered that I was going to be a ninja for my second Halloween costume, so I could extra candy. There was no necessary need to buy a ninja suit. I could make one of my own. So I kept the vampire costume and went home. Did the rest of my school, except leaving a trace of undone subjects since it was Halloween. I watched a little bit of Twilight with Mom. The movie so far was very interesting.

I actually disagree with Sammy’s opinion on Twilight. It’s actually very interesting. I’ll be looking in into the books. So we watched some of it, only to be knowing that we were going to visit a house on rent that a friend of ours bought so he could lend it to us for rent. It was a crappy house, in a crappier neighborhood then the one I lived in currently. SO we didn’t like it, then we moved back and got our costumes. Here’s some pictures of us. I look ridiculous though in the costume xD

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After I did my vampire trick r treating, everybody went home. I went with my ninja mask. I got SECOND ROUNDS! Last two bowls were full when I went with the vampire costume. Now, with the ninja mask on and the deep voice, nobody realized me. I hit a big house with TWO big bowls full of candy. So I came back with two big ol bowls full of candy. I came back home. Surprising Mom with the amount of candy I had. So, I counted and got in total 350. 🙂 And that’s not even me going at my best. Because I did not even go to every house. So there you go!

I was happy this Halloween. But instead of eating almost all of the candy like I have been doing for the past years, I saved them up, put them into categories, and put them into Ziploc bags and decided to sell them for money. 😉

So you guys happy I’m back? Leave me a comment, please. Thank you. Have a good day!

Has It Been This Long?

I’m sorry guys. I haven’t been posting for the past days because I was either too lazy to do it (mostly because of that) or I didn’t have an interesting day or so on. But I’m not going to post right now. I’m just going to let you know that I’ll be back posting again soon. How soon? I don’t know yet. But it will be soon ;). See you, and have a great day!


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Parkour Training (Maybe Grounded?) and Looking Back At My Life

Well, I’m not going to go through SO MUCH details about today, because I just don’t have that blogging feeling right now. But I’ll manage to post for you guys today. 🙂

You know how I usually start my daily posts with “I woke up”? Yeah, it’s going to be different now because I remembered one of the dreams I had before I woke up. It was quite pleasant actually. The dream first started with me on a field filled with a peculiar smell. It smelled like chocolate milkshake mixed with a tip of strawberry yogurt. I haven’t tried strawberry yogurt, but that’s the closest thing I could relate this smell to. I thought it was pretty odd that I could smell in the dream. But then things got better; all of the sudden as I was walking in the field my body just flew into the sky. Literally like a bird. I didn’t intentionally mean to fly. My body started the flying. Well anyway, I was flying over hundreds and hundreds of evergreen trees I once saw in the Twilight movie. Don’t worry, I’ve never seen the movie. I’ve only seen the commercials. Even then, I still hate the movie.

So, the dream kept going, I flew and flew and flew farther then ever. It was just so far, that I think it’d take hours to walk back. But that didn’t mind to me at the time. I was soaring like a bird. A humongous, blonde, blue-green eyed bird named Andrew. 😛 Now that I think of it now, it sounds pretty beastly. Lol. Eventually, as I was flying the dream ended. Sadly I had lost my long opportunity of flying. But as seen, flying will stay as a dream. Anyway, as I finished the dream, I woke up and went downstairs to have some beastly animal crackers. But then Savino knocked on my door and as a nice guy, I wanted to be nice to the neighbors before we were going to move. So I came outside and hung out with him and decided to have the animal crackers when I was done hanging out with the middle schoolers. It took up about 30 mins approximately of my space. But I was good.

At least in the end, I got my animal crackers cereal. And I’ll still be getting some more tomorrow! I did not have any classes/Class Connect Sessions today due to the exams, but I already finished my two exams yesterday and the three exams that popped up today in Study Island were not needed to be finished today. I felt like I needed to start them tomorrow. Because anyway, the exams aren’t due until Friday. I can make up for that time. 😉 After I had my animal crackers, beastly ones, I did my school. It was rather easy. After awhile, I took a break, a PARKOUR break! With my sisters. We did some Parkour practice a little bit. And progressed very well. Though Anabelle, my little sister, went up the street and got her butt grounded. Haha, it’s funny because I thought I wasn’t going to be grounded until I came inside.

I wasn’t really grounded. I was more yelled at. But whatever. 😐 My brother came out with me when I finished my school and did Parkour practice. I have to say, for a size like Matthew, performing Parkour moves is pretty amazing. When we got done we did some Parkour stunts with our other friends as they came home. Simon came down eventually to my house until it began to rain very hard. So the rest that we’re left camped under the tree. But then I started to go inside. I went online and looked up on my blog in the past year. Then I checked the kind of comments I made last year. Whoa. Man I feel so stupid looking back. Before I sounded weird and … just WEIRD, but now, I don’t know how I’m different. But man… looking back. Just whoa. Some comments I made when I was little, were just amazing that not even I could imagine saying that.

So yeah, that’s all that happened until I watched the new episode of Terra Nova and then went to sleep. 🙂 Goodnight MaryKate Billings and Sarah Carnahan and Nayyir Nensi! If you’re reading this Nayyir. I don’t know.


I’m sorry guys I haven’t been able to post lately. I’ve been busy with lot’s of things. But I’ll give you a brief review. I’ve been studying hard for my exams. I completed them with good grades. 😉 Thank God. Oh and I went to Tennis Practice and have been doing 20 squats for the past days so I could gain up on my speed. OH! And I’ve been practicing very much on my Parkour skills. I’m just in love with Parkour. So I just thought I would want to learn how to do some Parkour stunts. I’m pretty good at it though! 🙂 I’ll be posting soon. See ya!

I’ve Got the Weirdest Advanced Social Studies Teacher

Yeah, I’m sorry I wasn’t able to post earlier today. I was busy with my friends and school. Anyway to talk about today. Woke up; drowsy. I got an e-mail from my ex, Sabourah. It’s starting to get annoying. She keeps sending me shitty e-mails or “plz cal mee” e-mails. I’m at the point of permanently removing her off my contacts list and blocking her e-mails, if I can do that. Once I woke up I get this weird k-mail from a teacher named Ms. Lewis (Audrey Lewis) saying that she was my new homeroom teacher. Now at this point I’m thinking “Uh, no! I already have a homeroom teacher, and her name is Ms. Hill”. I don’t know what’s going on. Until I start guessing things. What if I got put into the advanced class?

I didn’t have time to think about that when I was getting into my ELA/LIT class. I had a new teacher, her name was NOT Ms. Johnson. It was some other name I can’t remember. She spoke in a squeaky chipmunk voice which really annoyed me throughout the class. I couldn’t listen properly to what she was saying because her squeaky alvin the chipmunk voice was getting on my nerves. After that class was done I moved into Math class. Surely I would see my REAL homeroom teacher, Ms. Hill, there because she was always Math teacher. But no! Surprisingly, it was the same teacher that had sent an e-mail to me 2 hours ago about being my new homeroom. I was shocked. It was true. I was put in the ALP class. O_O

After studying in Math I moved to the next class. Into a rather weird and scary Social Studies class. Since I knew it was my new ALP Social Studies teacher I decided to go along with it smoothly. But no, our Social Studies teacher, Ms. Lowe (Gentry Lowe) was too busy going on and off. She spoke sometimes in a Russian accent, a German accent, and then weirdly into a French accent. She was JUST WEIRD! I couldn’t take it really. I didn’t feel like I was reviewing for the exams. We played a game of jeopardy referring to the exams. But I didn’t feel like I learned anything. I felt like I just went through a trivia question game. Oh well. The class went on and on for more then an hour and a half until Ms. Lowe had finally announced happily/excitingly that the girls had won the jeopardy game. I REALLY didn’t give a f*ck.

So the day went on and I got to meet my new Life Science teacher. 🙂 She was the only decent teacher other then my Math teacher. I got through the rest of the day, through my subjects until I eventually went outside to meet the Middle Schoolers. My friend, Simon came outside secretly so we could shoot some basketball hoops. I don’t really like basketball as much, but what the hell. 😐 Eventually another neighbor named Nicholas came outside, along with my sisters. They climbed on a railing in the entrance of the neighborhood which I politely told them NOT TO! But Ms. Kacey comes into the situation and thinks once they get off that I told them to get off once she came. Ms. Kacey told us to go home and that she will be meeting our parents. I didn’t give a flipping fuck about what she said.

Simon and I stayed outside. Until Ms. Kacey went to my house and boldly said that she was going to call the police on us. Well she did, and I took care of the situation. The policeman was actually rather nice. He had a british accent and a little scar on his cheek. I kind of felt gangsterish sitting down with Simon and Nicholas whispering when the policeman came. We told the policeman the whole story. The policeman also told us that Ms. Kacey accused Simon and I to be on the railings. We told him the truth and he understood. Then we shared a little secret about Ms. Kacey with the cop and he went on. Patricia was bursting into tears along with Anabelle because they thought they were going to go to jail.

But once they knew; they were happy. And we all were happy. 😀 The day ended by then.


Literally just nothing happened today. Except for school. Oh and we also got a mouse trap. But that’s it. We’re trying to kill a mouse in our house because we recognized one or two mouses running around the house and we noticed that one of them got into a fight with FeeFee because her left foot is bloody and shows the bone. 😦 I want to kill those mice so badly, but at the same time I sort of feel bad for them, but also at the same time I want to get this done. So right now I’m thinking whatever. 😐 I’m gonna ask a question for this post. What’s your favorite holiday? Halloween or Christmas? Mines is Christmas. Okay now bye! Nothing much to it today.