Foosball Tournament

I woke up on the Sunday morning, interrupted by, guess what? Mom. She woke me up. Of course, it’s Sunday. So we must wake up early. Oh and Nicole, one of Patricia’s friends, slept over. So, yes, she’s coming too to church. While we dressed in our church clothes, Patricia asked if her friend could come with us, since it was the day the new comers get into their new class. I wasn’t very enthusiastic about it, nor should I. While she talked to Mom about it I was working on my book.

Once we left to church, Patricia’s friend came. Then church ended and then I went to Michael’s house. We had a Foosball tournament. I lost two of the Foosball tournaments. The first one I was in fourth place. The second one I won in first place with my best friend. Then the third one, I came in second place. But yeah, it was an interesting match. Eventually, we left and went home after a thunderstorm. And that’s pretty much it.


4 comments on “Foosball Tournament

  1. marykate says:

    i suck at foosball :/

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