Important Announcement (Listen Up Subscribers!)

As you’ve probably realized, I haven’t been posting as frequently as I was before. Well, I must tell you that inside I feel really guilty. Somehow my brain is too tired to write anything each day. I have the energy. I visit everyday to see if I have any comments. But, I never somehow have the energy to post. So, I must tell you that during the Summer I might not be posting as much. Probably around the school year when I have hyper-active energy and something to write about. I’m also busy during the Summer writing my book. And I’ve decided not to make big promises to when the book will be published. So, now, the date the book will be published is changed.

I want to have the book published by this year. But, if I don’t, poo ho. It’s not my fault. I realized that. Oh and I’m in Florida . . . So, the internet connection isn’t as strong. I’m kind of liking my stay here in Florida here too. Though, the fireworks sucked. We had to watch a good pair of fireworks from a far distance, along with billions of mosquito bites. I’m currently reading the Red Pyramid and the Warriors: The Power of the Three series. Though, I’m somehow pulled in more by Rick Riordan’s book. I’m at page 156 in the third book of the Warriors: The Power of the Three series, and I’m at page 225 on the Red Pyramid. I’ve finished the Harry Potter series, so I’m now waiting for the movie to come out. I hope they include every single detail in the movie. I don’t CARE if it becomes a 4 or 5 hour movie. I want all the details in the movie.

Plus, I’ve written about 100 pages or so in my book. It’s nice so far. I hope you all find a way somehow how to read the book. Oh and I’ve downloaded many songs to my laptop. So, I don’t have to go to Youtube and wait for the videos to load up. Mediafire is the place you wanna go if you wanna download free and legal songs onto your computer or iPod. That’s all I have to say. Bye!

8 comments on “Important Announcement (Listen Up Subscribers!)

  1. marykate says:

    are you talking about the percy jackson series?

    • Andrew says:

      Yeah, except it’s a different trilogy. It’s not called the Percy Jackson trilogy. It’s called the Kane chronicles.

      • marykate says:

        oooooooh. ive heard of that red pyramid book, but my mom wont let me read it until she knows its not “evil.” idk what she means by that but she wont let me read harry potter either….. im getting pretty p-ed off. :/

      • Andrew says:

        Yeah, it’s a nice book! My best friend, Michael’s parents act the same way. They don’t approve of the witchcraft thing like Harry Potter. But, they let him read the Percy Jackson series even though it’s about Gods. The only thing in the Red Pyramid that is against Christian beliefs is the fact that they sometimes worship the Egyptian Gods and that the two main characters are Gods. And I laughed with you said p-ed off. It sounded like pee. lol.

  2. nflsportfans says:

    good ,like gourmet food

  3. marykate says:


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