Going To White Waters with King

Okay, for the past week, we’ve been going to White Waters frequently. Except for on Saturday, Sunday, and Monday. This time we brought King over to White Waters. First I woke up, than my brother and sisters woke up after me, ready to go to White Waters. Our mom was the only one taking us there. Unfortunately, my dad was too occupied by the Market at the time, and decided to sacrifice his time of going to White Waters in order to watch the Market. To me, that didn’t really seem like a big sacrifice. When we got ready to go, after a few hours of preparation, the whole family, except for dad, went into the car.

I had to go pick up, King. Well, unexpectedly, when our parked around his driveway, he busted out of the door and ran to the car. Inside the car with King, we had fun talking and debating about which rides we should go on and the rides that King might not want to go on. Mom had to remind us again many times that we needed to surprise King, and show him a good time. So, I did, but my siblings didn’t take word of it.

When we got there, the first thing I showed King was the Cliffhanger. The biggest, baddest, and highest thrill ride in the park. And most likely the highest slide in United States. King didn’t whimper like he said he would when he would look at it. But, I was so crowded in my head with the fact that King will not be able to go on the Cliffhanger. We first tried the Tornado, the Runaway river, the Buccaneer Bay, the Tree House Island, the Activity Pool, the three Body Flumes, Lizard’s Tail, Bonzai Pipeline and the Rapids. King screamed on all of those rides altogether. After we finished those rides, we went to the car and had some lunch. All of us had a serving of pork sausages, on bread with some Nutter Butters or Cheese Crackers.

It was a very nice lunch. My favorite at the time was the sausages, because my stomach didn’t feel like eating sweet foods. After we all finished the food, we ran back into the park and did more and more rides. We did the Captain Kid’s Cove, Caribbean Plunge, Bermuda Triangle, Gulf Coast Screamer, Mutiny Chute, Lily-Pad Crossing, The Tidal Wave, 100-meter Splash, Dragon’s Tail (King wasn’t able to do it, since he wasn’t a good swimmer), and last was the Black River Falls. We did a lot of rides. King eventually did the Cliffhanger, when we did the Run Away River again. We were all surprised he was able to do a 9 story slide. We all were surprised, even some teenage chicks started to come up to him and applaud him.

A 9 year old, going down 9 stories. It sounds kind of funny. We eventually did the Bahama Bob Slide since we figured that it would be the last ride, and that we should just get through the line to ride it. Anabelle cowered out of it, because she thought it would go straight down. But to me, King, and my brother, Matthew, the ride was freaking awesome! It was like the Run Away River, except without pitch black darkness. I didn’t find any handles to hold on, so I just laid against the floor of the raft and yelled “holy sh*t” a couple of times when I would fall over. But, overall, it was a very, very good ride. We went back, and waited for my mom and sisters to get back from the Lazy River. King, Matthew, and I waited for approximately 30 or 25 minutes.

When we found them, we left back home, and ended our journey. We stayed at White Waters until 8 or 7 o’clock in the evening. We dropped him off at home, and went inside to cool off. We watched an episode of the Middle, ate popcorn and than went to bed. Nice and decent day. When I go on the Cliffhanger though, I’ll have pictures of it! Mark my words!


2 comments on “Going To White Waters with King

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  2. Ice says:

    This makes everything so cmopleetly painless.

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