Some Friends Go Overboard

Since I’m too lazy, I’m going to give you a short summary of what happened today.

I woke up, ate breakfast. Than I played Portal 2 on the computer for 40 minutes and than went outside.

I met Savino and King, along with my brother outside.

I watched Savino and King play basketball, while debating about Six Flags White Waters.

Eventually I just went with King, Savino and Logan under my front-yard tree. Where it was very shady at the time, and had less mosquitoes.

Christian than came, in which everybody grunted.

He started to get smart with us and said freakin’ in all of his sentences (in which he said it was supposed to cover his cussing).

We all than started to defend our kind (brothers and sisters and family members).

Than eventually chased him off.

When I went inside and watched Madagascar Escape 2 Africa, Christian came back and just barged into my house.

He forced me to come outside and was forcing me to go into places he only went into.

I wanted to talk with Nicholos’s mom more about horror movies, but Christian was too whiny.

Eventually I went to set out for Brian, but unfortunately, I saw him with Chelsea. Now, the person I hated.

She made rumors about me liking her, and all that crap.

Than Chelsea’s sister and Thierry and Kerry became very annoying.

Making fun of me (at that point, I wanted to use the Cruciates Curse).

We went into Thierry’s house.

Than Andy (Thierry’s cousin) put icecream on Theirry.

Thierry smacked a cup on Andy’s mouth, in which he bled.

Andy pushed Thierry and he grunted so baby-like.

Than the group ding-dong-ditched as Michael, my brother, and I did not.

Then when Chelsea was going to throw apples with Brian at some houses, Michael came to set things right.

And of course the bitch Chelsea (and yes, I used that cuss word as an adjective, lol) said that he could decide whatever he wanted.

I said shut-up, and that shut her up for awhile.

Eventually, I figured out how to deal the problem with Michael and Brian, in which Thierry thought I was a piece of trash and just said to go away.

The rest of the time, we just played Volley Ball, and that was it.


2 comments on “Some Friends Go Overboard

  1. Oreo says:

    wow that is crazzziiiiiii

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