Dad’s Birthday-Olive Garden

Today was a very bright and great day. In the morning, I got up and brushed my teeth to get ready for my normal activities. Though, today was a special day. A rather peculiar day. Today was the day that my Dad turned 38. So, for his birthday, I decided to do some chores today, such as: cleaning the dishes, cleaning my room, spraying and clearing up the mess on the mirrors, clear the table, and brush through all of the dusty spaces, like the bottom of the keyboard and some parts of the desk for our computer. I wasn’t able to complete all of that before Dad got home from the gym, but I was able to do most of it without my dad noticing.

I just received yesterday, or probably today The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring book. The first part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. I was really ecstatic when I first received the audio DVD and the small book, but what really was exciting was how amazingly deep and descriptive the book was. I only wished I could read and finish about 100 or 150 pages a day. But, I knew, from the back of my mind, that this book was needed only for school (it was the only reason I got the book in the first place). I had to read 2 chapters for the start. And boy, that book has some long chapters. No wonder for a book that has 400 or 500 pages that there is only 10 chapters.

During school, when I was reading the book, Dad was enjoying the Market today, Mom was cheering for Dad, and Matthew and Anabelle were capering upstairs. It was rather distracting to have all that noise around while I was very focused in reading the book. But, a little of difficulty in reading wasn’t going to stop me; especially for just some noises. So, as I read hard and paid attention to the book, I was experiencing a rich and vast world of Hobbits. My favorite character, though, was Frodo, the heir of Bilbo, and Gandalf, the great wizard I always admired. Once I arrived at the second chapter, which was already far in page 45 or 50, I decided to just take a break, grab a sample of grapes, and probably just watch the new neighbor’s aviary for awhile once I’m done with noting down my Travel Portfolio.

I got a little picture of the birds cooping up and eating some food in the aviary. So, I decided I should share it with you.

Fascinating, aren't they?

They’re really beautiful, I just wish my parents had enough money to just spend on non-valuable things such as these birdhouses and other small animal houses. Well, after I was done gazing at the aviary for awhile, I decided to just get the Travel Portfolio done. But, still, there was a lot to note down, and I just seemed to pressured at the moment, so once I came to the point at researching Spain and Italy . . . I took a break for awhile. I went upstairs in my room, and decided to just rest my head for a few minutes. I didn’t really have anything I wanted to do. Even though I did have my Harry Potter books, I still did not want to read any of it. But, than I remembered–I still had my Rollerblades that I got from yesterday at the Thrift Store.

Yeah . . . Maybe that’ll be a good idea. So, eventually, after a minute’s decision, I put on my Rollerblades, and decided to try them on the street with my brother, Matthew. I was really good in the Thrift Store, mostly because of the flat, and tiled floor, but on the street it was a bit difficult for me. Matthew had to help me a bit with my anxiousness and taught me how to skate properly. After learning how to go down a driveway lump without falling, I had to learn how to go down the street without falling off. Failing attempts occurred, lot’s of hurtful and pain-edging accidents happened when I was trying to work it out. But, for once in my life, I actually kept on going, and stood like a man.

I skated with the rest of my family, meaning: Patricia, Anabelle and Matthew. My Dad was still busy with the Market and enjoying my Mom’s helpful encouragement. It was sort of awkward for me, but at this point, I was like “whatever”. After Roller-blading an hour or two, I went inside and tried to finish my Pre-Algebra properly. But, somehow, I got so stuck in the situation. Pre-Algebra was just getting so hard, and so much work was assigned. I was already busy with other things, such as my upcoming exams, Spring Scantron, and Planet Brochure I have to write to my homeroom teacher, due May 23rd. Eventually around noon, we went to the Piedmont Park for my sister Patricia, because she wanted to meet her homeroom teacher (my last year’s homeroom teacher), Ms. Riley. Especially this boy she liked, called Jackson.

When they met, Jackson hugged her, than they both took a picture with from Jackson’s mom’s camera, and than the event started. I listened to a speaker that had just recently gone to the White House to see the president and the first lady. And, when we left, my sister told me she didn’t like Jackson as much anymore. Because he wasn’t as slim and much of an athletic body like I had. But really, I thought they were perfect for each other.

Eventually, after almost trying to read the second chapter of the Lord of the Rings, we went to Olive Garden to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. Ms. Amy and Mr. Victor was invited, along with Mr. Darren and Ms. Donna and last but not least, the Savvy family and their daughter, Sharyl. Whom I adored always. We had a blast, talking and laughing, and getting to know each other. Plus, the food was amazing. I would say the day ended pretty well. After such an appetizer, I couldn’t eat any Birthday Cake that the Olive Garden gave specially to my Dad because of his birthday. We went home, calmed down, and went to bed.


14 comments on “Dad’s Birthday-Olive Garden

  1. Tiara Putri says:

    wow happy birthday to your father ^^
    nice pic by the way ^^

  2. nayyirnensi says:


  3. They are beautiful. My favorite birds (that I named myself after) are Barn Swallows. We have lots of them where I live and I love the way they swoop (dance) in and out of the traffic at intersections eating the insects and dodging the cars like they were slow pokes.

    • Andrew says:

      Barn Swallows? For a second I was about to go research that name on Google. But, than I reread the comment, and realized you named it yourself. They seem like interesting creatures though.

      • No, Barn Swallows are their real name. It’s just that many people call them sky dancers because they’re so agile and quick and dart around so fast that it almost looks like they’re dancing in the sky; so I got my name Skydancer from that since I love Barn Swallows so much.

        I think Barn Swallows are the coolest birds on earth. I once saw 3 Barn Swallows driving a hawk away from their nest and the hawk was completely over-whelmed and couldn’t touch them! 🙂

      • Andrew says:

        A-ha! Now i understand. It’s where you get your WordPress name! 😀

  4. Oh yeah. Happy birthday to your Dad too! 🙂

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