A Friend Drama (It’s All About Friends Today)

What’s going to be very different about today’s post is that it won’t be a day based on me. It’s going to be a day based on my friends and my sister, Patricia. While, I have not been posting, Patricia has been hooking up her own friends (which means dropping her old friend, which I’m pretty sure you know already). And I kind of like her selection. Their nice. Their polite. Their just perfect enough for Patricia; the only problem is that they go through a daily girl drama. Nothing I don’t want to be concerned or investigate into. I usually just let Patricia do her own wise decisions. But, forget the general information . . . let’s get to the day . . .

I had the weirdest dream after I woke up. I was dreaming about being chased by a little Japanese/Chinese girl about my little sister, Anabelle’s age. She wore the same exact clothes, makeup, and expression everyday she would watch me maliciously. But, one day, when I figured out somehow in the dream that she was a ghost, I decided to do something vicious and evil. When she appeared in the back of a car when me and my sister and my friend, Jordan were waiting in the car, I grabbed the girl’s neck and threw her against the car floor. I kept choking her, until eventually, she was forming into a lady. But, when she took the full form, she was dead. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!

So, as I knew she turned into the Grudge girl, she had the grudge on me, and she followed me around, killed my friends, and than killed me. I woke up, scared in the night, seeing illusions of her, and sweating a lot.

The rest of the day was occupied by school, loads of essays, and my brochure I had to write. Oh and on the happy note, I have to write a Travel Brochure or report for my school on 7 places. Which is retarded and more difficult for me. In two days I have Final exams and my Spring Scantron, which is when I have to take Math and Reading. That Scantron is going to be very important for me because it’s going to count on whether or not if I’m going to advanced classes next year. So, yeah, a lot of work, a lot of occupation. When I got to my friends, turns out they were already in a group. It was Brian, Chelsea and Angel together in a group, and when they saw me, they ran to me like wildebeests. They told me though, that they had just made a bonfire, and instinctively, I went berserk. I know how this works. Eventually, you make a fire, and than you end up making a crazy fire that goes out of control, and bla bla bla, you know how it ends. But, when they told me it was being done on a river, so they would be able to extinguish it, I calmed.

Maybe they were able to mollify me, but, I wasn’t able to calm them, when the drama with Chelsea’s school life with my sister, Patricia’s friends got BIG. When I went with Chelsea and Brian (because Angel got in trouble for asking his parents, instead of sneaking out, the matches) we got into a huge argument. Well, mostly Chelsea, but, you get me, I defended her. She has an awesome personality, even though she’s like 9 or 10. I asked Lesley, the girl whom has a HUGE crush on me, why she was wearing such short, short booty shorts outside in public. Eventually, some boys in a different yard started looking down there, well, you know where, and looked really dreamy. So, I told Lesley about it, and she seemed infuriated. That’s when the argument came on. Tina, the fatty friend of my sister, Patricia, started threatening Chelsea by punching her and telling the principal. But, I do know that Tiny does bad stuff to Chelsea, so actually Chelsea wins this one. And to top it off, Patricia’s friend was there. She kept staring at us, looking like she was mooning, and eating her food, which really disgusted Chelsea and me.

Eventually, we just left, and tried to make a bonfire, but man, we couldn’t, and I overheard on the other side of the neighborhood, that Patricia’s friend was arguing constantly with the others. I told Brian and Chelsea, and unfortunately, Angel about it. Brian and Angel and I listened, and to conclude it all, we clapped, and said “Bravo!”. When Tylar, the girl my sister and her friends were at right now put the radio on, and Fireworks went on. It was so annoying. So, Brain and I just sang, OUT LOUD, Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. Eventually, they yelled back shut up, and Chelsea was just becoming irritating, constantly asking and figure out how to make the bonfire. She was so desperate, she asked anybody who was smoking for their lighter. Unfortunately, we didn’t get the fire on, so, eventually we went to Angel’s, but I decided to go, since I was late. So, yeah, I went home, and the day ended.

12 comments on “A Friend Drama (It’s All About Friends Today)

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    …… you stole my “bla bla bla”

    • Andrew says:

      I’ve never seen/heard you say bla bla bla in one of your posts. Maybe once, but I only copy your things if you say them a lot like you did with dun dun dunnnnn!!! But, I just came up with the bla bla bla in this post. And I have been using bla bla bla in my posts since last year!

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    yeh that.
    but ive had many retard moments in the past -_-

  3. marykatebillings13 says:

    of course! if i was crazy in the bad way id be car jacking people, spray painting peoples houses, and a bunch of other crap. (:

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