Perfume Business and Harry Potter

Today was a bit dramatic and irritating for me. Rachael and Anabelle made obnoxious noises that kept me up from 4 AM, till 9 AM, without sleep. It may not seem like much to you, but, since I haven’t gotten used to waking up early in the morning anymore, this made me extremely tired and vague. My eyes blurred up everything, and I felt slightly light headed. So, when Rachael and Anabelle left the extremely small room to go outside and eat breakfast, along with everybody else, I decided to take a short nap. The cool part was the fact that I had a dream. After such a long time!

I was in a picture. Holding a pickaxe and a hog’s head (ironically, there’s a chapter from Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix that is called the hog’s head), and grinning rather reluctantly. It sort of made feel powerful and muscular. Well eventually, that moment ceased to exist. I dreamt about being back in the church corridor I was in yesterday during church. 5 kids were walking by . . . most of them looked tall, handsome and especially beautiful, wearing silhouette clothes.  I almost assumed this scrawny and untidy looking middle schooler was Harry Potter, so I ran up to him and wanted to say something . . . to my least expectation was that the face formed into Samara, AKA, the Ring girl. I immediately backed up and jumped out a big window. Though, jumping out of the window wasn’t my decision . . . the dream sort of made me do it, making me wake up once I fell onto the grassy floor.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to eat breakfast, unless, I wanted to take an apple or a banana. So, I just pulled a small and plump apple and read a bit more of Harry Potter. To my LEAST expectation, I got all the way near page 800, while my mom finished the Prisoner of Azkaban and moved on to the Goblet of Fire. Essentially we talked for about an hour about the book and tried to predict when the 2nd part of the Deathly Hallows book was going to be published.

I’m almost about to finish this book, which makes me feel great. Moving on to a couple of hours of reading and sitting around, eating fruits and vegetables, I decided to go into the pool. Honestly, I don’t know why my eyes are blurring up as fast and as bad as it was the first and second time I went into the pool, and had my eyes open. For the past days, dad and Eugen had been watching the Market, which started to get really annoying, so mom decided to change to That 70’s Show. I just love that show, even the old episodes are hilarious. Though, I’d still suggest no one under the age of 13 or that plans on cleansing their life early, should watch this show. It may have some inappropriate content.

My sister and Alexandra (Alexandra is talking the F.C.A.T.; sort of like the CRCT, except for Florida) made an amazingly good perfume for woman, specially, that has an beautiful aroma. I don’t remember what they called their product, but it seemed like a really relevant title and a good idea. I gave them some business ideas on how to progress all the way into a successful perfume business. I decided to be their ‘techno dude’, as Alexandra called me. Though, I wasn’t paying attention to what they said they were going to be costing the product because I was listening to the song Stuck Like Glue. I loved the song, especially that Sugarland sings it and is good at it. 😀

An Aggravating Sunday (O.M.G)

Oh my God. I haven’t been this aggravated, ever, on a Sunday. It’s just very abnormal. Irritating. Mostly aggravating. But, besides all of my rambling and ranting, it’s gone very well in the end. Let’s just hope tomorrow ends the same, except for the aggravating beginning.

We weren’t going to the same church we would usually have gone to, whenever we were over at Suzanna’s house. This time, we were going to a community church, to try something new for a change. I think it’s because my mom and dad just don’t get the same flow from Suzanna’s church as they do in North Point Community church. I would agree under some small circumstances. Unfortunately, to my least expectation, this was the biggest and widest area church I’ve ever seen. There were many large corridors in the small buildings and there were many different buildings in the area for each separate grade level such as high-schoolers, middle schoolers and elementary students. The middle school building was rather big and had much more things than I had anticipated. Once the light-brownish headed woman (as I predicted was in her teenage years) had pulled my dad and I into the building, I was amazed by the architect and all the beautiful colors. There was one room filled with lot’s of tall looking girls (it made me feel nervous), and a kitchen, along with a big flat-screen TV. Eventually, when the light-brown headed girl was chattering and giggling with the other girls, they led me up a huge stair case towards a bigger 3 story building.

It was really big. There were several flat-screen TVs that owned an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 in them. I ignored them reluctantly, since I wasn’t in the mood for video-games. There were 3 groups of kids, well, not much actually. There were these 2 kids that the teenager had led my dad and I too. They looked nerdy and sort of ugly. I’m sorry if I was being judgmental, but, you’ll see why. I was forced to play Pool with them. I was good in general. Not an expert as I had expected . . . but I was pretty okay. Though, they kept calling each other retard, and eventually insulted me. I’m sorry for being too emotional, if that’s what you think . . .

So, eventually, when there was no one to escort me to the Worship area, I had to figure out whether or not where I was supposed to go, and wander. Everybody laughed at me, and so did those nerdy lunatics. Some guys that I had just seen earlier also was throwing rubber bands. An emo blonde headed chick kept staring at me periodically. The preacher was really speaking inappropriately about giving birth of the baby and I thought the details were rather uncomfortable, and plus, to the girls’ excitement, they showed a picture for a slideshow of a guy, without his shirt flexing all of his abs and muscles. They were all saying awwww and that sort of crap. So, that leads to my unsuccessful day. The day went on pretty boring because when we went to Best Buy, there were barely any good products, and that the stupid laptops didn’t have any internet connection. We went home afterwards . . . rest of the day was crap. I don’t know how to put in words.

I felt so lonely, we went to the park, I felt like crap. Than we went to Cici’s Pizza. There was a 7th grade looking girl with dark-skin and long black hair who kept at staring at me dreamily . . . it helped my mood, especially when I had discussed with my mom on my standardized needs to please other people, at the pharmacy. It was a good day in the end . . . I guess.

Drama and ‘How To Train Your Dragon’

Nobody (I don’t literally mean it) can right now experience what I am going through right now. I mean . . . I just feel so pressured, irritated, sad and angry. I’m not gloomy or depressed. I am just really confused. Nothing interesting had happened lately . . . I was just reading Order of the Phoenix for a few minutes. I accomplished getting all the way toward page 634. I am very close to edging near the end. My mom had already progressed to The Prisoner of Azkaban. Man, she’s a really fast reader. I just know she won’t catch up to me. It’s logical.

Though, around the afternoon, the baby, Brooke got picked up from her mother, while I was outside with my only friend, whom was a boy. His name was Nathan. Also, what was interesting was that when Nathan and I were having a conversation in the front of the house, when all of the sudden, Sebastian’s son, Matthew (it’s supposed to be pronounced in French), was walking around and than all of the sudden . . . Suzanna walked up behind him and grabbed Matthew by one arm, throwing him in the air into her arms. Nathan and I just gasped in a horrified look. We both knew that was illegal to manhandle another child that was not yours.

But, what could I do about it?

Eventually around the afternoon we all played the Grudge game, because we were all so hyped up on the Grudge since for the past days we’ve been playing in the pool, the Grudge game. Everybody hated the fact that I was playing the Grudge girl because I was always making her kill sound whenever she would murder somebody, and they got scared. Sometimes, I just get really bored of these things. Eventually another neighbor came around and was using a bike. The father was awesome or just cool. He was actually a pretty good socializing person. Plus, Eugen (the wife of Suzanna) and Suzanna were having such a loud argument and loud bursts of tears. Wait, that didn’t sound right.

So, we had to wait an hour for them to stop the fight, so Eugen and Suzanna could leave and we could have the house to ourselves for awhile. My mom handled the bitch Joshua. I’m sorry for that. I just had to say it. Eventually, he just turned quiet, and we watched How To Train Your Dragon. It was an awesome movie to watch allover again. Honestly, I thought they made the movie pretty well. And I was greatly amazed by all the species of dragons and by Night Fury. I want Night Fury as my pet. Except I’ll call him Black Thunder! Epic name right? I’ve seen How To Train Your Dragon about 5 times, and watching it after awhile felt really good. It was so good, that even I hadn’t noticed that Eugen and Suzanna came home. Rachael and Joshua got into a very bloody and dramatic fight until the parents had to deal with it, and make sure they weren’t too close anymore. Odd.

I wasn’t able to read so much of my book . . . so I just closed the light, and fell asleep.

The Grudge

GENRE: Drama, Horror, Mystery & Suspense.

RATED: – for mature thematic material, disturbing images/terror/violence, and some sensuality.

DIRECTED BY: Takashi Shimizu

WRITTEN BY: Stephen Susco

RUNNING TIME: 1 hr. 30 min.

PLOT: An American nurse (Sarah Michelle Gellar) living in Tokyo purchases this strange and haunted house that is exposed with to a supernatural curse that takes back history 2 years ago. The supernatural curse that locks a person in a powerful rage before claiming their life and spreading to another victim. Kayako (Takako Fuji) the person whom was killed by her husband becomes the the supernatural curse and is said that her rage will kill and destroy anything it touches.

VERDICT: The Grudge was a huge hit because it had three things going for it: 1.) Sarah Michelle Geller, 2.) a teen-friendly PG-13 rating and 3.) an obvious, unspoken connection to The Ring (also a Japanese import remade for American audiences). As for this reviewer, those numbers add up to very little when the story is often incoherent and the horror elements are watered down. Sony’s work on this disc, however, is better than average.

VERDICT (MY REASON): I’ve got a grudge with The Grudge, but you may feel differently. 😀

Moodiness Takes Over Temporarily

I feel like Mad-Eye Moody. I feel a bit bi-polar, even though I’m not. I just don’t seem excited about much things anymore. I’m still ranting on about. the plastic plates that we were eating cereal and milk from, especially when I can still chew off the edge of the bowl. Plus, I’m still going on about the water that we’re drinking over here. It tastes completely like pool water. Even adding ice still makes it taste more like pool water. Sometimes, I just feel like it was just me and the Harry Potter series. After waking a beautiful sleep last night, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix for a short time and got near to page 600. I think I was at page 577. My mom had finished the Sorcerer’s Stone and is now moving to the Chamber of Secrets. My brother though has been just reading bits of pieces of the Sorcerer’s Stone and than moved on quickly to the Chamber of Secrets.

While having to ignore that and control my anger on Matthew, I decided to calm myself down and just relax on the bed. Unfortunately, my sister, Anabelle, and Rachael was making such a big noise across the house that I knew from that point on, I was not going to have a chance in sleeping or resting any time soon, unless they could calm down. Joshua was constantly whining and making such annoying crying noises. Sometimes that boy can behave. But, in most cases, he acts (I’m not saying he is) like a selfish brat.

So, under all of that stress and annoying noises, I decided to write on my new book I’m working on since I have no chance in writing on my old book that I have told you guys about . . . the Troughs. Unfortunately, I didn’t feel like I was doing a great job, and I was just bored. Why?! I was thinking to myself constantly. I was not satisfied at all. Had I been selfish? Was I acting selfish? To me I felt like I was doing the write thing and trying not to be selfish brat. Hours passed of constant boredom, and I still felt no difference. Eventually when my mom said we were going to Marshalls and I had to reluctantly go, I admitted that I was moody . . . again. I felt like I was going to burst of stress. When we left to Marshalls, I was the utmost disgusted by the kind of artful designs they had on the dresses and clothing.

They had no taste, or at least it wasn’t my taste. The only interesting artifact and dress I could find was this one dress with polyester fabric and had red spots sprayed across the dress. Also what I found that was interesting was this blue colored shell that was amazingly huge and had big spikes. I didn’t feel moody afterwards when we went to books-a-million. It had the whole collection of Harry Potter books in hard cover or paperback and Percy Jackson series. Ah . . . I remember the good times . . . the times when I read those set of books the first time. It was such a good idea. Now that I think back, it was the best book I’ve ever read in my experience (my reading experience isn’t well, so don’t immediately think it’s good for you).

I decided, out of the blue, to take some pictures of my laptop so you can get a better idea on how it looks…

101_0444  101_0443

Swimming Pool

While the whole world is worrying about serious problems such as their business problems, family famine, Japan’s unexpected earthquake and tsunami, Libya’s Revolution, I’m worrying about whether or not I’m going to finish the Harry Potter series soon. I don’t have the Half-Blood Prince book, and my sister’s friend, Alexandra does. If we predict to leave in two weeks and I’m at page 511 on the Order of the Phoenix, I better start going twice as fast if I want to finish that 854 page book. What I think so far is that the movie portrayed the book horribly. They skip out so many important and marvelous events in the movies, such as when I read in the book that Neville Longbottom’s parents aren’t dead. They were only driven into insanity. Also, Gilderoy Lockhart is still around and is regaining his lost memory because of Ron’s malfunctioned wand, back in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Otherwise, I’m progressing very well through the book.

Sleeping wasn’t such an easy thing to do last night. The temperature was so hot inside the house that my skin started to sweat in the middle of the night, making it a lot harder for me to sleep. I didn’t even have an alternative to keep me distracted from the creepy, dark corner in the room that was constantly making thudding noises, making me half scared to death. Rachael and Anabelle (in the top bunk bed) kept moving in their sleep, making the bed shake and eventually . . . making me shake.

So, besides my uncomfortable sleep, I had other problems on my mind. Florida water, or at least the water I was drinking in the house tasted like pool water. I had to put cubes of ice in the water to make it taste a bit more like normal water. Now, I would really like some bottled water, instead of sink water. Plus, from time to time, I would want to go to a website or use my documents, but the internet connection here is not as fast as we have it in Georgia. Overall, Florida is not that exciting, except for some pictures I took of the outside when it was said on the news their was a tornado warning.

 101_0441 101_0442

Awfully, nothing really happened except for the swimming pool event. Nathan, the only neighbor who was a kid, came over. I kind of like the guy. But, he makes me worry for some reason. He just doesn’t make me seem comfortable. But, otherwise, the guy is nice. We swam in the pool for awhile, organized a championship game, and than it ended in the defeat for my family. Alexandra won the game. Oh and guess what? In Florida, their Spring Break has ended! How nice! I took some benchmark swimming and than taught my brother, Matthew some water moves. That was all. Nothing new. I just hope that a tornado hits tomorrow so I can get something juicy.

Fishing Tournament (Fisher #1 #2 #3)

It was a really cold and damp day when I woke up at 7 o’clock in the morning on Sunday. I was awaken, unfortunately, because of Anabelle and Rachael’s obnoxious noises. Matthew was taking a lot of space in the bottom bunk bed that we both slept in. It was about time when Suzanna, the lady owner of the house, came around and wore fancy clothes, that I realized today was church day.

On weekdays, we wouldn’t be wearing such fancy clothes, unless it is a special event (I usually wear my baggy shorts or long smooth polyester pants), I don’t enjoy wearing jeans in the morning, or the evening, but it was church day. So, I wore them. My mom gave me some sort of shirt that felt really comfortable on me. I was able to move furtively for my mom to forget eventually that she was supposed to put some hair gel on to do my hair. I just can’t stand wearing that gel, especially when it made me look embarrassed on church day.

I’m going to skip the details on how long it took for us to get ready and get straight to church. Church was as normal as ever. Nothing looked unusual, like always whenever I would arrive. The small radio was echoing its Christian music in the empty hall and the rooms for the whole church were busy with heavy chatter. A lot more teenagers were there than usual, that was a shock. I’m going to be honest, I noticed the girls more than the boys there. I just liked the fact that most of those girls were blonde, so I was not the only one with blonde hair. I decided to stay while the preacher was teaching everybody, while the rest of my family members (besides my mom and dad) went to the kids section of the church. It was sort of boring listening to the preacher, yet I felt some sympathy with the guy when he said he had a bad life and that God helped him.

When he asked people who wanted a new start in their life to stand up, I didn’t because I felt I have not yet experienced enough life. I don’t think I will anyways.

When church ended, I took a doughnut (I had already taken 3 doughnuts) . . . I’ve got such a big appetite. Lol. I talked a bit with the bass guitar player, I knew the guy through my parents, and asked politely if I could use his bass guitar after I was fretting on the piano. I didn’t think he was going to turn on the amp. So, everybody in the room heard. Some eyes, especially a group of girls, had their eyes on me. I started picking and strumming on the bass guitar softly since I didn’t want to make such a loud noise. I was actually making pretty good sounds, the bass guitarist helped me a bit and we laughed a couple of times when I failed to make a note. Overall, it was a good play. I jokingly planned some bass guitar lessons, but I don’t think my dad and the bass guitarist took it seriously. Whatever.

The rest of the details, that my sister won the swimming competition, aren’t that important right now since this post is getting too long. We went to the ocean, had some tournament for my dad, Eugen (I guess his best friend) and the bass guitarist. Fortunately I uploaded some pictures so you guys can check it out.

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Florida Is On My Mind

Yes, I arrived safely into Florida. Thanks for those who prayed for me safe travels (which is something I would highly doubt). But, anyways, I’ll keep you updated later, and all I wanted to say is that I arrived in Florida. And so far, it is awesome!