Illusions of Horror Movies

Yes, I am a person write now that is addicted to horror movies, and I just love how somehow in the end, when I really fucking scared and I figure out how to find the horror character’s weakness, I want to see more horror movies. A few weeks or probably months ago I was freaking scared of the movie called The Ring. When I first watched it, and heard that there was a 2nd Ring, I did not want to watch the second movie. I felt so scared, that I was already under big pressure of illusions. But, than I started watching, bits by bits a movie called Scary Movie. It turned out to make the characters hilarious.

After seeing the movie making fun of the character a lot, I decided to watch the 2nd Ring. I was still anxious about it, but I was brave enough to do it. When I saw it, I was freaked out, but the movie had a good ending, and plus, in the movie, the main character would actually have the guts to put Samara down. Once when she (the main character) got her foot caught by Samara, she hit a rock and a fountain of water hit Samara’s face, making her plummet down the well they were in. Eventually, when Samara got up and started crawling up te well and accelerating her crawling speed, Racheal (the main character) out of the blue said: “I’m not your f*cking mommy” and cealed up the well so Samara wouldn’t kill anybody. It was good and happy ending. Lot’s of people died. But, all was well.

The worst thing I could’ve expected was that I watched during Science, Social Studies and ALP Math CCS, a bunch of horror movie trailers. I only got The Shining, Freddy Cougar, Jason (heard of them), Frankenstien, Dracula, When A Stranger calls (now that movie scared the shit out of me), and than I saw this other trailer of a movie called, “One Missed Call”. I watched the trailer and all I could do was skip through some scary parts of somebody killing somebody else like in the movie, “Prom Night”. But, than I decided to watch the 2nd Grudge and 3rd Grudge trailer. Oh my God, after watching that, I started to see Ju-On behind corners and expect her to crawl down the stairs and kill me. So, throughout the past school time I heard the echoing sound in my ears and had day-dreamed her coming up to me.

Surprising, my first day dream in my whole life. Now, I know how it seems so real. So, after that, I went with mom around the thrift store for awhile and than went back home to watch a movie called Ponyo. It has amazing animation. After that, my mom started on the book of the Sorcerer’s Stone and so far she’s at page 90 already. Maybe she might catch up to me. But, I exceeded 100 pages in my Order of the Pheonix book. It was awesome. Hagrid is also awesome with his dialogue.

22 comments on “Illusions of Horror Movies

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    we go to thrift stores too! We go to this one goodwill and i think its in woodstock and its near a dunkin’ doughnuts….. she has to bribe me to go.

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    I would be taking advantage of that every single day!!! πŸ˜€

  3. marykatebillings13 says:

    ha ya i did. I just haven’t been on in a while so i havent gotten to comment or anything like that.

  4. marykatebillings13 says:

    believe in what?

  5. marykatebillings13 says:

    i know right! the world wouldnt turn without them!

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