Moodiness Takes Over

I was so moody today. Oh my God, I didn’t even feel like telling you guys that I was this moody. ย That’s really how moody I’ve gotten. But, I’ll explain and tell you guys about it, becuase this is where I write down my feelings.

Well, in the beginning of the morning, when my dad woke me up for CCS starting soon, I decided to listen to this artist I haven’t heard about called Avril Lavigne. I think Sammy put a couple of songs of her. Besides that, I hardly know the girl. I listened to her song, “what the hell!” and well, I’m not interested. Plus, the mood didn’t help because I had to stay up all night because I started to hear scratching noises on my closet door and how it would slightly open. So, Avril Lavigne, thanks a lot for helping me! (BTW, if you didn’t get it, I was being sarcastic) So, when I started Language Arts CCS (on Wednesdays there aren’t any ALP Language Arts CCS), I had to wait for about 15 minutes for the teacher to handle her 7 year old child.

It was a bit annoying for Sabourah, Jacob and I. Though, we just went with it. Nicci Peters, our Language Arts teacher, was more giving us assingments than teaching. People in team J, had to write a Persuasive Essay. People in team I, had to write a Research Report. People in team G, had to make a slideshow of pictures for a presentation next week. My team, team H, had to write an essay on anything we wanted. We had to write short ones during class, and take notes from the links the teacher gave us. I think the class took 45 to 50 minutes. Usually it would take 35 or 40 minutes. But, it was a bit longer because of all the students in the class studying. Quickly when I finished my first 3 paragraphs on Emperor Penguins, I got out of that CCS and moved into Science CCS.

Chat was sort of depressing, my girlfriend and I were hardly talking because we were busy with things, and plus my friend Mary was getting all street talkin’ in the chat box. Also, her name with a heart at the end seemed to have interested a student called Cara and somebody else called Makayla. They did the same, which sickened me. I wonder when JB is going to pop up into our school and woo all the girls. Science was also very dull. Dr. Brad Johnson had a sort of cold, if I’m right, and he would keep moaning on the microphone or would have to turn it off so he could cough and than turn it back on. I didn’t really get what we were learning in Science class. I skipped both Social Studies and Math CCS. Tomorrow I’ll probably do both of those. I don’t know yet.

Skipping both of those classes made me feel moody. So, I just did the last assignment on Study Island, and passed it. I still had the essay to finish due tomorrow. So, it took me about ti’ll 3:50 PM to finish it. I had to investigate (for a part of Earth Science) an experiement and than write a procedure. When I was having difficulty picking an experiement, the song “What the hell!” by Avril Lavigne kept popping in my head. It was really annoying at the time. So, I listened to Blessthefall and Asking Alexandra. I was the least estatic when I had to do allover again Probability in odds today. Plus, the Social Studies lesson we learned was pretty boring. So, when I finished everything, and than finished getting into an argument with Matthew about showingoff, I went outside.

Spent some time with the neighbors and the new neighbor Jeremiah. When I made my own base with my family and Jeremiah, it became complete chaos. Patricia’s friend was making fun of people, constantly slapping, threatened to hurt someone with a pocket knife and also said Matthew sucked dick. Well, I was pissed off. I eventually outspoken Savino until he blacked out. Eventually we figured that Jeremiah was bi-polar. His mood expression changed so quickly. Patricia’s friend was trying to tell him to make him feel better that she wasn’t really going to stab him. When I told her about how she said you suck dick to Matthew she said no I didn’t, she said “I don’t suck dick!”. What a prick and a liar. Jeremiah told Patricia’s friend to go away. But, she just wouldn’t.

And to make things better, she wanted to tell all of us, how she had a bad life. WTF?! That’s all I can say. I went home after the incident, and watched this depressing movie, and I got so moody throughout American Idol, and than had stomach pain, so I had to drink Vinegar. I went to bed after that. Not such an interesting day.

24 comments on “Moodiness Takes Over

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    #1: You didn’t know avril lavigne?!?
    #2: you seriously drank vinegar…… barf XP

  2. Vinegar for stomach pain!?!?! That’s the exact opposite for me. Vinegar CAUSES stomach pain.

    btw: What happened to Mary Wexel? She deleted her blog.

    • Andrew says:

      How does Vinegar cause stomach pain? Vinegar usually clears out the stomach and makes it feel better.
      And Nayyir deleted her blog, because when he removed me off as an author on her blog, I asked to be back as one, and he deleted it before I could be an author.

      • Vinegar is very acidic and my stomach is very sensitive to anything acidic. That includes vinegar, orange juice, ESPECIALLY lemonade, etc.

        So you and Nayyir are fighting again? ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

      • Andrew says:

        Your stomach is very sensitive to anything acidic. Not mine. Vinegar in my perspective of biology actually clears up clogs of food, drinks etc in the stomach and makes the digestion process easier and quicker without pain.

  3. unknown says:

    hi andrew this is mary and sawwie but since i started hangin with the HS my vocab changed sawwie i havnt been on n forevs i nanny some of r friends kids so i have been rlly busy! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Andrew says:

      Oh hey, Mary. How’s life? What’s the word? ๐Ÿ˜€
      Yeah, yeah, I know, you mention the HS a LOT.
      And really, you’re vocabulary HAS been like this.
      And yeah, I know you babysit like I do.
      And I pretty much assumed that you were busy. Or otherwise, you would’ve fixed your blog or commented.

      • Oreo says:

        ya lolz anyway sawwie i havnt said anything back anwyay life is good wbu? and im like rlly happy atm cause i almost aced the reading final exam i missed 2 question!!!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Andrew says:

        Cool. I guess. And HEY, my friend is nicknamed Oreo. Did you steal her name?! ๐Ÿ˜€ lol just kidding.

      • Oreo says:

        lolz i ment 2 say 1 so ya lolz XD

      • Andrew says:

        lol ya! Even though that was not funny. But, what the hell. Lol ya! (sarcasm)

      • Oreo says:

        haha well i got dat nickname from my friend who is 8th grade nickhe said i was black on the inside but wjite on the outside just cause im “sassy” lolz

      • Andrew says:

        lol, that’s all I’m gonna say.

      • Oreo says:

        lolz mmhmm nick is craaaaaazy but i wuv him btw i mean like a friend thats mine and my friends thing we just say ily ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Andrew says:

        Are you talking about my friend Nick? Or yours? And yeah, I learned that from Elizabeth. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. unknown says:

    oh btw i might not answer cause the boys keep shutting down my comp so sawwie

  5. unknown says:

    i have 2 go

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