I’m sorry to say this so unfortunately… but I’m not going to have the time or have the energy to post two times for the day before yesterday’s information. I’m sorry, WordPress was somehow acting up strangely, so I sent them an e-mail and they immediately sent back, telling me that I would have to wait for awhile. It was about 4 or 5 hours of waiting. But, than when the problem was taken care of, I was already getting ready for bed. So, I am deeply sorry if this affected you at  all in anyway. But, in the meantime, I will be able to post to you about yesterday.

When I woke up yesterday, um… it wasn’t too pleasant. My parts were watery, don’t ask me how that happened and plus I felt really drowsy and sticky. Like being stuck upside down in a web. It just felt like that. So, immediately when I woke up for full time CCS, since yesterday (referring to March 21, 2011) there weren’t an CCS. First was ALP Language Arts CCS. Since Nicci Peters wasn’t available at the time, her substitute teacher, one of the dullest of them all, Ms. Bey had to teach. Her voice made me want to sleep or just want to get active. Though, I felt as if not listening to music. So, I unpredictedly pulled out my Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince book. I didn’t really read it… I just flushed through pages and tried tto look for something important.

I noticed that Harry Potter in the book got excellent grades on every subject in O.W.L.s, except for History of Magic and Divination. Though, I expected he would fail Divination since it seemed so uninteresting to him (and including me). Once, ALP Language Arts was over… I layed on my leaving room couch, and decided to just think more about Hydroelectricity and Biomass. The Fukushima plant explosion kept going through my head and popping in my mind. So, when chat was starting to get ready in Earth Science, I immediately got on to talk to my girlfriend. Luckily, she’s not too dull and not too bossy as I expect people like her to be. This might be the best relationship I’ve ever been in in my life.

The last Study Island assignment I had due March 28th kept haunting me. Even though, it was a simple subject. Social Studies. During the end of chat time some kids started to rant on about Justin Bieber and how they hated him. I had a plan, but I hadn’t yet sorted it out properly. So, I had to think it through, through class. We were reviewing today for our 2nd Semester review. Tomorrow, we were having our 2nd Semester Exam reviews. I’m not so ready for the Spring Scantrons or the 2nd Semester exams. I’m just not. I’m, eh… okay for the CRCT. But, not the Scantron or the exams. So, when they mentioned about that, I almost about fainted. Though, I was able to survive throughout the class and throughout the talk with a student called Ivy and my girlfriend.

I skipped Social Studies CCS, just for the heck of it. I was 10 minutes late for ALP Math CCS. I looked over the Facebook status my school friends were putting. It seemed like a really bad class. Bad teaching. Just like I expected.

Later on, after school was all done, I got a prank call by Nayyir. I’m like what the fuck? What did I ever do to you? Lol. That phrase reminded me of a hilarious Grudge video I watched that made fun of The Grudge girl and than at the end, the victim said “What did I ever do to you?!”. It was hilarious. So, after we got 3 prank calls from him, I went outside, spent time with the neighbors reluctantly. I watched Lord of the Rings. It was epic in the beginning. Oldies are always good. Patricia’s friend and Nicholos was making fun and bullying the new kid who I talked to, and shaked hands. I’m going to have to defend somebody again. *rolls eyes*. We watched the best films of the history. It brought up the Matrix, Indiana Jones and Star Wars like we expected. 🙂


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