Let’s Start Focusing More On Libya

The Revolution

Okay, for the past days (I can’t believe I can’t keep track now of the days) I’ve been talking a lot about Japan’s recent destruction, tsunami destruction, etc. Only, so far, though, I hardly hear any breaking news or unsuspecting events happening except that ‘maybe’ some people are found “not dead”. Though, I have heard just today that America is dropping air strikes on Libya and that Libya has crashed down already one American airplane. Shocking, but true, and if you’re wondering why I haven’t been able to post was because I have been posting status on my website. So, it will work out like this. I will be posting here, but if I haven’t posted on a specific day than you have to immediately assume I posted status about that day on my website.

I am sorry if you were to dumb or too late to notice, but the link was shown on the previous post before this one. But, forget about my talk, let’s actually go back to talking about my day. When we left to go to church, I felt so embarassed or humiliated for some reason. Oddly, I thought church was like a public school. It was the ugliest thought in my mind. Although, I had that thought, I let my mom continue on with her work on my hair. I constantly think that whenever I go to church, that I am going to be criticized… made fun of. You know. But, unfortunately, when I arrived, Michael was there. Yay, it made things a lot better. When Michael and I got ready for sitting, Jonathon and his friend was behind us. So, we all bonded and plus, we were acting like best friends towards each other.

During the time, when we were laughing hoarsely, and while some teenage girls were giving us some intemedating looks, my ears started to hurt badly. I mean, like it felt like acid singing into my skin and screeching noise that would be unbearable. But, it faded away. Eventually, our small group leader came.. and man, he was really nice. Than Andrew came over to hang out with us, and than um… what was his name again? Hm.. oh yeah, Asa. We all stayed like a group except for August and Camron and Luke. Luke was trying to act to cool for us. So, I just ignored him. When Michael and I were speaking in disapproval of the rap music playing, some teenage girls said “Shutup!”. But, unluckily for them… they got into trouble with our small group leader. So, I had a peaceful day, with people that actually cared to listen to me and hang out with me in church.

So, than we went to small group, while the preachers had to talk privately to the girls about sexual immorality.

When we finished small group, the preachers than had to talk to the guys privately. But, what made us more pumped.. was when our WHOLE small group… even Luke, Camron, August and Eric were all defending me and hanging out with Michael as a friend and instead of an enemy. P-plus when they mentioned about terminator and how it relates to pornography and sexual temptation in an anology.

We finished church, and I watched as Libya news was on, and how missiles were still being shot anonymously at nothing, and hoping that the Libyans will hit another airplane. While that, my siblings were hanging out with Patricia’s perverted friend and also hanging out with the neighbors. I think they’re too stupid or too unbrave to stand up to those assholes. So, while they were outside blunting around, I was studying for my new assignment on “Interpretation on Political Cartoons”, and I also read a bit of my Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix book. It was really fun. Just myself… except for the fact that Patricia’s friend, who claimed herself in public schools to be bisexual kept entering and exiting our house. God, I get so annoyed by that egotistical prick. Eventually Simon saved me by asking me to the park. We walked 5 spins which was basically 4.75 miles around the park. We also asked money from his dad so we could walk across the busy street by ourselves to Race Trac and get Takis and food. We were able to get a lot with 5$. 😀

We left back home, had a great time, except that Patricia’s friend was around. Eventually, I ate a doughnut, Patricia’s friend left for popularity (basically to go to the big grouped kids) and also because there was a fire holocaust going on in our neighbor’s house. Overall, good day. Hope Libya gets better SOON.



12 comments on “Let’s Start Focusing More On Libya

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    We dont watch CNN – we either watch Channel 2 Action News (dun dun dunnnn) or Fox 5.

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    thats a big deal…..

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