We All Feel Sorry For You Japan!

My mind has been pondering for a long time about Japan’s destruction. I’ve already written two posts (and this is my third post) about it. Will the madness ever end? Turns out, more breaking news comes on about Japan’s destruction, and it ain’t good. I’ll just though, go on with what happened.

As usual on a Sunday we get ready for church. Unfortunately, I woke up by accident around 4 or 5 in the morning. So, it took me awhile or a few moments to go back to bed, and trust me, you do NOT want me to tell you the dream. It’s a bit inappropriate. Anyways, after what felt like 45 minutes my mom woke me up at 7 AM, to get ready for church. Turns out we were really early for everything and that Patricia’s friend hadn’t called up. Though, I knew that dad and mom was still going to pick her up. Guess what though? I was wrong! For the first time thinking about my relationship with dad/mom and Patricia’s friend was WRONG. My dad said they weren’t going to waste time going to Patricia’s friend’s house to pick her up when she hadn’t specifically asked us to pick her up.

Ahh… sometimes I love my parents.

Anyhow, when we passed by Patricia’s friend’s house I just felt so happy. Though, I had an iTouch right next to me. So, I guess I had to use it, or I’d be like what the heck is wrong with me? I played Urban Ninja for about half an hour until we got to church. Turns out, we were really, really early. I mean so early that the thousands of parking spaces in first parking lot was almost empty. We’ve never seen that. We’ve always seen cars pile up the parking spaces. So, when we got inside, we caught up with my parent’s friends, and talked for a little bit. Well, actually, my parents and family talked to them, I went to my group and played foozeball. The place was nearly empty too, so, I got to play big time with some weaklings on Foozeball, and than challenged some teenage kids to a match. Though, I was losing constantly to them. Without Michael, I couldn’t win.

So, when Michael eventually came, when the people started crowding, we had to watch the ultimate masters of Foozeball kick butt left and right at people. Only, when worship was starting, the last group won. Which made me jawless. Anyways, I’ve forgotten to tell you that for the past week or two weeks our church has been talking about sex. Well, that was the subject. Last week we had to learn about sexual immorality and how to control it. This time, we learned about pornography. Seen it, been there. I knew what they were talking about. Not to sound like a pervert. So, after all of the church, we just went home, watched more news, I read my book for a little bit ti’ll I got to page 112. I watched the horribly made Mars Needs Mom trailer on a commercial. Honestly, the movie really sucks to me. Faces designed badly.

Eventually some grownups came over to do the group, and I beat the game Ghost Recon FINALLY. So, ya, nothing really much for you guys. But, we all feel sorry for you Japan! 😦


4 comments on “We All Feel Sorry For You Japan!

  1. ImUmPh says:

    Yep… I feel so sorry to for Japan. Nice Sunday Andrew! 😀

  2. My sister and her husband and three children live in Japan in the suburbs of Tokyo. They’re experiencing almost constant aftershocks from the earthquake.

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