Rudeness Is Amongst All of Us

For us kids, teens, grownups and elderlies, we all play in a part of evil or bad. Nobody’s perfect 100%. Everybody’s made a mistake except, the mistakes the neighbors do in the neighborhood are harshly not what I expected. Why did the neighbors have to come with the curse of using bad words and being rude? Honestly, it’s effecting other people quickly. It’s like a disease that spreads, that is hard to heal like a cancer. So, anyways, otherwise besides the pep talk, Japan has been having it pretty hard lately, and I overheard that about 2 or 3 earthquakes at the range of 8.9 hit Japan in the epicenter. There were huge craters in the ground, and it just amazed me. Here’s some pictures of the earthquake disasters. 

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A little disastrous, though, very short amount of pictures of the quake and astonishingly more pictures of the tsunami. Well, once I get more footage of the quake and tsunami, I’ll post some pictures. Oh and usually I just post slideshows with pictures whenever I have more than 6 or 5, but I had to put this one in a slideshow because the picture I tried to put a caption on kept moving to the top, and forcing me to delete this post (this is one of the reasons why I’m posting late). So, it’s Saturday, while we’re watching the breaking news of Japan, and plus Simon’s over drinking Sprite with me while its happening. Hmm… not a thing I would usually do, but I just felt okay. Afterwards, I asked my parents why the guest hadn’t come over.

Turns out, SHE, needed to go back and take her baby. I was sort of pissed off that we cleaned up the whole house and worked our ass off for nothing, but than mom said that the whole big group was coming along with some other people. I don’t know exactly, after Simon heard about how I worked my ass off for nothing, he laughed at me for awhile. Though, I had the humility to take it in, even though it was deeply annoying. So, turns out that my parents were going somewhere for awhile, and that Mark had to take care of us. Not, Mark the guy online as you guys might know. It’s actually another dude who is 16 years old. So, when he came, already people started ringing the door bell. Thierry rang first, and than when it got so annoying, King came over and rang the doorbell.

I was so stupid that I ended up having him come inside the house when our parents weren’t home. Though, it was okay. I was watch out for when my mom and dad came home. Mark was just watching the TV and telling King constantly that Pokemon was old school and that they hardly update, Matthew than stepped in and showed Mark Pokemon Black and how modified it was. Mark still didn’t believe even though he saw like a hundred changes in the game. Eventually Savino came in. I reluctantly let him in, it was by force. Don’t think I’m crazy. Than Logan came, that’s when it became annoying. He started asking for water and mangoes along with Savino. I don’t know what the hell was going on in my mind, but I gave it to them.

And in return, I got Logan getting King and Savino away so they can play with Logan instead of us. I got so major pissed that Mark even got pissed. He cussed out Logan a couple of times (trust me, Mark KNOWS Logan) and also buzzed him off. Than I yelled at him for buzzing him off, but than for cussing him out, because… I thought it looked cool. So, when my parents got home, well, everybody was so selfish. Cursing left and right, most likely, being very rude to each other and my family. I just couldn’t stand there and let them do that. So, I braked myself (if you know what I mean) in my room for awhile, and sat in anger. So, much drama for no damn reason. I’m so sorry for cursing, but the neighbors have gotten to me.

Eventually Mark went away, and went in his Ford car (that his parents bought for him) with his girlfriend Anastasia. I think they went to a… I think it was the mall or the bar. Don’t know. Only Anastasia likes to get drunk, not Mark. So, eventually after all of the drama, we spent time at a friend’ house for awhile, and had fun. In the END!


2 comments on “Rudeness Is Amongst All of Us

  1. Tea says:

    I think you maybe fortunate having some neighbour, its give you some memory yah eventough not a good one. so one day you could told your child about your childhood.

    • Andrew says:

      Yep, I’m going to tell my children about how I was treated back in my neighborhood and I’m going to tell them my dad’s past life when he went around the city when he was 9 or 8. 😀

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