A Busy Day: Guest Is Staying Over, and Japan Has Gone Through A Horrible Quake and Tsunami

Hey guys, I’m starting to feel really bored right now, and for the past days about writing short posts and about being grounded. So, I’ve decided to go back to finding available time to post these long posts and instead of circumvent. Oh and for the first time in my life, I learned how to do a Slideshow. I’m probably going to get some picutres from my reality next time and post them as a Slideshow. But, for right now enjoy the random pictures about the Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. And all the credit goes to Willow for teaching me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Anyways, I woke up by myself today, instead. I started to feel a little shaky and drowsy a little bit, and I could only remember I had a faint dream about water and it rushing through my whole body. Oddly, I even had water in my ears, so I had to poke it out, and unclogg it, so I could hear properly. For some reason, when I was woosy I wasn’t able to pull myself up. So, when my mom entered the room to wake me up, I pretended to fall back asleep, though, she shaked me and really woke me up. She had told me that I was supposed to finish school really quick and also do a couple of chores. Managing to stand up again, and clear again the water I asked her what sort of chores I had to do (because I’m curious like that). She mentioned that I had to clean up my room a lot better than she had done last time, and clean up my bathroom.

The minute she mentioned about washing the bathroom, I knew I was going to have to procrastinate to get out of it. So, when I put on my clothes and started school, I decided to ignore what my sister, Anabelle, was saying about cleaning up. I still had my 2nd Semester Webquest, AKA, Brochure, and I also had 2 essays to write. Though, I decided to skip the first essay on Math, since it wasn’t really that important, and that I could fake doing it. So, I had to waste an hour and a half on writing an essay on Earth Science and writing to an anonymous person about agglomeration. I first did my Vocabulary, and turns out since my Vocabulary was at the same progress as my Earth Science I was learning about agglomeration and some other word related to that word. I learned a couple of other words, but, oh well.

When I finished my essay on agglomeration, I moved on to Pre-Algebra, and did a whole 5 sheet of paper on Means, Median, Range and this other topic if I remember correctly. When dad came downstairs, he turned on the TV to CNN or Fox News (like usual) and started looking at the market. But, eventually, when I went on Mary Kate’s blog, I saw that she had mentioned that a tsunami and quake had occurred in Japan. It didn’t seem that important to me at the moment, so I went to Youtube to listen to Chester Bennington say shut up on his songs One Step Closer so I got pumped up. Eventually the disaster of Japan showed up on Youtube which greatly annoyed me. Unfortunately, Breaking News showed up on CNN, and guess what it showed? No, it showed Steven Tyler getting a haircut, of course it was the quake and tsunami!

It showed a lot of disastrous images about the quake and tsunami. So, some of them, I decided to put in the slideshow. If I find any big sized pictures of the quake or tsunami, I’ll update the slideshow. But, I hope you enjoy. Finishing the Pre-Algebra sheets, I shuffled towards the bed to tear a bit on the pictures of the dead people and just to rest. I rested for only a half and hour since mom yelled at me that I needed to finish that my school needed to finish school. I finished my Earth Science, and did my Social Studies on Australia’s stabilizing economy and its culture. Since I had to finish the thing fast for one reason was because I had to finish quickly because I was going out on a outing for my ALP Math Class. Once I finished my chores, which felt like forever, honestly. My dad got extra pissed at me once he figured my good shoes were messy, though, we eventually got into a good discussion about his class friends.

Eventually when we got there, we met about 5 group of people. This girl a little older than me had red hair along with blonde hair, a little bit of dyed hair. I don’t care, but dad was really embarrassing me, speaking out loud to come towards him, and said it very angrily. Though, Georgia Cyber Academy students are always understandable, so this nerdy looking kid and the dyed hair kid walked up to me, and whispered to me that they understand what I’m going through. Their moms do the same. I smiled and talked with them for awhile, after a couple of minutes an impregnated blonde hair woman came and said that she was our teacher Ms. Price. We had fun doing scavenger hunts. Especially that I was speaking to everyone while this big screen was behind us about the quake, everybody was talking about it. I got a prize for Stevie B’s, and I felt good. Although, dad said we had to leave abruptly when game time was going to start. We went to Burger King to get food and than to Dominos to get the rest of the food. We ate our Burger King so much, and we all loved it.

The rest is really blah, except for the fact that Nicholous mentioned that he had sex with his cousin. Eww… Tomorrow I’ll give you the details about the guest sleeping over.


16 comments on “A Busy Day: Guest Is Staying Over, and Japan Has Gone Through A Horrible Quake and Tsunami

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    did ya hear ANOTHER tsunami hit?? They started evacuating everybody but thats all i heard.

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    *gasp* WHERE HAVE I BEEN :O
    and u stole my face X(

  3. marykatebillings13 says:

    well – i really don’t know :/

  4. marykatebillings13 says:

    think think think……

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