School Is Mainly Going Good

Math classes are awesome, I love everything in school (including the brochure) except for the fact that I’m finishing school way to quickly. I think it’s because I’m doing too much mental work. Not sure. Oh and Nayyir removed me off as an author on Mary Wexel’s blog. Now, I don’t care, but he’s making a big drama out of anything, and he’s being a jerk showingoff and trying to get people to turn against me. So, if Nayyir commentso n this post, I’m going to spam, or delete his comment, unless he has an apology or something good to say, bye, bye, Mr. Nayyir Nensi, drove my anger to the Nayyir, but he was… DRY! Lol, it’s the American Pie song edited by me!


6 comments on “School Is Mainly Going Good

  1. ajikinai says:

    hahaha 😀
    It’s better if you forgive him, even he doesn’t apologize to you. Be a wise man. If you do the thing, it will be better for you. I think other people will appreciate what you have done. Hahaha I’m not a good boy to advice you, but I just want to share my opinion.
    Hey, your blog’s theme makes heavy use of my dull computer…haha
    I’m glad if you always happy. Keep spirit on your school!

    • Andrew says:

      Hahaha… WHOA, I just realized that you were the amazing Ajikinai. My best friend online. When I first saw your name, and how you commented I had my mouth open for a long time gazed on the computer and tried to breathe. Now, that I think of it, I’m pretty normal right now to be honest. So, welcome back brother. and yes, I have changed my theme since you came here. 😉 And Nayyir hasn’t apologized himself, and really there’s nothing for me to apologize to him about, because he attempted to ruin my blogging life and ruin becoming friends with people. He removed me off as author on their blog. And yes, your not a good boy, don’t get yourself into this sort of business, you wouldn’t understand.

      Yes, as my blog motto (I should put that up as my side title) everybody is allowed to share their opinion and share what they have to say. It’s a free-speech blog. Yeah, my computer is very bright so, ya, it’s a little different, and if you’ve noticed I’ve changed my profile picture into a flower, 😀 *glittery eyes* LOL. Keep up the spirit. BTW, you should meet this man called Prima. He’s Indonesian like you, and he’s really good with pictures. He’s on my blogroll.

  2. Asop says:

    Ehem… Andrew, I don’t know exactly what is your problem with Nayyir, but I just want to ask, “is he still your friend?” 😀

  3. Nayyir says:

    ur weird

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