Three Yellow Fishes Died

I think for now on, I am going to write shorter posts, instead of long ones so it won’t become a problem for me to find the time to post them. So, yeah. Until I get ungrounded, and get my laptop back, I’m not really going to be writing long posts as much. Maybe on an occasion I would, but not daily like I used to. Anyways, school has been well, and life has been good being me. Oh and my favorite singer on American Idol, James (something), is making amazing performances. But, the last thing I’d expect today was to get news from my dad that 3 of the yellows fishes died. It was sort of mentally sad. But, not brutally and physically. Just mentally hurt. Already four fish have died. I think we have about 5 or 4 fishies left in the deep blue tank. I don’t know. :/

10 comments on “Three Yellow Fishes Died

  1. marykatebillings13 says:

    ill do a funeral!!!! 😀
    meaningful speech:
    “They will be remebered as three fish….. fish that were yellow, and that were friends – not food.
    off the top of my head speech:
    And they swam and like did it alot, and like, they ate fish food, but now, they like, cant anymore. cause they’re like dead and stuff.”
    i have funeral skilzzz!!!!!!

  2. Prima says:

    Will you do a funeral for them? or just throw them to a cat? LOL

  3. marykatebillings13 says:


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