My Book

I feel like asking you guys a random question. Once I get my book published. Will you read the book? If you will, than like this post. If you don’t or you just have something to say about it, please feel free to comment. I’m not going to be pretentious over your comments on disliking it. I will be disappointed. But, I won’t make an attitude. So, ya, I’ll just wait for your responses.


34 comments on “My Book

  1. Prima says:

    How can I read it? LOL

  2. marykatebillings13 says:

    its bout a person…… not u but a person.

  3. marykatebillings13 says:

    i thought u were banned from that

  4. marykatebillings13 says:

    ive been on…. and i cant

  5. marykatebillings13 says:

    ya right now…… let me log out and back in that may help.

  6. marykatebillings13 says:

    i cant – my facebook account wont even open now, ill tell u in science tomorrow.

  7. Tea says:

    so, what will you write ? something fantasy like Mr. Riordan or biography ?

    • Andrew says:

      I’m planning to write something fantasy, yes. But, not so much like Mr. Riordan did. I’m going to get a little twist of the Last Battle of the Icemark, Harry Potter and Percy Jackson into my book, except with a different plot. Basically my ideas were based on those books.

      • Tea says:

        I haven’t read The Icemark Chronicles, it isn’t published in here yet, but I bet you’ll have a very stunning story as long as its original since your idea comes from a great books
        I’ll wait to read your book *novel I think* you are young and still have a very long way to go and to learn and just believe one day you’ll be a great author, good luck ^^

      • Andrew says:

        Yep, exactly how I’m planning it Tea.
        Oh yeah, it is going to be a novel. 😉 I hope this book will become a really successful book, as a little kid publishing this book. 😀

  8. Chad Bronze says:

    Isn’t that copyright?

  9. Chad Bronze says:

    But you mentioned that you’re going to use things from the PJ series and HP series with a different plot

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